New Year's Resolutions for Preppers

Prepping with kids 260 gallon water tank for the family
Survival seed vault
Yoders taco beef filling case
Armeggeddon preppin doomsday readiness game
Gun cleaning kit
Gunsmithing tutorial
Tea Tree Oil
Gadsen Flag Made in the USA
Overlooked Prep #1: CO Detector
Kidde Fire Escape ladder
Deluxe pressure canner
Burn barrel
home defense
IOSAT Nukepills - 14 tablets
One Second After by William R. Forstchen
Happy Preppers site for survivalists + preppers
37 foods to hoard before crisis
nine reasons to love a Big Berkey
Washboard for living off the grid
The constitution as a 52-page pocket sized
Battery Tester
Canning machine
Seed Sprouter
Knife sharpener
Silva Compass
Prepper Deal Alerts Check
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gear and food storage.
Katadyne water for survival
Colloidal siver in the prepper's medicine cabinet
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Prepping for when there is no dentist
How to survive Radiation fallout
#34: Cook a meatless meal once a week.

#35: Clean your firearms.

#36: Get a handgun carry permit.
Here's how to get a handgun carry permit.

#37: Become a gunsmith!
Building and repairing guns is rewarding if you are a prepper, and
it could be a useful side business with which to earn money for
more preps. It's exciting because you'll not only know how repair,
but you can modify, design and build firearms as well.

#38: Feed the family for an entire week on from
scratch food (nothing prepared).
Buying whole ingredients and taking time to prepare, instead of
buying food in pre-made packages, will bring you closer to your
food. It's even more meaningful if everyone can participate in
making the food.

#39: Live one week on what's in your food storage.
See what you learn from the experience and get creative. Yoders
Taco seasoned beef, pictured left, isn't just for tacos. Use this
pre-seasoned hamburger meat to make chili, enchiladas, tostadas
and more.  
Yoders has a full line of canned meats to make your
food storage more interesting.

#40: Start a new prepper hobby.
Fulfilling prepper hobbies may include a wide spectrum of
  1. Archery
  2. Home brewing wine or beer
  3. Canning or dry canning
  4. Candlemaking or soapmaking
  5. Leathermaking
  6. Knitting, sewing
  7. Coin collecting, metal detecting, gold mining

#41: Read a prepper novel in your reading group and
What's the most popular novel with more than 5,478 customer
reviews and a 4.5-star rating? William R. Forsthchen's New York
Times Bestseller, "One Second After" with foreword by Newt

#42: Clean the filters for your water filtration system.
Commit to cleaning the Big Berkey quarterly if you use it daily.

#43: Find five family favorite recipes from dried
To give you head start, here is a list of 15 dried bean recipes to

#44: Set aside old copper pennies, and nickels.
Both Jefferson nickels and copper Lincoln head pennies have more
value in metal than they do in face value.

  • Pennies: According to $0.0140245 is the melt
    value for the 1909-1982 copper cent on December 28, 2015,
    so they are worth slightly more than a penny which can add
    up in volume. They are 95% copper, 5% zinc. If a 1943 penny
    sticks to a magnet, then it's made of steel and valued at .25
    cents - $1.

  • Nickels: Currently old nickels are worth around .02 cents in
    nickel value; however, the all-time high of Jefferson nickel
    melt value was in 2007 when the melt value reached 7.5
    cents! In 2007 the country was still in financial crisis, so it's
    wise to stock them now in anticipation of the next
    opportunity. In any economic condition, be on the lookout for
    wartime nickels from 1942-1946, which were made of 40%
    silver, and they are worth as much as a $1 each for their
    silver content alone.

#45: Put your other coins in a jar and watch it add up
for your favorite preps.
Learn how to cash in on coins for Amazon gift cards.

#46: Throw away the microwave.
Microwave ovens aren't healthy and in fact science proves
microwave hazards. Better yet, use the microwave for making a
Faraday cage.  It probably won't work as a Faraday cage, but
certainly the idea is better than using it for food.

#47: Get in shape with prepper challenges.
On your favorite television night, such as Walking Dead, do sit-
ups at commercials.

#48: Make your own fire accelerant.
Collecting lint from the dryer regularly and saving it up for tinder
may sound like a strange idea, but it's the easiest and cheapest
fire accelerant.

#49: Repair a pair of shoes, instead of buying a new
Gone are the days of shoe repair at every other corner block of
the city. If you want to repair shoes today, you've got to do it
yourself. You'll need a few tools, but repairing shoes will be a
much needed skill in a total economic collapse. Learn how to
become a skilled craftsman as you also save money.

#50: Cook one depression meal a month.
There's much to learn about the Great Depression. Make some
classic dishes from the Great Depression to have a greater
understanding of the tiem and to save money now to buy more

#51: Dump the cleaning chemicals.
Toss all the cleaning chemicals in the house and instead use
chemical-free options:

#52: Learn how to fish without a rod.
Here are 10 ways to fish without a rod.

#53: Put new line in all the fishing reels.
Better yet, learn survival fishing.

#54: Shop one week using ONLY coupons.
Jump into couponing whole hog by forcing yourself to shop for a
week using coupons exclusively.

#55: Repair the next thing that breaks, instead of
buying it new!
If you can't fix it, barter the services of someone who can fix it for
you. The goal of this resolution and prepper activity is to become
more self-sufficient.

#56: Re-create a family favorite take home meal,
instead of eating fast food.
Not only will you save money by making your own take home
meal, but it will be satisfying and healthier. Search "copycat
recipe" on Google for almost any of your favorite fast foods or

#57: Visit someone in an old folks home and learn
about the Great Depression or war rationing.
The elders in your community have much to share, but no one to
ask them. Make it your New Year's resolution to visit  and learn.

#58: Stockpile a luxury non-survival item.
You don't need lipstick, hair conditioner or shaving cream to
survive, but they will be a luxury in a depressed economy.

#59: Bring $20 to the dollar store and spend it only
on preps.
We make it easy with our list of 99 dollar store finds
for preppers.

#60: Buy a used prepper book on Amazon.
Many used books are available on Amazonfor just a penny and
you pay only shipping). Here's our
list of books for preppers.

#61: Expand your herb garden.
Plant basil, chives, cilantro, rosemary, mint, oregano, parsley,
scallions, tarragon, thyme - you name it. Herbs will provide
nutrition and help spice up your preps. Those are the more
common herb to plant, but you could also try:
  1. Caraway. Caraway seeds are excellent for breads.
  2. Lemon verbena. Make a delicious syrup to infuse milk,
    puddings, ice cream or cocktails. See the recipe in #62.
  3. Lemon grass. A staple of Thai cooking, you will enjoy
    lemongrass in teas and to enhance sauces and soups. Here's
    how to grow lemongrass.

#62: Make Lemon verbena syrup.
Try something different - forage and make something great.  
Here's the simple recipe for Lemon Verbena syrup:
  • Gently heat one cup sugar and one cup water, stirring to
  • Add a third cup of loosely-packed lemon verbena leaves
  • Simmer mixture at low heat for 15 minutes.
  • Cool, then strain leaves and pour into a bottle and

#63: Stretch a meal.
Turn leftovers into soup. Stretch one chicken into five meals.
Get creative with a ham to see how many meals you can make
from the main course and sandwiches to a casserole, and down to
split pea soup.

#64: Camp in the snow!
Winter is a great time to camp.e Camping or backpacking in the
snow provides opportunity to learn a whole new set of survival

#65: Secure a door barricade, bar or brace.
Get a home defense strategy going for you, starting with the
entryway. Next, go after the garage, which is a major point of

#66: Be a souper prepper.
Make a hearty soup for dinner with biscuits on the side. Bone
broth is healthy and a wonderful way to use up all the chicken,
ham or beef.

#67: Start saving all the old nickels in a jar.
The nickel content of a nickel is worth more than a nickel. Stock
up on them.

#68: Become a blood donor!
It's an unusual prepper idea, that will have you feeling good for
being healthy to give it.

#69: Try one new prepper food you are curious
Eat a new meat such as rabbit or squirrel, or try goats milk or
sorghum. What's sorghum? It's both a grain that's popular in
Africa as well as an
Amish staple for sweets.

#70: Do something truly interesting with beans.
Likely you have canned beans in your preps and if you do, open up
the possibilities. With black beans you can make black bean

Here's the recipe for
Vegan, Gluten-free, black bean brownies.
These are highly rated (4.7 stars from more than 325 reviews).
The brownies right are made with simple, whole ingredients,
including a can of black beans, well rinsed and drained!

#71: Dump genetically modified foods in the pantry.
This includes corn and soy thats not organic, most sugar (keep
the organic cane sugar), as well as most canola oil. Vow to
become part of the NON-GMO movement that preppers support.

#72: Grow food from kitchen scraps.
Grow celery from the leftover stalk and don't stop there. Discover
25 foods you can regrow yourself from kitchen scraps.

#73: Make a convenience jar of pancake or biscuit
Dry can your own home recipe for pancake mix, biscuits or
muffins. Say goodbye to Aunt Jemima with this famous
recipe of the beloved pancake mix.

#74: Make a burn barrel.
A burn barrel is a way to burn trash on the homestead. Behrens
20 gallon rubbish burner/composter with lid, pictured left, is ideal
for burning rubbish and composting. Made of durable galvanized
steel with large handles for easy handling and transport. Four legs
keep the can off the ground for increased airflow, burn efficiency
and stability.

#75: Unfriend anyone who sends you a Candy Crush
This was just a test to see that you're still reading our list, but
unfriending someone on Candy Crush will give you more time!
Preppers never have enough time. If you need more things to do,
check out or
prepper TO DO list.

#76: Test your get home bag.
Instead of taking a backpacking trip, strap on your bag and the
shoes you've stashed at work to see how you'd fare in getting
home. The experience will be memorable and educational to say
the least.

#77: Start your own survival seed vault.
Saving seed is easier than you may think. Start a seed bank from
your own garden pumpkin or tomatoes.

#78: Get a safe deposit box.
In the safe deposit box, deposit family photos and important
documents on a flash drive.

#74: Test your family's hiking distance with packs
and without
You'll find kids may only be able do three miles with their packs
on, but easily six miles without. This may change your bugout
strategy. How well can the adults do?

#80: Test your gas mask and use the drinking tube.
A gas mask is the stereotypical survival item. There are eight
things to know about a gas mask before you buy one. If you don't
have a drinking tube, perhaps you should consider getting one. If
you have a tube, test it!

#81: Make a stink bug trap.
This is the plan to trap hundreds of stink bugs nightly in and
environmentally friendly way.

#82: Make a paracord hammock.
It will feel satisfying to make paracord hammock.

#83: Build a file cabinet smoker.
In economic hard times, a smoker is a tasty way to supplement
the food you bring to the table from the hunt. Just beware that
using a smoker in times of starvation will bring unwanted and
hungry zombies from afar. The smell can drift for miles.

From a file cabinet you can build a smoker to craft delicious
meats. There are
11 steps to building a filing cabinet smoker.

#84: Give Winter-sowing a try!
How sow? "Winter Sowing is an outdoor method of seed
germination (invented by Trudi Davidoff) which requires just two
things: miniature greenhouses (made from recycled water and
milk jugs) and Mother Nature."

#85: Make use of paper shreds this year.
Owning a paper shredder is a good idea for keeping your credit
information confidential, but have you considered the things you
could do with the shreds?
  1. Firestarting. The shreds make excellent tinder.
  2. Composting. Many preppers don't realize paper shreds are
    excellent for the compost pile. Use it also as base in the
    worm bin.
  3. Mulch. Use paper shreds as mulch. The purpose of mulch
    material, such as decaying leaves, bark or even paper shreds,
    is to spread around a plant to help insulate and sometimes
    enrich the soil.
  4. Make seed starters. Use shredded paper to make seed
    starters to welcome the spring.
  5. Livestock bedding. Paper shreds are fine for rabbits, horses
    and more. Replace the straw in your chicken coup! Use it for
    ducks, too.
  6. Stuff a basket or bag with gift grass. Colored paper makes
    excellent fill for gift baskets. Remember this for Easter!
  7. Pinata making. Save money at your child's next party by
    using the shreds for a memorable paper mache project.

#86: Take a family photo that hides a secret.
Have a survival cache? A photo can help you secure your wares.
How so? The
idea garnered from is to take a
family picture where you hide your survival cache. If you have a
large property and need to hide a supplies, then the photos will
serve to remind family members of the placement. Clever
preppers, indeed!

#87: Knit a poncho or fringe shawl!
Knitting is a prepper skill and you can flaunt your new found skill
by knitting a simple and fashionable poncho. Try these
poncho patterns.

#88: Consider an oddball prepper medicine.
Stock something unusual just in case, among the more interesting
medicines for consideration:
  1. Activated charcoal
  2. Ammonia inhalant
  3. Colloidal silver
  4. FishMox and other fish antibiotics
  5. Potassium Iodide (nukepills)

#89: Make this the year to let go of fear and worry.
Life happens. You are a prepper and you are prepared to deal with
whatever comes your way. The more preps under your belt, the
better you'll feel, even if you're a beginner.

#90: Get a dog to safeguard your family.
Adding a dog to the family will improve your health as it
simultaneously lowers your blood pressure. Even an ankle biter
can provide a measure of protection. Dogs can warn you to danger
or outside activity and can deter intruders. They also bring risk of
disease and add to the family expenditures, but you can mitigate
these risks. Dog owners will attest that they are worth every

#91: Don't hit the gym.
Really, don't hit the gym! It may sound counter intuitive, because
every other New Year's resolution will have you hitting the gym to
stay in shape, but don't do it. Instead bring the gym home or do
prepping activities that are more aligned to your goals:
  1. Walk or bike to work as weather permits
  2. Hike five miles with your bugout bag
  3. Run or walk the dog you got in New Year's Resolution
  4. Chop wood
  5. Swim
  6. Ride horses
  7. Jump rope
  8. Climb stairs!
  9. Do lunge jumps, push ups and chin ups

#92: Switch from paper towels to cloth ones.
If you're on a budget, use old T-shirts as rags. Want to skip paper
and switch to cloth? Bulk cleaning cloths work out to around .56
cents each! #93: #94: Take a five-mile hike with your bugout
bags, then work your way up to seven- and ten-miles! #95: Try
any of these 15 weird survival tools: http://happypreppers.

#93: Get a washboard and make some music.
Funny thing is that non-preppers are buying the washboard,
pictured left as a percussion instrument, so why not have fun with
it and try it also? Really, this MAID-RITE is the #1 best selling in
Washboards - Hand Percussion!

#94: Lose weight or not!
If you're not in shape, then doing #91 on the New Year's
resolution list should help. Preppers want to be healthy, but they
may not want to lose weight. After all, weight does have a
survival advantage in famine. It's your body's natural instinct to
add layers of protection. Just make sure it's a healthy weight and
there aren't any mobility issues,
diabetes or other medical
problems associated.

#95: Challenge a prepper spouse, partner or friend to
this list.
When you confide in someone and even set up a
challenge, you will have a better chance at accomplishing your
goals. Why not set up a prepper challenge to see who can do the
most things from the list.

#96: Download an app to help you stick to your New
Year's Resolution.
Here's a list of five apps to help you keep your resolutions.

#97: Sock away the socks and underwear.
Buy underwear and socks for everyone in your group, and sock
them away as a prep.

#98: Vow to learn survival skills from the movies
(even Star Wars)
Did you know there are ten survival skills you can learn from the
Star Wars series? It sounds odd, but Hollywood has many hidden
lessons if you learn to look for them.

#99: Get out of debt.... blah, blah, blah!
Getting out of debt is a typical New Year's resolution, but for
preppers it has much more significance. Just how to do it? Pay off
one credit card entirely and vow never to use it again. Start by
freezing the credit card with the highest available credit in a
plastic baggie. In this way, you will have the card for severe
emergencies, but you will have to think about your needs verses
your wants as it melts.

#100: Do something for pure satisfaction today that
you COULDN'T DO in an off-grid world tomorrow.
Whether it's skydiving or just heading to a crowded movie or
arcade: do it with the knowledge that at a moment's notice, such
privileges may someday not be available. Enjoy the moment and
truly live.

Copy and edit this list for your personal use, then see what you
accomplish for the year. Happy prepping from!

Happy endings...
We hope you enjoyed this list of survival activities. Self sufficient
living begins one project at a time. Make it your New Year's
resolution to try new things in prepping.

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Prepare to live happily ever after with us at - the Web site of
emergency preparedness, prepping, survival,
homesteading and self-sufficiency.
#33: Learn to navigate by compass.
Among the survival lessons a boy scout learns is how to navigate
by compass.
#22: Sharpen all the blades in the house.
Every prepper's crazy about a sharp dressed blade!

#23: Don't get bored, get a board game.
When the lights go out, perhaps permanently, you'll need
entertainment. Until then, play Armageddon Preppin, Conflicted
or Pandemic! Read the full list of
board games for preppers to
keep your family engaged in prepping and entertained.

#24: Install a fire escape ladder.
You could buy a fire escape ladder, but it's more gratifying to
make one yourself as part of a New Year's resolution to build and
make things from scratch to become more self-sufficient.

#25: Create a safe room in your house.
Make this the year to get started on the safe room! A safe room
according to FEMA provides protection in extreme weather
events, including tornadoes and hurricanes; however, to a
prepper a safe room means so much more.

#26: Move away from the big city!
Make this year the year to get out of the city and live closer to a
homestead lifestyle.

#27: Have the family attend a prepper convention.
There are conventions for preppers, homesteaders and
survivalists across the nation:
  1. National Preppers and Survivalists Expo
  2. Prepper shows USA
  3. Self Reliance Expo

#28: Preserve your own food.

  • Learn how to pressure can.

  • This will give new meaning to home canning... Did you
    know you can buy a canning machine? See the All American
    Flywheel Can Sealer, pictured right.

#29: Teach the family five new knots. has a wonderful resource for preppers with their
tutorials of the five
basic knots to know.

#30: Figure out how to test soil pH.
Prepare your soil for planting season.

#31: Change the oil on all your vehicles.
Knowing how and when to change your oil should be as rote to
you as filling up with gas.

#32: Learn how to cut rope (without scissors or a
knife) in an emergency.
The video tutorial below will have you impressing your friends in
no time. Try it at a party!
#9: Be adventurous in sprouting a seed, bean or
Try sprouting something new. Make interesting salads and
sandwiches from the sprouts. What can you sprout? Just about
any seed, bean or grain. If the sprout, bean or grain is raw, you
can sprout it. Try sprouting adzuki beans, alfalfa, almonds (raw),
amaranth, black beans, buckwheat, chickpeas, fenugreek, lentils,
millet, mung beans, mustard seeds, oat groats, pumpkin seeds,
quinoa, radish seeds, seasame seeds, sunflower seeds and even

#10: Take combative skills training.
Give Krav Magna a go. Krav Magna is the latest in combative
skills training, but if that isn't available in your area, take any
self-defense course and enroll the kids in a Martial Arts class.

#11: Build something new for the homestead using
reclaimed materials.
Build a chicken coup, greenhouse or fence from pallet wood or
other reclaimed materials. Not sure what to build? Check out for pallet ideas and where to get more pallets.

#12: Test the smoke alarm batteries.
Prepping is just as much about preparing for an apocalypse as it
is for an everyday power failure or fire. Have plenty of batteries
on hand and resolve to make a schedule to test the smoke
alarms regularly (and to stick to the schedule).

#13: Get a CO detector.
Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a threat to preppers especially because
of the combustion of fuels we may use in an emergency, such as
wood, natural gas, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, coal and charcoal.

Even household appliances are culprits, including the furnace,
water heater, stove, space heater, charcoal grill or gas dryer.
Carbon monoxide kills. This year, get serious about the threat.
Get and use a carbon monoxide alarm.

#14: Make your own seasoning mix.
Save money for more preps and make more flavorful chili or taco
seasoning, ranch dressing, bouillon at home.

#15: Buy precious metals for bartering, not just
Gold is a high value metal for investing; however, the
competition to do well in investing in gold is equally high.
Preppers may like to start small and invest in silver and copper
as the materials are more practical in many ways:

  • Silver coins are a great place to start investing. Silver is
    easy to collect and to barter. Remember to buy collectible
    coins for the silver content (junk silver) and not the
    collector's value, which is  based on whether it's rare,
    condition and flaws at the mint. Discover the value of junk
    silver coins to preppers.

  • Copper is an extremely overlooked prep. Not only does
    copper have a monetary value in bartering, but copper can
    help preppers forge tools necessary to live in an off-grid
    apocalyptic world. Copper also has an array of healthful
    benefits. Learn more about copper and prepping.

#16: Install solar panels.
Not only will you save money, but you may be able to get cash
for generating power.

#17: Go beyond the honey bucket and invest in a
compostable toilet system
Long term sanitation is something only the serious preppers plan.
Get serious about a
composting toilet.

#18: Dehydrate whatever is on sale.
The beauty of dehydrating is that it can save you money if you do
it properly. Buy fruits and vegetables in bulk when they go on
sale and preserve them by dehydrating them.

#19: Get some boots that were made for walking.
Outfit every member of the family with hiking boots (and we will
begin to wear them in slowly).

#20: Be on target with your gun terms!
Improve your ability as a shooter for both "accuracy" and
"precision" two gun terms often used interchangeably. There is a
difference and you can be in the know when you read the article
by on the top 9 most
misused gun terms.

#21: Go full tang and teach kids how to use a knife.
Kids in the 1950s regularly carried a pocket knife around -- even
to school. Obviously, that's not permitted today, but that doesn't
mean you should shy away from exposing your kids to knives.

The first step to great food is also great knife skills, so don't
overlook knife safety and food preparation. Kids knives are a
great place to start - they can cut vegetables without cutting the
skin. Teach kids bushcraft knife skills or whittling!

British Berkfeld
Prepper New Year's Resolutions
Big list of New Year's Resolutions for Preppers

This year give your New Year's resolution a prepper theme!
We're loaded with prepping activities and ideas to get you
started. You can feel good as you check whatever items are off
your list.  

Big List of New Year's Resolutions for
We hope this master list of 100 New Year's Resolutions will help
you make 2019 the most prepared year yet...

#1: Read the constitution in its entirety!
While the second amendment is your first priority, there is so
much preppers hold dear in the constitution. Get a pocket-sized
copy of the constitution to carry.

#2: Fly a Gadsen flag.
Make this the year to fly with the Gadsen! The historical and
uniquely American Gadsen flag, pictured immediate left, is just
another way to support buying American made products and to
show your self-reliance as you send the clear message: "Don't
tread on me!"

#3: Get funky with essential oils.
Essential oils are gaining in popularity with preppers as a natural
remedy. Be the essential oils family doctor the homestead and
start using essential oils this year:
  • Diffuse lemon or lime essential oils to purify and cleanse the
    air naturally. At the top right of the page is a color-changing
    diffuser in a gorgeous honeycomb design. It earns an almost
    perfect 5-star rating for customer satisfaction.
  • Use sweet orange essential oils for weight loss
  • Dab a little tea tree oil on that funky looking nail and get rid
    of toenail fungus.
  • Be sure to have thieves essential oils on hand to fight
    pandemics and everyday colds and fevers.

#4: Have a "no spend day."
This year, put down your wallet and make do with what you have
for a day (and don't spend a thing). It's easy to do this on the
weekend, but at work see how you do. Pack a lunch, walk or bike
to work, bring water and snacks to resist the temptation of going
out to lunch with colleagues or heading to the vending machine.

#5: Hang clothes on a clothes line to dry.  
Resolve to do a simple homesteading chore: once a week hand
wash clothes and
dry your clothes the way the Amish do (even in

#6: Become a CERT.
Make it a resolution to finally enroll in a free CERT class.
Certified Emergency Response Teams are needed in every
community. By volunteering, you also open yourself up to  great
information and surround yourself by like-minded individuals.

#7: Make water a priority.
Water is life and this year resolve to make it a priority.
  1. Get a water filtration system for everyday use. The Big
    Berkey water filter not only gets rid of chlorine, but can also
    get rid of arsenic and fluoride. Best of all, your family will be
    prepared to filter raw water from it.
  2. Store large quantities. Many preppers think they have
    enough water, but they'll actually need more than they
    think. For example, they'll need 270 gallons of water for a
    family of four, which is a one-month supply. The Surewater
    tank, pictured right, will secure 260 gallons.
  3. Go disposable. Pack a lightweight and disposable water
    filtration system in your bugout bag, such as Aquamira,
    Lifestraw or Sawyer. Typically these are good for filtering
    around 30 gallons of water.
  4. Get serious. Go the long term with a Katadyn water filter
    (the backpacker's choice because it's sturdy and long lasting)
  5. Pack tablets and purification drops. Store water
    purification tablets in the car and bugout bag.
  6. Learn several ways to filter and purify water. Water
    filtration and purification is a life-saving skill.

#8: Smile by making a hygiene product at home.
Skip store bought, and make your own toothpaste:
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