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Storey's Country Wisdom Guides
32-page guides on homesteading and country wisdom

Get the homesteading and prepping information you need.
Storey's Country Wisdom pamphlets are condensed 32-page
information guides packed with practical, hands-on instructions
designed to help preppers and homesteaders to master dozens
of country living skills quickly and easily. From traditional skills
to the newest techniques, Storey's Bulletins provide a
foundation of earth-friendly information for the way preppers
and homesteaders want to live today.

Popular Storey Country Wisdom Guides
Here's just a sample of the guides you'll find.

#1: Grow the Best Asparagus.
Asparagus can take 2 to 3 years to truly get started in your
garden. Get the help you need to
Grow the Best Asparagus from
author Michael Higgins. Learn what asparagus likes best,
making a permanent asparagus bed, insects and diseases,
harvesting and what if the bed is not producing well. If you
love  asparagus, you'll love this guide.

#2: Building Chicken Coops.
There are twelve basic tips for a successful coop design and
Gail Damerow shares them all in
Building chicken Coops. The
smartly crafted guide will help you plan for easy access of your
chicken coop, as well as to provide adequate ventilation and
temperature control for your chicken coop. It guides you to
chose the right flooring and how to put down proper bedding,
picking a siting a feeder and water source. Installing roosts?
Yes, that's covered! You'll have all the expertise for setting up
the best nest and nest boxes, too, but the guide doesn't stop
there. You'll learn about raising chickens free on the range,
fencing, offering access to a yard and much more. It's another
well-informed author sharing the best secrets in typical fashion
of the Storey Country Wisdom bulletins.

#3: Building and Using Cold Frames
This succinct guide helps you select a site, lay the foundationo
and get the materials and preparation to build a window and
assemble a cold frame! Imaginen getting greens into Winter
and through the seasons. This guide has it all ~ using the cold
frame, hotbeds, heat from decomposiiton, electricity, soil,
summer uses and future plans. Chris Siegchrist gives every
detail you need in an informative, yet short read. The author
promises you can have crisp baby lettuce, crunch radishes and
even tomatoes to grace your Thanksgiving table.

#4: Build a Smokehouse.
Learn the many methods of curing and smoking such as dry
curing or brine curing, and know the parts you need to build a
smokehouse. If you want to
Build a Smokehouse or smoker, this
is the guide for you with four project ideas:
  1. The hot smoke pit
  2. The barrel smoker
  3. the box smker
  4. Concrete block smokehouse with a concrete floor

#5: Build your own underground root cellar.
Build your own underground root cellar! Phyllis Hobson discloses
the tools, materials, location, storage requirements and more
for building the cellar and adapting it to your needs so you can
get the most from your root cellar. Root cellar maintainence is
also a point of discussion on this tidy little guide that gives you
the know you need to get it done.

#6: Grow the best blueberries.
Authors Vladimir G. Shutak and Robert E. Gough share with you
tips on where you can grow blueberries, how to provide a good
soil environment, caring for your blueberries and more. Pruning,
propagation and protection from birds ~ it's all here in this
concise and inexpensive guide.
Grow the best blueberries is just
32-pages, but it's packed with information if you want your
homestead filled with producing blueberry bushes.

#7: Making cheese, butter and yogurt
Making Cheese, Butter and Yogurt by Ricki Carroll and Phyllis
Hobson, shares deliicious recipes for Queso Blanco, Fromage
Blanc, Whole milk Ricotta, and Feta cheeses as well as
traditional cheddar, gouda, monterey jack, as well as 30-minute
mozzarella. You will also get the basics you need to make sour
cream, butter and yogurt from the ingredients and equipment to
the basic techniques for making and also for cleaning and caring
for your equipment.

#8: Starting seeds indoors.
This concise and informative guide by Ann Reilly gives you
valuable information before you germinate, while you germinate
and after the germination process. Why grow plants from seed?
Discover all the benefits of
Starting Seeds Indoors.

More great Storey Country Wisdom guides
With so many titles, you're bound to find an interest:

Happy endings...
Get the specific help you need with Storey Country Wisdom
Bulletins. There are three more Storey Guides you may like:

  • Survival Wisdom & Know How: This is a survival guide, jam-
    packed with details of outdoor life and adventure, from
    orienteering to campfire cooking to ice climbing and
    beyond. Culled from dozens of respected books from
    Stackpole, the industry's leader in outdoor adventure, this
    massive collection of wilderness know-how leaves
    absolutely nothing to chance when it comes to surviving
    and thriving in the wilderness, and appreciating every
    minute of it. Topics include: building an outdoor shelter,
    tracking animals, winter camping, and much more.

  • Garden Wisdom & Know-How: This hefty but practical guide
    to planting and maintaining a garden, indoors or out. The
    chapters are organized by topic—garden techniques and
    tricks, the flower garden, the edible garden, container
    gardening, garden design and landscaping, attracting
    wildlife and more. Discover tips for maintaining a garden
    year-round; harvesting herbs; designing by bloom season;
    turning garden refuse into garden rewards; building
    teepees, trellises, and other plant supports; and much

  • Country Wisdom & Know How: This weighty volume
    contains just about everything you need to know to live off
    the land. It's the new homesteader's dream offering the
    most complete volume on every aspect of country and self-
    sustained living-from home and garden to barn and
    beyond. Compiled from the information in Storey
    Publishing's landmark series of "Country Wisdom Bulletins,"
    this comprehensive collection offers step-by-step
    instructions. It gives you everything you need to know
    about sustainability, self-sufficiency, homesteading, and

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