beermaking is a skill for preppers

Beermaking is a skill for preppers
Learn how to brew beer in the name of survival!

"Work is work. Play is play. Beer is beer. Homebrew is the best." - Charlie Papazian
(Best selling author of the New Complete Joy of Home Brewing and The Home Brewer's
Companion The Essential Handbook.

Beer makes you "hoppy"-- so learn how to make beer! Indeed beermaking is a
prepper skill and an enjoyable pastime! Not only will brewing your own beer save
you money in the long run, but also it could prove useful in bartering. Before you
get started, be sure to check local laws. While brew making for personal use is legal
in many states, it may not be legal in your area.  Get started brewing beer...

Getting Started Beer Making:

Learn the art of brew making with this simple video from James Reed.  The lesson is
free and takes about a half an hour. There are even quizzes! Enroll for free using
your Facebook ID, then enjoy the lesson:
  1. Introduction
  2. Water
  3. Sanitize
  4. Preparing grains
  5. Pitching grains
  6. Pitching malt
  7. Pitching hops
  8. Cooling Wort
  9. Fermentation
  10. Airlock

Take note and then bookmark this page to order what you need, including:

#1: Propane cooker.

    Bayou Classic SP10 High-Pressure Propane Cooker: The Bayou Classic
    SP10 High Pressure Outdoor Propane Cooker is reliable, easy-to-use and
    portable for your home brew. Use it also for the chili cook-off! The cooker
    features a solid, one-piece welded steel frame with three widespread legs, a
    broad 14-inch diameter cooking surface, and full windscreen protection for
    cooking on windy days. It also features a 48-inch stainless braided hose, a
    10-psi regulator for high BTU output, and a brass valve for complete control
    of flame intensity.

#2: Stock Pot.  
An eight gallon stock pot is best for brewing about five gallons of beer or wine so
you don't have boil over. While an eight-gallon stockpot is ideal to get your beer
making supplies going, you can easily get by using a five gallon stockpot. Normally
you start by boiling three gallons of wort. (Wort is what you boil, which includes the
malt extract, grain and hops. After you add your ingredients and boil, you'll transfer
this wort into a fermenter. You may have two or three gallons of wort, and you add
water to make it five gallons.

    Eight-gallon beer brewing kettle stock pot with valve & thermometer. If
    you're serious about brew making, then you'll need to invest in a heavy-duty
    stainless steel kettle. The eight-gallon beer brewing kettle with valve and
    thermometer, pictured left, is thick, hearty, and ready to stand up to years of
    abuse. Kettle has two handles, a lid, and a re-enforced triple layer bottom. A
    5mm aluminum plate between two 1.2mm stainless ones, provides for even
    heat distribution which can reduce the amount of scorching you may
    encounter, food-grade stainless steel is the only metal in contact with your

#3: Ingredients.

Gather ingredients:
    5-10-lbs. crushed malted barley
    1-5-ounces of hops
    Package of yeast, and
    priming corn sugar

#4: Fermenter (primary fermentation).
Fermenter, which is an air tight, food-grade bucket with lid where your beer will
begin the fermentation process. Right is a 6.5 gallon fermenter from Midwest
supplies. Beer stays in the bucket for about a week and half (depending on the
type of beer and the temperature). Beer ferments higher if you live in a higher

#5: Six gallon Glass Carboy (secondary fermentation).
This big glass bottle helps you reduce the amount of sediment during the transfer
from the primary fermentation. The reason for the six gallon glass carboy is to get
clearer beer (better tasting) after you do your primary fermentation.

  • Bottles: Amber bottles are best for long term storage.

Beer Making kits
Before crafting beer from scratch, see first if you like this prepper skill and hobby.
The best way to get started is to get a kit. Below are some good ones.

  • Mr. Beer (Home Craft Beer Kit): Sometimes you need a little help getting
    started in brew making. Let Mr. Beer show you how! With help from Mr. Beer
    Premium Brew Making Kit, at the top left of the page, you won't miss buying
    beer at the store! Your beer will be better and cheaper than the store
    bought kind. Also from Mr. Beer is starter kit, right includes a brewer's guide
    and instruction sheet supply and easy tutorials. This beer-making kit offers a
    fun way to brew 4 gallons of all-malt beer at home. Includes a 2-gallon
    fermenter, 2 all-malt refills, and 8 reusable 1-liter bottles with labels and
    caps, 1 sugar measure, and 1 thermometer. For added fun, it also includes a
    Mr. Beer T-shirt, 2 pint glasses and a baseball cap.

  • Brooklyn BrewShop Kit. With the Brooklyn Brew shop beermaking kit,
    pictured at the top of the page, you can enjoy beer making in six easy steps:
    1. the mash (crush malted barley and soak in hot water for an hour)
    2. the sparge (drain liquid from the malt, add more hot water to extract
    fermentable sugars)
    3. the boil (boil wort for one or two hours, add hops throughout the boil)
    4. ferment ( cool wort and move into a primary fermenter, move wort to
    secondary fermenter for around two weeks)
    5. Bottle (transfer contents into bottles and allow beer to condition)
    6. Drink and share (if you're the sharing type)!

Resources for Beer making

  • The Home Brewer's Companion (the Essential Handbook), pictured
    immediate right, covers all the essentials of beer making and much more.
    Includes choosing and using ingredients (malt, fermentable adjuncts, hops,
    water and yeast); explains beer making process (boiling the wort, trub and
    hop removal, transferring extract and wort, cooling wort, fermentation, and
    carbonation); and covers beer making equipment (aerators, fermenters,
    bottling equipment, kegging and draft equipment, filtration and measuring
    devices). Includes beer recipes, plus evaluation and even cooking with beer!
    This book is the Happy Preppers favorite

  • Beer making recipes:

  • Make your own Beer bottle labels: Now that you're a master home brewer,
    why not orint a design of your own with beer label designs you customize?
    Find free beer collar labels and more at

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