gun gear and covert compartments

Gun Gear, and Covert compartments:
Unusual gun gear for preppers and survivalists

It's time to go beyond beans bullets and bandaids. Let's get
tactical and discuss ace case holsters, shoulder holsters, gun
grease and gun cleaning items, UTG Leapers scopes, and
earmuffs. Oh, yeah, and say hello to my little gnome friend,
Tactical Bacon and 12-gauge shot glasses!

Annie, hide your gun!
With the second amendment under fire, and the looming
possibilty of food shortages, gun owners will find it necessary to
hide their guns and ammunition. If you have firearms, one of the
more important gun gear you can buy are diversion safes, gun
magnets and the classic under the desk holsters.

  • Diversion gun safes: Diversion safes are ideal for preppers
    to hide ammunition and firearms. On this page are a variety
    of diversion safes which will blend into your home. The clock
    above will hide your glock. At the bottom of the page you'll
    find magnetic devices to hide fire arms under desks, or curio
    cabinets to disguise the real treasure inside. And, of course,
    there are always books that appear to be good reading
    material when they are actually hollowed out to hide your

  • Gun magnets. Affix this magnet anywhere in your home
    (away from kids reach) to hide your firearms, yet keep them
    ready for emergencies and threats.

  • Under the desk gun holster. See the bottom of the page.
    Again, not a good choice for preppers with young, untrained

Everyday stuff you need for your firearms
  • Gun grease
  • Cleaning kit
  • Ear muffs

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Diversion safe dictionary
Diversion safe books
Diversion safe clock
Diversion safe - gun curio
Diversion safe concealment clock
Field Trauma Kit
home defense
Concealment holster
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