Cooking with buttermilk powder

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Buttermilk powder
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We hope you never run out of buttermilk powder, but if you run out of
buttermilk powder, you can make homemade buttermilk with
substitutions above.

Happy endings...
Cooking with buttermilk powder is fun once you get started.
Buttermilk powder is the staple you almost forgot to include in
your prepper's pantry until you read this article. Now that you
know its true value, get started using buttermilk powder in your
everyday cooking. Make buttermilk powder a staple!

Remember, cooking with buttermilk powder means you'll save
money too. You get the nutritive value of quart-sized kind, but
in a convenient shelf-stable that won't go to waste.

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wide array of prepping topics, so be sure to see our other
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Above is a simple ranch dressing powder made from buttermilk
powder so you can always enjoy ranch dressing.

Here's the Hoosier Hill Farms Recipe for Ranch Seasoning:
    1/3 cup Hoosier Hill Farm Buttermilk Powder
    2 Tbsp. dried parsley
    1 1/2 tsp. dried dill weed
    2 tsp. garlic powder
    2 tsp. onion powder
    2 tsp. dried onion flakes
    1 tsp. ground black pepper
    1 tsp. dried chives
    1 tsp. salt

    Mix well. Store in an airtight container in a cool dry place.
    Shelf Life: 10-12 months

#11: Mix up sauces and gravies.
Use buttermilk powder for delicious sauces. Buttermilk will
enhance your dishes with rich creamy gravies, too.

  • Southern fried chicken with buttermilk gravy. In this
    classic dish, it's the buttermilk that makes the chicken
    tender and succulent. The trick is to marinate the chicken
    in the buttermilk overnight.

#12: Create soap, lotions and creams.
Buttermilk powder for soapmaking? Yes, it will keep your skin
feeling like butter. Believed to provide moisturizing properties
to water and oil based products, buttermilk powder is on the
soap crafter's supply list.

Buttermilk powder is dispersible in oil and water and has great
skin softening properties. It will help you with make a cold
process soaps, lotions and creams.

Buttermilk powder is also an ingredient to make a soothing milk
bath with bath salts, as a bath bomb, for making natural facial
creams, or all natural shave creams! Oatmeal bath anyone?
Buttermilk powder can alleviate dry and itchy skin, too. It's a
nice It's a nice alternative to adding fresh milk.

  • Buttermilk powdered facial: Want to smooth out dark
    spots and wrinkles? Need to repair acne marks or lighten
    freckles? Buttermilk powder provides the answer. It's the
    lactic acid in the buttermilk powder than will help to deeply
    exfoliate, soften skin and brighten your overall skin tone.
    It's gentle and effective because buttermilk powder also
    moisturizes. To make an easy facial, mix one tablespoon
    buttermilk with a tablespoon of water. Apply the mix with a
    clean makeup brush. Leave it on for ten minutes and follow
    up with a moisturizer because the overall effect is that the
    facial will tighten and brighten your skin, giving you a
    youthful glow.

How to use buttermilk for soap making:
When adding buttermilk powder to a liquid base, you may need
to mix your powder with a small amount of water to prevent
clumping. You can also add buttermilk powder directly to oils
before emulsification with lye; however adding powder directly
to oils can add texture to your soaps. It's a matter of

If you don't want the texture you can reconstitute the
buttermilk powder to avoid the lumps by blending smooth with
a whisk. Another trick is to reconstitute the buttermilk, then
freeze it for 24-hours to prevent the buttermilk from scorching
and changing the color of your final product.

Buttermilk powder is ideal for soapmaking, but remember that it!

#13: Make a sour milk substitution.
Don't go crying sour milk if you don't have any sour milk!
Buttermilk powder can help you in a pinch in place of sour milk
in just about any recipe. The caveat is that in using buttermilk
powder as a substitution for sour milk sometimes the powdered
buttermilk will affect leavening, like baking powder or baking
soda. You may have to adjust your recipes slightly.

Buttermilk isn't something that’s always in the fridge, though
back in the day it was a staple in down home cooking mostly for
making biscuits and pancakes. Enter powdered buttermilk in
your food storage. Voilá! You’ve just rescued your recipe calling
for buttermilk.

Be sure to include buttermilk powder in your food storage plans!

Buttermilk Powder Options
Buttermilk solids can be used in place of liquid buttermilk or
sour milk in any recipe and there are lots of buttermilk options
to try:

  • Bob's Redmill Buttermilk. Bob's Redmill buttermilk powder
    is naturally produced from pure sweet cream buttermilk. It
    is rehydrates easily and you can use it in any recipe that
    calls for buttermilk. In a dry form, buttermilk lasts much
    longer than it does as a liquid, and it doesn’t require any
    refrigeration. Buttermilk powder is as well as a good source
    of calcium. Bob’s Redmill buttermilk powder contains 5
    grams of protein per serving.

  • Hoosier Hill buttermilk powder. This brand promise to
    give you that buttermilk tang. This quality buttermilk
    powder, available online, has two varieties:

  • Buttermilk powder (1-lbs.): Contains one pound
    buttermilk powder o(buttermilk solids, whey solids), in
    a plastic jar sealed to preserve freshness and shelf-

  • Premium Buttermilk Powder (2-lbs). This dry sweet
    cream buttermilk costs slightly more, but this premium
    powdered buttermilk contains two pounds of
    buttermilk powder!

    Hoosier Hill Farm is located in America's heartland of
    northeast Indiana. It's a company with a heritage and
    good, old-fashioned values.

  • SACO buttermilk powder blend. SACO cultured buttermilk
    may be available in your local grocery store. Made in U.S.
    A., Saco Foods Inc. is in Middleton, WI. It will last for
    months in the refrigerator, but preppers often transfer the
    ingredients to a canning jar. Unfortunately, this brand of
    buttermilk powder has other ingredients besides
    buttermilk. That's when you have to pay attention that this
    is a blend. There are three ingredients: sweet cream
    churned buttermlik, sweet dairy whey and lactic acid. Four
    tablespoons will give you 22% of your calcium!

How to make buttermilk from powdered milk.
Did you know you can make buttermilk from food storage?
Here's how... Mix 1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice with 1 cup
of powdered milk reconstituted. Let it sit for a few minutes
before using it in your recipes. It works, but there is something
much better: powdered buttermilk!

Here are four buttermilk substitutions:
Cooking with buttermilk powder
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How to use powdered buttermilk

How to cook with buttermilk powder:
Do you have powdered buttermilk in your prepper's pantry?
Maybe you should! It's delicious, convenient, versatile and
money saving. What's more, buttermilk powder delivers a hearty
serving of protein, potassium and riboflavin.

Buttermilk powder is an awesome staple for preppers who bake
but don't want an expiring carton of buttermilk in the
refrigerator. Using buttermilk powder to give you the same
creamy goodness of the traditional stuff is easy and you don't
even need to reconstitute it. You can use powdered buttermilk
with the dry ingredients! Here's how to cook with buttermilk
powder (and even make soap from it)...

Cooking with Buttermilk Powder
Buttermilk is a basic by-product of butter making. During the
butter churning process what remains is more of a liquid. Not
wanting to waste any food, farmer’s wives quickly learned to
use this liquid goodness of buttermilk in their recipes. They
quickly learned that buttermilk was an excellent leavening
agent for baking.

While buttermilk is great to have in the fridge, it doesn’t last
very long, and you may not use it up before it expires. If you’ve
ever felt disappointed with this experience then buttermilk
powder is for you. Buttermilk powder is dried without lactic acid
or cultures added as in commercial buttermilk. This gives it long
shelf life.

Buttermilk powder is great to have around for baking biscuits,
bread or cakes, making pancakes or creating the most amazing
homemade ranch salad dressings. You can also make creme
fraiche if your recipe calls for it, and so much more. Buttermilk
powder provides flavor and texture unlike the use of regular

Here are some of the great things you can do with buttermilk

#1: Bake buttermilk biscuits.
One of the most popular ways to use buttermilk powder is for
baking buttermilk biscuits. Buttermilk powder is an excellent
leavening agent! For making buttermilk biscuits, you can use
two tablespoons Bob’s Redmill Buttermilk powder to make the
approximate equivalent for 3/4 a cup of liquid buttermilk and
you can always adjust to your personal taste. Pantry Paratus
has a
recipe for buttermilk biscuits using powdered buttermilk,
which requires that you also have cream of tartar.

#2: Cook up buttermilk pancakes and waffles.
Buttermilk powder also enhances your pancake and waffle
recipes or mixes. To make buttermilk pancake mix follow
directions on any pancake mix and substitute reconstituted
buttermilk liquid for milk in the recipe.

#3: Whip up cakes, cake mixes and frosting.
Buttermilk powder is also great for cakes. You add it to any
other dry ingredients, like flour if you are baking from scratch.
Buttermilk powder will also richness to cake box mixes by
adding buttermilk powder in box cake mix recipes. For cake box
mixes you can also mix the powder into the water called for on
the box. What’s more, buttermilk powder is ideal for creating a
thick buttercream frosting. For recipe that require liquid
buttermilk, just replace the liquid for the powder and you’ll find
it’s thick enough to frost any cake.

#4: Add it to you coffee.
An interesting way to use buttermilk powder is with your
morning cup of Joe! Boost your morning cup of Joe with a little
added nutrition from buttermilk powder instead of a creamer.
Try making a vanilla creamer by adding real vanilla and a bit of
sugar with your buttermilk powder. This makes your
coffee rich
and creamy as it adds a bit of nutrition. Buttermilk powder is a
good source of calcium and contains around 5 grams of protein
per serving!

#5: Bake cornbread and Johnny cakes.
Some of the best cornbread recipes include buttermilk, though
not all. When you have buttermilk powder in your food storage,
cornmeal and powdered eggs, you'll be able to make this classic
as well as Johnny cakes, which are like cornbread buttermilk
pancakes. This
Johnny cake recipe from John Steinbeck's aunt is
highly rated and authentic buttermilk Johnny cake.

#6: Make home made Crème fraîche.
Another way to use buttermilk powder is to make Crème fraîche Did
you know you can make your own Crème fraîche? In making
crème fraîche, use several tablespoons of buttermilk to activate
a pint of whipping cream.

#7: Create tasty dips.
Buttermilk powder is ideal for dips too. Make homemade sour
cream and onion mix using buttermilk powder. Here's the recipe
from Hoosier Hill Farms (makes about 1/3 cup powdered mix)...

    Homemade Sour Cream and Onion Mix
    1/4 cup Hoosier Hill powdered buttermilk
    2 teaspoon onion powder
    2 teaspoons dried dill
    1 teaspoon dried parsley
    1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    2 tablespoons finely grated Parmesan cheese

    Combine ingredients and mix well. Store in a mason jar in
    the refrigerator up to one month.

    *Mix into plain Greek yogurt or sour cream for a creamy
    sour cream and onion dip for veggies or baked chips or
    shake over popcorn for healthy flavorful seasoning.

#8: Churn up some ice cream.
Hoosier Hill brand of premium buttermilk powder is excellent for
ice cream recipes. You'll need 3 cups powder, plus 3.75 quarts
of water to make a gallon of liquid buttermilk

#9: Make muffins extra tasty.
Buttermilk powder adds a nice texture to your muffin recipes.
blueberry buttermilk muffins!

#10: Make salad dressings.
Make delicious homemade ranch dressing using buttermilk
powder! It's the buttermilk that makes ranch dressing taste so
yummy and another reason why you should include buttermilk
powder in your food storage.

Here's an easy recipe for buttermilk ranch dressing powder for
your food storage:
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