Preventing Chikungunya

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How to deal with the Aedes Mosquito borne disease

How to Survive Chikungunya...
Chikungunya sounds like a delicious Cajun meal, but it's a nasty
virus that comes from the pesky Aedes Mosquito and it's making
its way North. What makes this a game changer in the world of
pandemics is that this particular Aedes mosquito could travel to
colder climates.  There is no vaccine to prevent or medicine to
treat chikungunya virus infection.

The media is all the buzz because this mosquito is on the move
to inflict misery in cooler climates all around the world, including
North America. This disease brings on the hurt with fever, chills,
headache, aching joints and leaves its victims in shambles. In
fact, the tribal name of the disease "Chikungunya" comes from
East African roots and it means "to become contorted."

At best, Chikungunya will give you two weeks of sickness with
problems lingering for years afterwards, or you could die.

The virus has mutated and now replicate quickly, but what's far
worse, is that the mosquito which carries Chikungunya, also now
carries with it other disease possibilities, such as
Hemorrhagic Fever, Yellow Fever, and  Zika Virus.

The Aedes Mosquito-borne can't be stopped, but it's up to you to
help mitigate the problem of mosquitoes for everyone in your
vicinity by reducing places around your home where mosquitoes
may thrive, and by protecting yourself properly in wearing
protective clothing and repellents.

How to Prevent Chikungunya
Preventing Chikungunya is easier than you may think:

  • Take some travelling precautions. If you're heading for a
    tropical vacation anytime soon, you'll need to be more
    vigilant in using repellents. Chikungunya is prevalent in the

  • Put on the lotion containing IR3535. The Centers For
    Disease Control (CDC) recommend the active ingredient
    IR3535 for protection from mosquitoes that may carry
    Chikungunya Virus. Coleman Insect repellent, pictured
    immediate left, has IR3535 for protection against the Aedes
    Mosquito that carries Chikungunya. It's deet free!

  • Cover up during the day! This Aedes Mosquito responsible
    for Chikungunya loves to bite during the day! Knowing that
    she takes a blood meal during the day, means you should
    take more preventive measures during the day to cover up
    and wear repellent. In other words, the mosquito net over
    your bed at night isn't going to cut it.

  • Control the population of mosquitoes around your home.
    For starters, take a stand against stagnant water. Getting rid
    of mosquitoes isn't going to be easy, but it is totally doable.

Since there is no vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat a
Chikungunya virus infection, it's up to you to take measures into
your own hands and use repellent, remove standing water, and  
keep window screens in good working order.

Pictured immedate right is Mosqui-Go, a Deet-free alternative to
repelling mosquitoes. The Mosqui-Go Leather bracelets are
designed to safe guard your body, reducing the chances of being
bitten by mosquitoes and therefore minimizing the risk of getting
any mosquito borne sickness such as Zika and Malaria. Each band
has been soaked in natural smelling oils such as Citronella,
Geranium, Lavender and Peppermint that are irritants to pest
hence keeping them away. The oils used are safe and Eco
friendly, the bands are adjustable, making it possible to be worn
by everyone in the family from pregnant women to infants,
however it is advised to attach bracelet in a location that kids
under (3) years would have difficulty removing or placing it in
their mouth such as clothing, carseat, crib etc. A 'Mosqui-Go Band
a Day Helps to Keep the Mosquitoes and Viruses Away' be sure to
wear one during all indoor and outdoor activities.

Happy endings...
The good and happy news is that Chikungunya is less fatal than
Dengue Hemorraghic fever, and that preventing Chikungunya is
easier than you may think. Also there are less than 1,000 cases
reported annually.

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