waste management

Waste Management
Handling waste

Disposing of human waste without wasting water is one concern preppers
have in dealing with waste management on the homestead.

Waste Management#1: Camping Toilet.

  • Option #1 Portable Toilet set: Pictured right in red, the portable
    toilet set includes the bucket and latrine seat complete with 5 liners,
    5 chemical toilet packs with deodorizer, as well as toilet paper, gloves
    for sanitary changing and even hand sanitizer. They've thought of
    everything! Stock extra infectious waste bags.

    Option #2: Luggable Loo Portable Toilet: This five-gallon bucket,
    pictured at the top of the page, is the most economically priced
    portable toilet. It's bucket style with a traditional snap-on, hinged
    seat and cover.  It's compatible with standard Double Doodie bag
    from Reliance Products, which means virtually no clean-up and waste
    disposal is a snap when used together.

    Option #3: Porta potty. The sturdy portable toilet, pictured right
    features a home-like design. It operates on batteries to flush, an
    integrates a toilet paper holder.

    Option #4: Composting Toilet: For an off-grid bugout location,
    consider a composting toilet.

    Option #5. Bidet. Not often on the list of other prepper Web sites,
    a bidet is an unusual prep. A bidet is a water bath for your genital
    and anal area. In the old days a bidet was common and was simply
    an oval basin. Today a bidet is often used for recovering from
    childbirth to keep the area clean. For a sanitizing effect, you'll need
    only small bottle with the appropriate hygienic water stream angle,
    such as Blue Bidet, pictured at the top right-hand corner of the
    page. Blue Bidet costs under $10 and could be one of the more
    important survival items in your arsenal.

    Option #6 Biffy bag.  With a Biffy bag, you tie the 2 straps around
    your waist, pull the bag up between your legs, bend knees slightly
    and let gravity do the rest, no bucket, no odor, no mess. You get a
    triple layer odor proof protection, with effervescent Biffy powder,
    which is bio-degradable. Biffy Bag comes with a heavy duty mylar zip
    top transport bag, ample toilet paper, and over size wet wipe. Great
    for your bugout vehicle, the Biffy Bag fits in your glove box, tackle
    box, tool box, back pack, or purse. Here's how to use the Biffy
    Bag (as seen on National Geographic).

Waste Management #2: Infectious Waste Bags.
Double Doodie bags will contain the Luggable Loo toilet system. Trash bag
may perform the same function. But for biohazardous waste in a pandemic
situation, you'll want further controls, such as infectious waste bags.

  • Double Doodie: Pictured at the top of the page, Double Doodie
    toilet waste bags are designed for easy, no mess waste disposal.
    Each bag consists of an inner bag and an outer bag that seals easily
    and is leak proof. Use Double Doodie with Luggable Loo toilets as
    well as most other portable toilets.

  • Latex Gloves. If you don't have latex gloves, now's the time to
    stock up. Not only are they valuable in your first aid kit, and in
    pandemic situations, but you'll need a barrier between you and
    contaminents in sewage disposal or other unsavory tasks.

Waste Management #3: Sewage Treatment.

  • Aqua-Kem Toss Ins Holding Tank Deodorant: Pictured left, the
    Aqua-Kem Toss Ins is a holding tank deodorant in water soluble
    packs that's conveniently pre-measured.  Specially formulated for RV
    and marine holding tanks and all portable toilets, it's biodegradable,
    has  fresh scent and is safe for septic tanks.

  • Bio Clean: Natural Bacteria Enzymes found in Bio Clean can help you
    treat any type of raw sewage pit or cesspool. The bacteria used in
    Bio-Clean is grown in incubators and then dried and mixed with
    enzymes and other helpers. They lie dormant until they are mixed
    with water, and then it is hungry and active in about 30 minutes.
    Each piece of bacteria eats its own weight in waste in about one
    minute, but they also multiply. Bio Clean is a specially formulated
    blend of natural bacteria and powerful enzymes that digest dead
    organic waste material. Ideal for septic tanks, Happy Preppers will find
    it extremely useful and environmentally friendly product for
    processing waste.

  • RID-X: The powder formula of RID-X is scientifically formulated
    with special bacteria and enzymes to digest household waste.
    Simultaneously RID-X replenishes the delicate balance of
    beneficial bacteria and enzymes that help reduce the rate of
    sludge accumulation in your tank. RID- breaks down toilet
    paper, vegetable matter; while the lipase breaks down fats, oils,
    and grease; and protease breaks down proteins; and amylase
    breaks down starches.

Necessary Sanitation Supplies

  • Bleach. Sanitizing with bleach is a popular and economical method
    for preppers to deal with sanitation. But note that bleach expires! A
    good alternative to bleach is Steramine tablets, pictured immediate
    left. One  bottle makes 150 gallons of cleaning solution!

  • Steramine Tablets. Steramine Quaternary sanitizing tablets is an
    economical household sanitizer for preppers. One bottle makes 150
    gallons of cleaning. Steramine santizing tablets do not irritate the
    skin and it's fine to use on food equipment. Mix one tablet with a
    gallon of water and use in the bathroom or kitchen. Spray on knives
    and butchering equipment, and cutting boards, sinks, countertops,
    and all other non-porous articles and surfaces. Made in the U.S.A.

  • Toilet paper. Having adequate supply of toilet paper is a "no
    brainer" for preppers. In the aftermath of an economic catastrophe,
    it's possible for the production of toilet paper to run out. It might
    also become too dangerous to source toilet paper because of a
    pandemic or rioting. Don't even think of resorting to wiping with the
    pages of a telephone books, when you can simply plan ahead. Stock
    up when things go on sale. Cottonelle, pictured right, can be mailed
    to your door by Amazon.

Happy endings...
Waste not! Want not waste.

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