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Grow your own mushrooms for survival!

In ancient Egyptian times, only royalty were allowed to eat mushrooms. Indeed
mushroom are an important source of protein when there is no meat and a total
luxury! While edible fungi are a low calorie food, they can provide an important
source of B vitamins and potassium too.

When Shitaki hits the fan, you'll have everything you need to grow your own
mushrooms if you prepare now! Growing mushrooms can be as easy as these
three simple steps: open box, mist with water, harvest the crop. Below are our
favorite mushroom kits for preppers.

Here are some fun mushrooms preppers can grow:

Fungi have a high water content, making them an ideal candidate for dehydrating,
so grow and harvest all you can in autumn and fall to add to your foodstores.
When you're ready to cook them, you can soak them to allow mushrooms to
regain much of their original texture. They are ideal for soups and stews!

  • Portabella-Crimini Mushroom Kit: The Portabella mushroom, when
    harvested young in the button stage, is called a Crimini; while harvested as
    a mature mushroom, with the gills exposed, it is called a Portabella.
    Portabella mushrooms are meaty and can grow from 3-4" across to as large
    as 5" in diameter. The Portabella-Crimini Mushroom kit, pictured top left,
    grows several crops of this delicious mushroom. The first two crops are
    usually very large completely filling the box with mushrooms. The third crop
    is fairly big as well. The subsequent crops after that get smaller fruiting in
    clusters and lesser amounts, until the mushrooms finally stop. Have fun and
    grow your own.

  • Shitaki Mushroom Kit: Imagine harvesting hearty Shitaki mushrooms in
    two-week intervals for up to 16 weeks. A 50-80° F environment is best for
    cultivation. Certified Organic, the Shitaki Mushroom Kit will produce 2-3
    pounds of mushrooms. Each Mushroom Growing Kit, pictured at the top of
    the page, consists of pure mushroom mycelium growing on a sterilized
    medium, or substrate. It's fun, satisfying and easy to grow.

  • White Button Mushroom Kit: White button mushrooms are firm, sweet
    mushrooms that are delicious raw. Slice them into salads or serve with
    vegetable dip or serve sauted in butter. One box of white button
    mushrooms, pictured top at the center of the page, will produce a crop
    every 2 weeks for up to 3 months. (Please start growing within 2 weeks of

  • Oyster Mushroom Kit. The Oyster Mushroom Growing Garden Kit from Back
    to the Roots, includes everything you need to grow and harvest
    mushrooms in as few as 10 days. It's super easy and has just three steps:
    open box, mist with water, harvest the crop. This mushroom kit even
    contains recycled coffee grounds for soil, pearl oyster mushroom spawn
    (seed), and spray mister. You'll be delighted to harvest up to 1.5 pounds of
    oyster mushrooms per box.

Learn how to grow mushrooms the easy way with a mushroom kit! You might
even learn to profit from your hobby. Dehydrated and freeze dried mushrooms
are another option to liven up your food storage. While freeze dried mushrooms
have a 25 year shelf life, you'll find that dried mushrooms have a shorter span (1-
5 years). They are a wonderful everyday way to add a hearty and flavorful
addition to your meals.

Foraging for Wild Mushrooms? Stop!
In the wild, mushrooms are foraging food source that is "borderline suicidal!"
according to
Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook. In the book, Hawke
points out that mushrooms have very little nutritional value, and for this reason
the energy invested and danger involved make them a food to avoid in the wild.

That doesn't mean mushrooms aren't useful in a survival situation! In fact, Hawke
recommends mushrooms, not for eating, but for fire building. The puffball
mushroom, he says, can be a source of tinder for fire starting as it is a dry
powdery plant. It may be impossible to know all about mushrooms, in such cases
consult a mushroom encyclopedia and study the illustrations and pictures well.
When in doubt: throw it out! Mushrooms can be deadly.

Happy Endings...

Unusual Uses of Mushrooms:
You'll find many good uses of fungi instead of eating them:
  1. Tinder source! If you're in doubt about a mushroom, use it as tinder.
    Bracket fungi will smoulder for hours.
  2. Treating burns. Look for tree fungi, which are rich in tannin and thus an
    excellent topical treatment application to soothe burns.
  3. Stopping bleeding. The Giant puffball fungi is styptic, which means it is
    capable of soothing wounds. They have an amazing anti hemorrhagic agent
    that contracts tissue and thereby seals injured blood vessels.

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