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Temporary Dental
Toothache instant relief ` Red Cross
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gear and food storage.
Above, how to use the temporary filling materials included in kits
to repair lost fillings and loose caps.

Teeth decay for five basic reasons:
You won't hear the dentist tell you this, but the true cause of
tooth decay is acid-producing bacteria!Here are some basic
reasons teeth decay:
  1. bacteria - Dentists don't often explain that the main reason
    teeth decay is bacteria, which thrive on the carbohydrates
    you consume. Bacteria causes tooth decay, not sugar. You
    should never share drinks or utensils with your children, or
    you will give them your bacteria!
  2. plaque - most common thing the dentist will tell you is the
    reason for tooth decay, but plaque is actually a symptom and
    not the cause. Plaque is a buildup of bacteria.
  3. acid - acids in the foods you eat degrade your teeth.  Eating
    celery help you neutralize plaque-causing acids.
  4. fluoride - Your dentist told you that fluoride is good for your
    teeth, but people are awakening that it is really just the
    opposite. Fluoride is not only a neurotoxin, but it causes
    fluoridosis! Learn how and why to avoid fluoride.
  5. demineralizing of teeth. The solution is to remineralize your
    teeth. You can give teeth a healthy start to cure your tooth
    decay problem.

Read more about
how to help your body cure a toothache

Now that you know how to use a temporary filling for a lost tooth,
you can learn how to save a tooth.

  • Save-A-tooth, pictured right, will help save a knocked out
    tooth until you can get help! Inside you'll find solutions that
    preserve and nourish the ligament cells on the tooth root for
    up to 24 hours for safe transport to a dentist.

Happy endings...
Smile, because you're a prepper and you now have preparedness
plans for a dental emergency. Remember also to never use your
teeth as tools (use them only for eating). If you have no option,
use your canines which have the thickest covering of enamel for
Temporary Dental Kits
Emergency Dental - How to Use a Temporary Filling

Preppers plan ahead! When dental emergency strikes, preppers are ready with
pain relief and a temporary dental filling kit.

When there is no dentist, preppers can temporarily fix a chipped
tooth in an emergency by purchasing temporary filling material
and adhering the material to the damaged tooth. It's a pretty
simple process, but it's good to know ahead what to do and the
video below will help. Here's how to use a temporary filling kit...

How to Use a Temporary Filling Kit
Need a quick lesson on how to make the dental filling in an

Step one: Manage the pain.
A dental analgesic might be necessary and if so, there are several
good brands on the market to provide temporary pain relief.

  • Natural toothache relief:
  • Clove oil contains a natural anesthetic called eugenol, it
    provides temporary relief, and it may also hurt your tongue.
    It's also hard to find unless you're a prepper and dabble in
    essential oils.
  • Warm salt water cleanses your mouth and helps get rid of pus
  • Hydrogen peroxide is an oral debriding agent. Mix with water
    and swish.
  • Garlic is a natural antibiotic can also help to relief pain.
    Chew, then spit.

  • Over the counter toothache solutions:

  • Hurricaine topical anesthetic gel, pictured left is a topical

  • Orajel, pictured right, offers the highest concentration of
    pain medicine available without prescription

  • Red Cross Toothache - relieves throbbing persistant pain
    with Eugenol oil and sesame oil to offer instant relief. It's
    pictured top left.

Step two: Select the proper dental aid kit.
Care for temporary lost filling and loose cap repair is different
than care if you knock out the entire tooth!

  • Dental Medic. Pictured left, DentalMedic is a complete first
    aid kit for your teeth. For example, it includes an irrigation
    syringe and wound closure strips to clean and close wounds
    and it's waterproof so that it can withstand extremes while
    bugging out.

  • Dentemp. With Dentemp, you can repair lost fillings and
    loose caps and eat on it in 60 minutes! Clinically proven to
    temporarily repair loose caps and crowns and replace lost
    fillings, this kit also include pain relief. The formula is safe,
    strong and easy to use.  Also from the makers of Dentemp is
    Refilit. This kit offers one step and no mixing. Refilit
    Maximum Strength Filling Material is in cherry flavor and it's
    exclusively for lost fillings for multiple applications. It's also
    Eugenol free.

Need a quick lesson on how to make the dental filling in an
Preppers plan for  emergency dental procedures by stockin
toothache pain relief options (natural and over the counter).  

Here's how to Use a temporary filling kit...
Dental Medic
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