How to get rid of ants naturally

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Above, seven genius ways to get rid of ants by Household Hacker.

Twenty Non-Toxic Ways to Get rid of Ants
Surely you've seen footage of chimpanzees in the wild using
sticks to lure out ants from an ant hill? Well, it turns out those
little critters, which are part of the chimp picnic are filled with
protein! It's something to consider when the stuff hits the fan,
but when the ants come marching in on your picnic and they
aren't on the menu.

If you aren't into the protein factor, consider that there are a
dozen ways to deter ants naturally. Here's how to get rid of the
pesky ants...

#1: Baking soda baited with sugar.
Baking soda is a non-toxic pesticide for ants when combined with
sugar to bait them. Yes,
baking soda is a natural deter-ant!

  • How to use baking soda to get rid of ants: Mix equal parts
    of baking soda and powdered sugar. Baking soda is a natural
    when mixed with powdered sugar to bait the ants. The
    powdered sugar lures the them and baking soda kills the
    ants. It's safe and effective

#2: Black pepper (deterrent and natural pesticide).
Black pepper is a dark, luxurious spice with natural antibiotic
properties and can help with bacterial infection, but it is equally
effective for getting rid of ants.
Cayenne pepper is another
pepper effective as a home remedy for getting rid of the ants
without chemicals. Both kinds of peppers have capsaicin, which
can irritate mucus membranes and kill the ones you spray and
send the remaining ants marching elsewhere.

  • How to use black pepper to get rid of ants:
  • Mix pepper with water into a spray bottle. Spray directly on
    the little critters.
  • Pour pepper directly on the ant hole.

Pepper is the perfect way to get rid of ants in the house. While
this is a non-chemical way to get rid of the ants, it may not be
very quick. Sometimes safety is better than speed, so choose this
non-toxic way to kill ants if you have children! It's safe and

#3: Boiling water (natural pesticide).
Boiling water is an extremely effective way of getting rid of ants
provided you have located the nest. If you have carpenter ants,
the job of locating the ants is more difficult, because Carpenter
ants are nocturnal.

  • How to use boiling water to get rid of ant. Boil water a pot
    of water and add a couple of heaping teaspoons of cayenne
    pepper for extra measure. Use a shovel to dig into the nest
    and then simply pour the boiling hot water into the nest.
    Natural ant control doesn't get any easier if you know the
    location of the nest. Again, that's not always so easy to find.

#4: Borax (natural pesticide).
When down comes the rain the ants will come marching in, unless
you take a preemptive strike!
Borax is great for prepping and
around the homestead. Mix Borax with powdered sugar in places
where you suspect ants will enter your home. If you've already
found an ant trail, know Windex will kill them and is an effective
deterrent for new ants in the army.

  • How to use Borax to get rid of ants: Get rid of ants by
    mixing borax with powdered and granulated sugar. The
    particles blend for a deadly last treat and the ants will go
    marching home to die.

  • Here's another popular version of the Borax recipe for
    getting rid of ants: "Mix 1 cup of warm water with 1/2 cup of
    sugar, and 2 tablespoons of Borax. Then soak the Borax
    mixture up with cotton balls and place those cotton balls
    near any trails the ants have established in your home." This
    popular idea circulating the Internet is from

A word of caution with Borax as an insecticide: Never use Borax in
meat storerooms or where you may prepare your meat. Borax is
one way of how to get rid of ants naturally. Borax is a white
powder, made of sodium borate.
Borax  is a naturally occurring
mineral with many uses.

#5: Boric Acid.
Boric acid is effective at getting rod of the ants and has many
uses for preppers, but just because something is natural, doesn't
mean it's not toxic. Boric acid can be fatal, so if you have children
in the house then try one of the other ways to get rid of the ants.
Your go-to if you have kids is
diatomaceous earth ~ another safe
and effective method of getting rid of ants.

  • How to use Boric acid to get rid of ants: Make a mixture of
    one part boric acid, five parts sugar (as bait) and two parts
    water. Make a paste and set into a shallow bowl where
    children and pets can't get to it. Remember, it is toxic to
    human and animals.

Boric acid might not be the safest way to get rid of ants, but it is
effective at killing ants along with fleas, termites, roaches and
rats. Here is proof positive that Boric acid will help you kill ants in
two days:
Get rid of ants naturally
How to get rid of ants ~ all without toxic pesticides

Non-toxic ways to kill ants.
You can keep Monsanto and the ants out of your home and
garden! Make a homemade ant trap or insecticide! You don't need
toxic pesticides to get rid of the ants. Get rid of ants naturally
and safely with Borax, orange oil, peppermint oil and other
natural "deter-ants" (pun intended).

Using natural insecticides is the way to go! Below are the best
natural pest control methods to get rid of ants in your house

Non-toxic ways to get rid of ants
As pests go, ants really aren't so bad. You may think ants are
unclean and disease bearing critters, but there are no diseases
associated with ants, according to the
University of Minnesota.
That's happy news, but there's more.

Ants are important in your garden and even beneficial:

  • Ants are clean. As we mentioned, ants are extremely clean
    beings and do not transfer disease to humans through biting
    or stinging. While Carpenter ants, Fire ants and Pharoah
    ants have been known to bite, these kinds of ants also don't
    spread diseases this way. They can; however, transmit
    infectious bacteria, such as Salmonella and Staphylococcus
    by tracking through the infectious material. Even so, this is
    extremely rare as the ants would likely slough off the
    infectious material long before the track reaches your plate
    or kitchen counter-top.

  • Ants are beneficial to crops. Ants are mostly beneficial in
    your garden because they feed on other pests, such as
    aphid, caterpillars, fleas and termites. They also help with
    decomposition of dead insects and animals. The only
    problem with ants in the garden is that they also feed on
    ladybugs who help you get rid of the aphids.

  • Ants are soil makers. Ants have a role in the decomposition
    of dead insects and animals. As well tunneling ants do much
    the same work of earthworms. The process aerates the soil
    and distributes nutrients. Healthy soil is in part thanks to

  • Ants sow the seeds. Ants are a sort of accidental gardener
    in that they collect seeds with elaiosomes (fleshy structures
    attached to the seeds) and take them back to the nest. They
    feed the elaiosomes to their larvae, then later discard the
    seeds, which is a symbiotic way to help the garden grow.

Still want to get rid ants?
While they aren't so bad, no one really wants ants. If you've got
ants in your pants, kitchen or garden, then you'll likely want to
get rid of them in a gentle way now that you have new
understanding of their value. It's pretty easy to get rid of ants
without toxic sprays. Here's how to get rid of ants naturally
without the toxins...

How to get rid of ants naturally
Here is a list of seven ways to get rid of ants from
HouseholdHacker (a MacGyver like guru) will help you stop the
ant invasion...

Here are seven genius ways to get rid of ants:
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Above Howcast shares more clever ways to get rid of ants naturally.

Happy endings...
As much as you want to get rid of ants, remember that there is a
circle of life with ants -- because while a bird is alive it eat ants,
but while a bird is dead the ants eat it. If you really need to get rid
of ants, do it naturally without the toxins. We are all connected.

Don't let ants ruin your picnic and summer entertaining at home.
There are many kinds of ants and different ways to deter them or
kill them naturally. Many home remedies for removing ants
naturally revolve around strong smelling citrus, herbs, spices and
essential oils preppers will likely have around the house.

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Above, get rid of ants in as little as two days with boric acid.

#6: Caulk is a great way to get rid of ants.
Caulk, not chalk will help you get rid of ants. While caulk not a
completely natural product, it's natural to use caulk in your home
and it is an effective, non-chemical way to fix the ant problem.

  • How to use caulk to get rid of ants. Seal your home by
    filling all the cracks and crevices at possible point of entry.

#7: Ants hate cayenne and chili powder.
Cayenne, an ingredient of chili powder, is as effective at getting
rid of your ant problem as is the black pepper method. It's a safe,
non-chemical option for getting rid of ants if you have children.

  • How to use black pepper to get rid of ants: You can make
    a barrier that ants won't want to cross simply by sprinkling
    cayenne on the ant trail. Just as you'd do with cinnamon,
    you can use cayenne around the dog or cat dish. I'ts a safe
    and effective way to get rid of ants in the kitchen.

Incidentally, cayenne also works on getting rid of cats, raccoons,
squirrels in addition to getting rid of ants. There are actually
many reasons why
preppers need to stock cayenne.

#8: Cedar shavings will get rid of ants.
Cedar shavings might not be the most convenient natural
alternative to ant control, but it is a safe way to get rid of them.
You also may not think you have cedar shavings around the
house, but you do! Those yellow school pencils are made of cedar.

  • How to use Cedar shavings to get rid of ants: Sprinkle
    pencil shavings around your plants to give ants their
    marching orders in the opposite direction. Ants dislike the
    cedar in the pencils.

#9: Cinnamon is an ant deterrent.
Want to get rid of black ants? The answer is cinnamon essential
oil. Cinnamon won't kill the ants, but it is a deterrent.

Cinnamon essential oil provides a defensive barrier as ants don't
like the smell of cinnamon (and it doesn't matter if you use the
fancy Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka, which many people
consider the true cinnamon). Cassia cinnamon will work just fine
to get rid of your ant problem. Best of all, cinnamon has a home-
sweet-home smell. Realtors use cinnamon to make you feel at
home. Cinnamon refreshes your home and gets rid of those pesky

The reason cinnamon is effective at getting rid of ants is because
ants communicate by leaving a pheromone trail, and cinnamon
disrupts this essential form of communication, which in turn
deters ants from the area. Humans love the smell, ants don't

  • How to use Cinnamon to get rid of ants: Don't put
    cinnamon in large quantities directly on your lawn or plants
    as it will kill the surrounding area. Instead, use the
    cinnamon idea as a barricade around the pet dish, for
    example. Just sprinkle it where you want to get the ants to
    march elsewhere.

#10: Coffee grounds detract ants.
Coffee grounds are ideal for nourishing your soil and it turns out
the ants don't like them, so go ahead and sprinkle them on your
topsoil and let the rains break down the compost and deter the
ants from marching.

  • How to use coffee grounds to get rid of ants: Sprinkle
    coffee grounds around the ant trails outside your home.

#11: Diatomaceous Earth gets rid of stink ants.
Battling stink ants? Then Diatomaceous earth is your non-toxic
solution for getting rid of them. Diatomaceous Earth is a talc like
substance with an array of uses in prepping and it's safe for use
if you have children in the house because it's edible (get the food
grade kind, just to be sure).

What is it? Diatomaceous Earth is the fossilized remains of
phytoplankton. Consuming tiny, fossilized diatoms (aquatic
organisms) that accumulated over millennia in fresh water lake
doesn't sound very tasty, but humans consume it for a variety of
reasons. It's safe for human and animals. Some people take it for
keeping blood pressure down and under the supervision of a
medical doctor to help with other cardiac issues. Talk to your
doctor to see if its right for you. Diatomaceous Earth isn't for
everyone, but certainly it' a good natural way to get rid of ants...

  • How to use Diatomaceous Earth to get rid of ants:
  • Sprinkle a food grade brand of Diamomaceous Earth
    around baseboards, where ants make an entry to your
  • Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth into carpets very lightly
    and cautiously as the powder may clog vacuums.
  • Mix with water to make a spray and get on the ant trail.

Diatomaceous Earth requires some patience. Slowly bug surely it
will get rid of the ants in a non-toxic way, but it's not an instant
solution to your ant control problems.

#12: Lemons are a natural deterrent of ants.
Many essential oils bother ants and among them is lemon
essential oil. You can get fancy with "
Ant Away Spray" (an idea
given by, but you don't need to do
anything fancy to use lemon oil to get rid of ants. Lemons are a
natural for getting rid of ants, as well as roaches and fleas. It's
one of the best natural cleansing agents you can have in your

  • How to use lemons to get rid of ants: Spray lemon juice as
    a spritzer with water. (Try also lemon essential oil.) Spray
    where ants enter your house, such as the door thresholds,
    window sills, and counter tops. Lemon peels are also
    effective at eradicating ants.

#13: Orange essential oil deters ants, too.
Citrus oils in general will provide a defensive barrier to ants and
other pests. Oranges will make ants skedaddle, not necessarily
kill them, but in concentrations it certainly can as with extracts
and essential oils.

  • Orange Oil. Orange oil is a natural pesticide that degrades
    the waxy coating on the exoskeleton of insects, causing
    dehydration and asphyxiation. It's extremely effective way to
    get rid of bugs, though it won't kill them fast. Here's how to
    use orange oil to get rid of the ants the organic way.

  • Sweet Orange essential Oil. Sweet orange essential oil
    smells lovely to humans, but ants hate it. Think of sweet
    orange essential oil as a natural deter-"ant." Freshen your
    home and get rid of ants in your rooms with orange essential
    oil diluted in a small amount of water in a spray bottle.

#14: Parsley and mint (deterrent).
Parsley will punch out those pesky red ants, though it's not well
known. Growing parsley in the garden is one way to get rid of the
ants naturally.

  • How to use parsley and to get rid of ants: Just plant
    parsley and mint in pots and you can move them to ant
    entryways to repel them. It's a wonderful way to get rid of
    ants in your flower beds, too

#15: Peppermint essential oil.
Want to rid the rodents or bugs without using harmful chemicals
or inhumane traps?
Peppermint oil is the solution! Like mint,
peppermint oil is useful for keeping ants away as well as spiders,
mice and fleas.

Peppermint oil is
anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-
parasitic. It helps as a natural disinfectant and helps aid against
Staph, E. coli, Salmonella, Herpes and other viruses, Candida,
Giardia, and many more undesirable bugs.

  • How to use peppermint oil to get rid of ants: Simply soak a
    cotton ball in peppermint oil and place where you want to
    get rid of the ants.

#16: Spearmint and spearmint essential oil.
Insects that don't like spearmint, including flies and moths.

  • How to use spearmint and spearmint essential oils to get
    rid of ants: It's very easy. Like the peppermint essential oil
    method, just soak a cotton ball in spearmint essential oil
    and place around the house to prevent ants.

#17: Tape.
Simple adhesive tape can get rid of ants naturally (or at least
deter them). The ants that come marching in your home for the
doggie dish, will soon be marching back to their nest empty
handed and hopefully leave with tape as a deterrent.

  • How to use tape to get rid of ants: Use adhesive tape as a
    barrier around your cat or dog's food dish. This will act like a
    moat and provide a barrier to hinder ants from freeloading
    on your pet's meal.

#18: Tea tree essential oil.
Tea tree oil is an antiseptic anti-fungal, and it's also an anti-ant!
The pungent smell is effective at eradicating ants, but just
remember that natural doesn't mean it's not toxic. If you have
children in the house, perhaps try spearmint oil to get rid of the
ants instead.

  • How to use tea tree oil to get rid of ants: There are many
    ways to use tea tree oil to get rid of ants.
  • Drop tea tree oil on the baseboards and watch ants
  • Place a few drops on a cotton ball and leave them in
    the cabinets or wherever you may find the ant trail.
  • Add 15 drops of tea tree oil into a spray bottle with a
    cup of water and spray the areas where ants have been.
    Just don't spray a food surface and keep away from kids
    as tea tree oil is also toxic to humans if swallowed.
    Mark the bottle and keep away from kids. Like many
    natural products, it's toxic if used in the wrong way.

#18: Vinegar (deterrent).
White vinegar kills ants. Ants hate all kinds of vinegar. Did you
know vinegar has both natural fungicidal and insecticidal
properties to effectively get rid of the ants?

Use vinegar as a repellent to deter ants, but keep in mind that it
doesn't kill them quickly.

  • How to use vinegar to get rid of ants: Mix citrus peels with
    1/4 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup water into a spray bottle and
    allow the citrus to meld with the vinegar a bit (at least an
    hour). Alternatively, you can add an essential oil listed on
    the page.

#20: Windex (pesticide and deterrent).
Windex isn't a completely natural way of getting rid of the ants,
but it deserves proper attention because you can use Windex
quite easily to get rid of them. Windex works two ways It's the
ammonia in Windex (or other ammonia based window cleaner)
will get rid of ants.

  • How to use Windex to get rid of ants: Spray Windex
    directly on the ants and their trail. First it will kill the ants,
    next it will remove the pheromone trail which other ants will
    use to get to the food source and back to their nest. It's a
    very effective way of stopping the cycle.

Products to keep the ants away naturally:

  • NO ANTS Natural Repellent. All natural and biodegradable,
    NO ANTS Natural Repellent combines herbs, spices and
    citrus to make ants and bugs skedaddle! It stops ants from
    invading your living area and redirects them outside where
    they are beneficial to the environment. It's safe for pets and
    humans. The idea is to repel and not kill the little friends of
    the environment.

  • Bugged by ants on your humming bird feeder? Oil their
    path and your pesky little problem will slip away. Whether
    you use olive oil or Vaseline, the ants will find it much too

Surely you've seen footage of chimpanzees in the wild using
sticks to lure out ants from an ant hill? Well, it turns out those
little critters, which are part of the chimp picnic are filled with
protein! It's something to consider when the stuff hits the fan,
but when the ants come marching in on your picnic and they
aren't on the menu, take these ideas to heart.

Here are more clever ways to get rid of ants!
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