Bullet proof backpacks and inserts

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Above, Dale Atwood has some fun in the woods shooting his bulletproof

Happy endings...
Bulletproof backpacks are expensive and can provide a false
sense of security, but of you've got the money and are so
inclined, get a bullet-proof backpack insert for your bugout bag
and your kid's school bag. Also, recognize that they do have some

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Bulletproof backpack
Backpack defense positions
As you can see from the illustration above, if you're caught in the crossfires
of an active shooting situation, then having this layer of protection would be
comforting, but it has limitations.

Any bullet blocker would good to have in crisis, but you've got to
be ready with it in anticipation. It's like the police officer having a
bulletproof vest, but getting hit in the noggin ~ you can't use a
shield to cover your entire body.

#4: Won't work for a semi-automatic rifle, AR 15.
While bulletproof backpacks and inserts work for a 40 caliber
handgun, they won't work for a semi-automatic rifle on their own,
though books can help. Below, Kern County demonstrates how  
books can help stop the bullets.
Bulletproof backpacks
Review of bulletproof backpacks, inserts and shields

Do you need a bulletproof bugout bag or school backpack?
A folding bulletproof shield or insert that's lightweight and
compact for instant protection in car, office and home defense is
an interesting idea in prepping, but is it worth the hype?

A backpack armed with a bulletproof insert is almost like wearing
a bulletproof vest. It covers a portion of your body and you can
adjust it to defend your head or vital organs. While it can shield
you, there are some drawbacks.

Bulletproof Backpacks and Inserts
Should you join the "ballistic resistance" and get a bullet-proof
backpack? With
active shootings on the rise, especially at
schools, you may be tempted to get your kid a bullet-proof insert
for their backpack or install a shield into your bugout bag, but
they are expensive and have some drawbacks. First they are hard
to find!

Here are some problems with bulletproof backpacks:

#1: Bulletproof backpacks are expensive.
The main drawback of a bulletproof backpack or insert is that
they're expensive. A bulletproof insert or shield can cost between
$100-$700. It's the price you pay for material that can flatten
bullets. See the illustration, immediate right, for the bulletproof
backpack insert. The bulletproof backpack test shows that it's
100% effective at stopping the bullets.

For serious preppers; however, money isn't everything...

#2: Kids don't always have their backpacks.
If you're a parent, you may want to equip your kids with a
bulletproof backpack, but before you fall in fear for the hype,
consider some of the problems with bulletproof backpacks or
bulletproof inserts...

With so many school shootings, it's tempting to get a bulletproof
backpack for your kid, but parents who want to get their kids a
bulletproof backpack or insert may not realize that they aren't
going to have their backpack with them always. Kids hang up
their backpacks on a hook at school or stuff them into their
locker. They can't bring their backpack with in their physical
education class or art class, and they just won't bring their
backpack to school assembly or as part of a fire drill, for example.

Kids will leave class to go to the bathroom, to the school
counselor or to the main office ~ or any number of reasons ~ all
without their backpack and this may provide a false sense of

#3: Anticipation is everything.
Bulletproof shields constructed of high-performance polyethylene
fibers or other thermoplastic material can give you a layer of
protection against bullets. Certainly they're defensible, but you
can't wear armour everywhere or remember to bring your shield
every time.

Below are some examples of defensible positions to cover the
vital organs.
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Watch the ABC news video above for the demonstration of bulletproof
backpacks by Kern County law enforcement. It may surprise you!

#5: Inserts may provide a false sense of security.
Fear can be a healthy and effective strategy. When kids feel they
are safe with a backpack insert, they may actually place
themselves at a greater risk. They may feel overly safe or brave
and take unnecessary risks.

The thing is that bulletproof backpack inserts work!
Even though these bulletproof inserts and shields aren't infallible,
are effective.

Bulletproof backpacks and inserts to consider include:

  • PopShield is a personal bulletproof shield that easily deploys
    in less than one second. The bulletproof shield is compact,
    lightweight and easy to carry. Its purpose is to protect you,
    your family or friends in case gunfire erupts nearby. The
    shield is NIJ-IIIA compliant, which means that it provides
    protection from low velocit is portable for your home, office,
    car or on the go. It's on the more expensive side, because it
    has features enabling you to quickly deploy in an active
    shooter scenario. It fits easily inside your car to help you
    resist rounds from 9mm, 357 mag, and 44 mag weapons.
    This bulletproof plate is lightweight and offers  three times
    more coverage than average body armor.

  • The SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack, pictured at the top of
    the page, and right, has a removable bulletproof ballistic
    shield. Watch the bulletproof backpack video to see that this
    system works. It has a perfect 5-star rating from satisfied
    customers. It's also available as an insert by TuffyPacks,
    pictured right, to fit just about any backpack. This backpack
    plate fits 95% of backpacks on the market.
Bulletproof backpack insert
bulletproof backpacks and inserts ~ are they worth the hype?
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Bulletproof backpack with
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Bulletproof backpack with
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