One Month Prepper Food Supply

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One Month Food Supply
Plan a one-month food supply

What's in your cupboard to last a full month?
If you're new to prepping you may feel a sense of urgency to
quickly build your supply of food. Unfortunately, most newbie
preppers start off buying the wrong foods for their family and in
the wrong amounts.

You see, canned foods from the grocery store have a very limited
shelf life (around 2 years) and new preppers often fall into the
trap of buying random canned foods and then stashing them
away, forgetting about them and finally dumping them when
expired. What a waste!

The easiest way to build a long term food supply is to get into
freeze dried foods. Below are some ideas to build a one month
larder of freeze dried foods...

One Month Food Supply
It can be challenging putting together 30-days of food for your
family or group. You can gain peace of mind that you have
enough food to feed your family for the next 25 years with freeze
dried food.

The easiest way to can build a one month larder of freeze dried
food is with pre-packaged kits, such as the Augason Farms 30-day
food supply bucket right. The work has been done for you and you
can use it to get your food storage going. Below is more
information on the
Augason Farms 30-day food bucket and other
one-month food supply ideas:

#1: Augason Farms One Month Food Supply.
The Augason Farms one-month food bucket includes a 30-day and
a 45-day meal planner to give you options in crisis depending on
how much you need to
ration your food supply. This is something
you won’t find in any other emergency food kit.

Augason Farms takes the guesswork out of daily meal preparation
with this unique meal planner. In an emergency situation, it is
critical that food is carefully prepared to ensure you have a
balanced number of calories each day for an extended period of
time. If there’s a chance an emergency might go beyond 30 days,
the 45 day planner is an important tool to help you spread the
food across additional days. It’s safe to say this meal planner
could be a lifesaver.
Learn more about rationing your food.

The great thing about the Augason Farms Food bucket is that
your food is safe from water damage and vermin. The food grade
buckets are helpful for easy transportation as well

While it is a 30-day food supply, it's also important to realize
that the meals provided are side-dish type meals. They will fill
you up, but they are not like Mountain House dinners. Certainly
it's a good start that can serve as a month worth of food, but the
real value is that they will serve as a base to build your food
supply around. The kit includes the following:
  • Cheesy broccoli rice and creamy chicken flavored rice
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Hearty vegetable chicken soup and cream potato soup
  • Maple brown sugar oatmeal
  • Morning Moo lowfat milk alternate
  • Instant potatoes
  • Banana chips

Supplement suggestions ~ Include
freeze dried chicken chunks,
freeze dried diced beef chunks or freeze-dried ground beef, like
the Mountain House #10 cans pictured right. With these
supplemental cans you can turn a rice dinner into something more
satisfying and comforting in an emergency.

#2: Wise Foods One Month Food Supply.
Wise Foods provides a convenient one-month food supply that
comes. The
Wise Foods One-Month Food Supply box includes

One Month Food Supply List

One month food supply kids usually have lots of rice and pasta,
soups and the like, but you can supplement your food supply with
freeze-dried meats,
pilot crackers, powdered drinks, such as
powdered milk,. It never hurts to have more rice and beans!

Happy endings...
Ensure you have at least a one-month food supply to help get
your family through crisis.

Experienced preppers know that the best way to stockpile the
prepper's pantry is to buy the foods your family already eats, and
then to rotate them. It's like creating your own personal grocery
store of
shelf-stable sealed foods. The easiest way to ensure you
have food for the long term is to get into freeze dried foods.

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