inflatable solar air lantern

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Solar Air Lantern
Amazing Solar Air lantern folds flat, recharges too!
Solar air lantenn is collapsible
Solar air lantenn is very compact
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What is a Solar Air Lantern?
It's emergency lighting that doesn't need batteries or fuel; and
there's no need to plug it for power. It needs only the sun! A
solar air lantern is:
  • Solar powered and maintenance free;
  • Inflatable and packable;
  • Rechargeable while collapsed or expanded; and
  • Waterproof and sturdy (once inflated its shock resistant).

Luci Solar Air Lantern is better than a candle for emergency
lighting. This cool new survival gadget not only lasts longer than
a candle, and brighter than a candle, but it's also much safer
than a candle. Just lay the Solar Air Lantern in the sun to charge
it, then inflate and enjoy hours of bright and ambient light.

Luci inflatable Solar Air Lantern.
The Luci Original Light by MPOWERD, is fully waterproof and
shatterproof, with a built-in rechargeable battery, the Luci lights
hold a charge for up to 12 hours and stay bright all night. While
there are other solar lanterns on the market, this one comes from
a trusted source with 4.5 star reviews from hundreds of satisfied

You get 15 square feet of overall lighting with 6-12 hours of light
and 8 hours charge time. Plus, you'll be able to retain 50% of her
charge for 2 years if inactive!

Why do prepper's need a Luci Solar Air Lantern?
Perfect for everyday indoor use to outdoor entertaining and
recreation, roadside assistance and power outages, Luci is ready
for anything – anytime, anywhere, any weather. A solar Air
Lantern by Luci is more convenient and sustainable than flash
lights, and safer and brighter than candles and kerosene
lanterns. No wires. No fires. They are inexpensive too.

You'll want several Luci solar lanterns because they are so
  • Use your solar air lantern for a night light. (It's great for
    college dorm rooms).
  • Read by this powerful light, too. (It has an on/off button.)
  • Bring your solar air lantern camping. (Hang it outside the
    tent to light your way around the campsite or use it to keep
    the bears away by night.)
  • Stash a solar air lantern in your car. (You'll feel safer having
    a way to light the way to get that flat tire fixed.)
  • Get extra solar air lanterns for your boat (it floats).
  • Have extras for your R.V. or bugout location, too.
  • Tuck a solar air lantern into your bugout bag.
  • Party with your solar air lantern in the backyard. (They're
    pretty enough for a wedding.)

Be ready for the next power outage with the solar air lantern or
just bring it along camping.

How to Use Luci Solar Air Lantern
Here are the directions according to the manufacturer:

  • Step 1: Charge Luci in direct sunlight or incandescent light.
    With the solar panel up, let Luci soak in the light. Luci fully
    charges in 8 hours of direct sunlight.

  • Step 2: Inflate Luci by opening the valve and pinching the
    bottom while pulling up; then bite on the valve and
    simultaneously blow into the valve until fully inflated; close
    the valve and push it down.

  • Step 3: Light up Luci by pressing the on/off button – once
    for bright lighting, twice for super bright and three times for
    emergency flashing. Press a fourth time to shut her off.

  • Step 4: Deflate Luci by opening the valve and pinching the
    bottom while pushing down. It's that easy.

With three convenient settings, including a high-visibility
emergency flasher, you'll never be lone again in the night. Take
Luci to a dinner party, backyard soirée, pool party, romantic
evening or any off grid location. Whether it's for travel, disaster
relief or anything in between, Luci always shines bright.

Happy endings...
The happy little solar light, Luci, just got happier! It's now
available in purple.

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Solar Air Lantern
Luci Solar Air Lantern, inflatable, lightweight, easy to use

Bug out with the inflatable solar air lantern for preppers!
Meet Luci. She's a solar air lantern. Luci wants to snuggle up in
your bugout bag, and tuck into your car to provide you with
ambient light whenever and where ever you need her. She loves
camping, too. Never worry about lighting again with the Luci
Solar Air Lantern.
Popular in solar survival gear, you'll love it!

Amazing Solar Air Lantern Folds Flat
Solar air lanterns are attracting attention of campers and
preppers because they are compact and efficient sources of light.

What is a solar air lantern? It's emergency lighting that doesn't
need batteries or fuel; and there's no need to plug it for power.
It needs only the sun!
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