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Articles for preppers
Below you'll find articles on food storage, survival gear, basic
survival skills and preparedness from the happiest preppers on
the planet. We want to help you get prepared for whatever comes
your way. Stock your
prepper's pantry, know the survival tools and
resources and know when to bug-out or bug-in. Survive with us!

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change to an Amazon gift card through Coinstar with no fees, so
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Know the 37 Foods to hoard.
What are the best foods to stockpile for emergencies? The
answer is within your reach. It's the food your family eats today
that has a long shelf life. Buy shelf-stable foods and rotate them
so that you always have food in the pantry. Get started today.
Take our
popular list of the 37 foods to hoard to the grocery store
to ensure your family's survival.

Get wise on the 37 Non-Food items to stockpile.
Wondering what supplies to stockpile for teotwawki—the end of
the world as we know it? If you read our guide on the 37 foods to
hoard, then you'll want to know the critical supplies to hoard that
are not food.

Take a peek at our
guide of 37 things to stockpile that aren't
food. You'll be happy that you planned ahead by stocking these
prepping supplies for survival and comfort. Read this important
list and head to the store now, before disaster strikes.

Collect pennies and invest in copper: here's why...
Penny for your thoughts on copper? You may be thinking that
buying up lots of copper is impractical when you could be
stockpiling silver or gold—but copper inventory levels are
dwindling and as a result, copper is becoming more valuable.
Save your pennies and
Give copper some serious thought!
Spend an afternoon saving the right pennies and taking the rest
to the
coinstar machine.

Ten Totally Free Survival Apps!
There are survival apps in your cellphone waiting to be unleashed.
One of many ways your cellphone can help you survive is a
survival app. The downside of any survival app is that they're
electronic. These apps will help you get through a crisis as long
as the battery life of your Kindle Fire. Sometimes the best things
in life are free. Add to your list the
best free survival apps.

Pretty Little Prepper Lies.
Lies: preppers tell them. It's human nature. It's instinctual.
People, preppers or not, tell lies for many reasons. They tell lies
to keep a secret, to hide something, to avoid hurting someone's
feelings, to fit in, to brag, to sound important or to appear more
knowledgeable. The list of lies is endless. Whether lies are
secretive, boastful, or come from the misinformed, preppers need
to be aware of the lies about survival, and to take a measure of
caution before accepting and acting on survival ideas. Prepping is
a seductive proposition.  Suddenly everyone's an expert. Discover
pretty little prepper lies, so you don't fall victim to bad advice.

Survive an Economic collapse.
Are you preparing for a stock market collapse? Are you taking
precautions to insulate yourself from an economic depression?
Have you made a list of things to stockpile? Do you have precious
metal assets you can liquidate to get you through hard times?
An economic collapse is imminent—whether it happens in 2021 or
2025. Long overdue, the day will come when an economic collapse
us upon our society. Everyone will be scrambling when the day
hits. When that day comes, the time to prepare is gone. Get
started in the right direction.
Survive an economic collapse.

Lessons from The Great Depression.
How did people survive the financial apocalypse when the stock
marked took a dive in 1929 and economic hardships ensued for
ten years. The Great Depression caused an economic collapse,
but the good news is that most people didn't starve. Certainly
there were times when people went hungry, but it was not for a
lack of food available. The people who survived the Great
Depression have lessons to share. We gathered the best of the
lessons of the Great Depression.

50 Survival Tools you Forgot to Buy.
Do you have all the survival gear you need? Purchase prepping
and survival gear as though they are the last items you'll ever
own. If you've been prepping for a while you may think you've
thought of everything.
Read 50 survival tools you forgot to buy
and you'll soon find some very useful survival items.

Top Ranking prepper sites.
With hundreds of really good prepping Web sites, it's hard to
know which are the ones to spend your time. It used to be that
you could rank a top prepping Web site with Google Pagerank, but
they've decided to hide their ranking data from the public. As
preppers, we grow as a community by sharing our expertise and
ideas, which is why we assembled this list of more than one
top ranking prepper Web sites in the United States. A
few Web sites from Canada are on here because they have gained
interest from American preppers.

Prepper's pantry.
Food is essential if not crucial to your overall survival plan. Take
time to learn how to stock the prepper's pantry so you and your
family will have the best protein, vitamins and sustaining
nutrition to get you through a man-made or natural disaster.
Learn how to start a
three-week Prepper's Pantry for emergencies
and more including.

Ten habits of happy preppers.
Seven habits of highly effective preppers? Surely this has the
makings of a proper
prepper's book. If Steven Covey were a
prepper, he might eventually write such a book, but until then we
have 10 habits to share, not just seven. This article is  about the
ten habits of happy preppers...

Prepping Secrets about Silver.
Silver is hiding in your loose change! Many people know that 1964
is the magic number for silver half dollars —anything 1964 or
older is 90% silver. But in that magic year when the government
eliminated the silver content of dimes and quarters, the Kennedy
half dollar composition still had some silver! It went from 90%
silver to 40% silver between 1965 to 1970. Many people today
don't know this  and many other
big secrets about silver.

How to keep Cool without Electricity.
Stay cool during a power outage. Plan ahead, before disaster
strikes, particularly if you live in extremely arid or humid
conditions―Florida and Arizona come to mind. A hurricane could
leave the power out for days, and a blackout would be
devastating for Arizona much of the year. Here are ten ways to
stay cool in your home without electricity.

When the power goes out be ready with emergency heat.
Power outages happen. Stay warm without electricity, even if you
don't have a wood stove or a fireplace with these emergency heat
sources. When electricity goes out, these alternative power
sources will give you the heat you need. Emergency heaters no
electricity required! Learn the
best emergency heat sources (no
electricity required)...

Ten things to know about Bleach...
Preppers are fascinated by bleach, but there are 10 things to
know about bleach before you buy too much.. Knowledge, as they
say, weighs nothing so let us impart the most important things to
know about bleach before you buy too much. The bottomline is
don't store so much bleach, prepper, and here's why...

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50 survival tools you forgot to buy
37 foods to hoard before crisis - food supplies for emergencies
How to keep cool without electricity
Things preppers should stockpile that are not food
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Copper is the overlooked prep
Prepping Secrets about Silver
Lessons from the great depression
The best survival apps are free!
Pretty Little Prepper lies
How to survive an economic depression
10 things to know about bleach before you buy too much
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How to stock the prepper's pantry
Ten habits of happy preppers
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