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canned hamburger
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Canned hamburger
Cooking with canned hamburger

Hamburger in a can? Awesome!
Unbelievable but true that you can buy a fully formed hamburger
in a can.
Yoder's freeze-dried uncooked canned hamburger patties
is pictured immediate right. These freeze-dried uncooked
hamburger patties are a whopping 1/2-inch thick. This freeze
dried product is raw and requires cooking after rehydrating and
it's important to rehydrate patties as soon as a can is opened.

They come out of the can looking just like a beef patty you would
get at your grocer's deli ~ and there was no shrinkage when you
cooked them. They are 90% lean, mean beef with minimal
processing so all the amino acids and nutrients that you would
normally find in beef haven't been taken out.

You may be wondering what to do with canned hamburger and
ground beef, but first you may be in shock that it's even
available. Two brands come to mind:
Yoder's canned hamburger
is not freeze dried, but ready to eat and available in large 28-
ounce cans; and then there's
Keystone Ground Beef, available in
two sizes, also not freeze dried.

What to do with canned hamburger meat
At the local grocery stores you may find many other kinds of
canned meats, but hamburger in a can is usually not available;
however there are two excellent brands of canned hamburger you
can buy online:

  • Yoder's Hamburger (28 oz). It's unbelievable and yet true
    that you can get delicious grass-fed beef in a can. Made the
    Amish way, Yoders hamburger meat, right is also made in
    America. Yoder's hamburger comes in 28-oz cans and each
    can is packed with 1-3/4 Pounds of U.S. raised and
    commerciall canned hamburger that's fully cooked and ready
    to eat! When you buy a 12-pack you get 21 Pounds of
    ground beef in total. When you consider this, you're getting
    a great deal when compared to the kind of meat you'd get at
    the hamburger meat department of your local grocery stores.
    Best of all, this canned meat is non-perishable! It requires
    no refrigeration and is ideal for camping, travel, and long-
    term food storage. Stored this ground beef for 10 years or

  • Keystone Ground beef (14 oz. or 28 oz). Pictured at the
    top of the page is Keystone Ground beef in a 14-oz can;
    however, Keystone also comes in a larger size comparable to
    Yoder's. Keystone Ground beef in a can 28-oz can, pictured
    right, is all natural ground beef at a bargain price. Keystone
    meat is just beef and sea salt. It's fully cooked and ready to
    eat, with no MSG or preservatives, and no water added. It
    maintains texture and flavor and is minimally processed.

Yes, canned hamburger is great to have on hand for emergencies.
Below are some ideas on cooking with canned hamburger...

How to Use Canned Hamburger
What will you do with canned hamburger? The list of what to do
with canned hamburger are endless and below is just the start...

#1: Beef Sandwich.
You can make a tasty "beef sandwich" that's best served with
mashed potatoes or rice on the side, but you can serve also with
chips. This is sloppy, but it's no Sloppy Joe (keep reading for that
canned hamburger idea).

To make a beef sandwich you'll need:
  • 29-oz can of canned hamburger / ground beef
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch

To make just bring the ingredients to boil in a pot, then serve on
a bun. Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes if you serve chips on
the side.

#2: Beef Stroganoff.
For this Quick and Easy Beef Stroganoff recipe use a 28-oz can of
hamburger. The recipe uses canned cream of mushroom soup, can
cream of chicken soup and canned sliced mushrooms, so it's a
very shelf-stable recipe to try. Sour cream is no problem when
you have
Hoosier Hill's Premium Sour Cream on hand in your
pantry. This is pure dehydrated sour cream, that's hormone free!
Be sure to have egg noodles on hand as well.

#3: Cheeseburger dip.
Make this cheeseburger dip as snack or meal. In a large skillet,
heat up the can of ground beef with chopped onion and garlic.
Drain any excess liquid then stir in cheese sauce, ketchup, and
mustard. Ladle into small bowls and serve with chips

    Bag scoop-shaped corn ships

#4: Chili ideas.
Enhance your favorite chili recipe with these ideas....

  • For the second night use your chili to make a Fritos Chili Pie.
    With your chili you'll need Fritos original corn chips and a
    bag of shredded cheese (or substitute with dehydrated
    cheese). You'll also need onions, tomatoes, lettuce,
    jalapeños and sour cream.

#5: Cowboy Stew.
A classic in scouting community, cowboy stew is so easy kids can
make it. Open a can of ground beef and add an onion, three
potatoes and canned veggies. You'll need canned green beans,
baked beans, black beans, tomato soup, can of diced tomato and
canned corn. Here's the c
lassic cowboy stew recipe great for
camping in your dutch oven or your stovetop.

#6: Hamburger quesadillas.
Here's a favorite from Real Simple magazine
that you can make easily with canned hamburger as a substitute.
Beef quesadillas with watercress and corn salad.

#7: Hamburger and macaroni.
Move over Hamburger Helper because you can help yourself make
hamburger macaroni from scratch. Nothing could be easier when
this has a prep time of just five minutes and a cook time of just
20 minutes.

The recipe calls for 1 pound of ground beef, so use a 28-oz can of
hamburger and sauté it with fresh or dehydrated onions. Do that
as you boil your macaroni.

#8: Hamburger nachos.
On the suggestion of a Keystone Ground Beef reviewer here is
the recipe for hamburger nachos. "All you need to make
hamburger nachos is a bit of
True Lime Shaker, Lime, Garlic and
Cilantro, 2.29 Ounce, shredded cheese, veggies of choice, spread
over tortilla chips." The reviewer continues to say you can use a
toaster oven along with salsa and your favorite tortilla chip. the
"put nachos in the (separately toasted) taco boats and dip in
sour cream. Tastes like double decker tacos!"

#9: Sloppy Joes.
Look closely at can of Manwich Original Sloppy Joe sauce you may
be surprised that the can has no meat. The picture on the can
shows a mouthwatering sandwich, but where's the beef? You can
make your meal with three simple ingredients: a can of
hamburger meat, sloppy joe sauce and hamburger buns. Dinner
will be ready in about ten minutes or less.

#10: Shepherd's Pie.
You can make Shepherd's Pie with canned hamburger and you
don't need the luck of the Irish. You just need mashed potatoes
and a few other ingredients to create a new family favorite to
enjoy on St. Patrick's Day and beyond.

#11: Spaghetti.
Give your spaghetti recipe a kick of texture by combining Yoder's
canned hamburger with
Yoder's canned beef chunks.

Mix up the pasta choices too. Spaghetti sauce is great over a
wide array of noodles, such as egg noodles and rotini noodles.
Another way to make spaghetti more interesting is to start with a
base of fettucini and cream sauce before adding your spaghetti
sauce on top. The tangy and creamy is a delicious combination to

#12: Tacos:
With canned hamburger you can add your own spices, but Yoder's
has canned Taco Beef Filling so all you need to do is heat the
meat and add your topings to your favorite tortillas. Imagine just
opening a can of beef filling and heating it, opening a mylar bag
of crunchy taco shells, or making your own flour or corn tortillas,
then garnishing your tacos with lettuce and tomatoes from the
garden. That luxury is possible when you plan ahead. The best
thing about Yoder's Taco Beef filling is that it is grass-fed beef
made the Amish way! You can't do better than that in a can.
When you consider this, you really should stock up on the taco
seasoned beef for your everyday use and rotate. Give it a try!

Plan your
Mexican food storage today and enhance your tostada
or taco with:
  • Canned olives
  • Canned jalapeños
  • Freeze dried cheddar cheese
  • Sour cream powder
  • Salsa

#13: Stuffed green peppers.
Stuffed green peppers is a comfort food that combines beef,
cheese and bell peppers. You can use the traditional green bell
peppers, but this
stuffed green pepper recipe is good with any
color you choose. Why use fresh ground beef when hamburger in
a can is ready anytime you need it.

Take advantage of a sale on bell peppers or when your own
harvest is producing and abundance.
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