zeer pot refrigeration

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Above, the Sundanzer Solar-Powered Refrigerator, which costs around
$1,000, is designed for off-grid solar applications where grid power is not
readily available or unreliable.

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zeer pot refrigeration, evaporative cooler, non-electrical
refrigerator is an inexpensive option to a solar refrigerator.
Modeled after the original French design, the butter crock is made
from durable glazed stoneware or dolomite clays. Available in a
wide array of colors, the crock can match existing dinnerware or
stand on its own to add a touch of color to the table. You'll find
the delicate flavor and freshness of butter will be protected with
the airtight seal of water at the base of the crock. It safely
keepsbutter fresh and spreadable without refrigeration, odors, or
spoilage. It also keeps butter at the perfect "spreading"
consistency by reflecting outside heat while insulating and
cooling the butter.

To use, firmly pack one stick of softened butter into the
bell-shaped lid, pour cold water into the base of the crock, and
place the lid upside down back into the base of the crock. Store
the crock away from heat or sunlight, and change the water in the
base every two to three days. Cleaning is easy since the crock is
dishwasher safe.

Meet the inventor of the zeer pot!
Nigerian teacher Mohammed Bah Abba
Zeer pot refrigeration
Methods of evaporative cooling and refrigeration

Zeer pot refrigerators.
You can cook in a clay pot or use it like a refrigerator! Zeer pot
refrigeration is a method of evaporative cooling, a non-electrical
refrigerator of sorts, recreated by a Nigerian teacher to help his
community preserve food in the harsh and arid conditions. Is a
Zeer Pot for sale? Yes, but in Africa. It's made by villagers. No
worries, you can make it yourself.

Zeer Pot Refrigeration
This lost technique of refrigeration, which was resurrected by
Nigerian teacher Mohammed Bah Abba for the betterment of
people in his community, is a method of evaporative cooling. The
zeer pot was reborn thanks to him.

There is power in the pot! The creator of the zeer pot noticed
that an ordinary clay pot could cool water for villagers and he
designed an evaporative cooling method that could keep food
cool in an off-grid world to help the farmers preserve their
produce at market, and then for the people to keep the produce
in their homes.

He created a method of cooling food with evaporation and
earthenware. Essentially you nestle two pots -- one smaller
inside the larger one with wet sand filled between and a cloth or
wet woven cover.

The results are incredible for produce when placed into a zeer pot:
  • Spinach picked in the morning, which could wilt by afternoon,
    could now last for several days
  • Tomatoes could now last 21 days in the Nigerian sun, when
    they would otherwise spoil in a few days.
  • Carrots could now last 20 days, instead of just 4 days.
  • Eggplant could now last 21 days, instead of just a couple of

Zeer pot refrigeration is a method of evaporative cooling that you
can create yourself!

Another option is a root cellar. Optimal root cellar conditions --
cool temperatures and high humidity. A root cellar is another way
to store produce, such as carrots, potatoes, apples and onions
store well in a root cellar. Airflow is essential as it will help fruits
and vegetables from molding and rotting.

Other uses for the Zeer pot:
  • Keeping medications cool (diabetics will want to take note)!

Zeer pot refrigeration is an evaporative cooler that provides
evaporative cooling effects. It's not a refrigerator! If you want an
off-grid refrigerator, look to solar. You wouldn't believe the
amazing things available in solar. There are many solar freezers
and refrigerators, and prices are coming down.

How to store butter without refrigeration.
The same concept of a zeer pot is used for a French method of
preserving butter without refrigeration.

A practical and beautiful solution for storing and serving butter,
the Butter Bell Crock keeps butter soft, delicious, and spreadable
for up to 30 days without refrigeration:
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