how to organize a prepper garage

Prepper's Garage
How to organize your storage space

How preppers pack the garage: very carefully!
Before you spend too much time organizing the garage for prepping, know that in a
crisis, the government or looters will head to your garage first as it is a logical place
to hold your emergency assets.

Knowing this in advance will help you organize your supplies. How so? Well, a
strategy can be to have everything handy for bugging out so that you get to your
goods before the government or looters get to it! Another option is that it can be a
decoy for your real preps, which should be scattered throughout your home.

Your strategy can be a little of both! In case of an economic impact to society, you
have time. The Great Depression lasted ten years! Likely, under the scenario of an
economic impact, your wares will be safe in the garage. Even so, you should heed a
secret cache and look into diversion safes.

Here are some hints about how to organize your storage space prepper style:

#1: Have a garage sale to get rid of the clutter.
When you clear the garage, get things into three p

#2: Start by building yourself adequate shelving.
Eventually every prepper who has a garage needs a storage rack. The overhead
ceiling rack pictured at the bottom of the page has a customizable ceiling drop-
length and holds as much as 600 pounds! Makes your garage neat and tidy. Below
is a video

#3: Surewater 260 Gallon Water Storage Tank.
A garage is an ideal space to store your water in a Surewater Storage system.
Water may be the most important prepper essential in your garage, and plastic
water bottles directly on the cement is unhealthy* and impractical; while the
SureWater 260 Gallon Water Storage Tank, pictured immediate right, stores enough
for a family of four to last three months in a small amount of space.

    * NOTE about storing water in your garage: Never place plastic water bottles
    directly on the cement. On hot days, the cement toxins will leach into the

#4: Organize in Gladiator small item bins.
Get a six-pack of Gladiator small item bins 4.5-by-4-by-7-inch deep plastic bin holds
small items and has a weight capacity rating of 5-pounds. Pictured above in gray,
the Gladiator small item bins will help preppers organize food storage in the kitchen
(sweetener packets, teas,  instant coffee packets, drink mixes, gravy mixes, granola
and protein bars, fruit snacks, and instant oatmeal packets, and more); or store
components for off-grid building projects (nails, nuts, bolts, screws) in the garage.

  • Stay high and dry: Every home is in a flood zone, so you'll want to pack your
    prepper wares on shelves as high as possible from potential flood waters.
    Remember, that flood waters carrry with them oils and sewage from down
    stream, which will contaminate all your food and water containers.

  • Go incognito! Pack canned goods in cardboard boxes and mark them
    "Grandmas China" or "books to donate" to disguise food in plain sight.

  • Space saver storage bags. Triple your storage space with Space Saver bags,
    pictured at the bottom of the page. The best part is that the gear inside will
    stay warm and dry mitigating flood damage. They are airtight, waterproof,
    and reusable! They also protects against bugs, moths, dirt, mildew and odors.
    Ideal for your garage storage needs.

Happy endings...
How do preppers pack the garage? The answer is very carefully indeed! Preppers
pack in the garage, in the pantry, under the bed, in the attic, under the basement,
between walls, inside doors. . . The list is endless!

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