checklist of prepper tools

Prepper's Checklist of Tools
Survival depends on the tools in your possession

Survival tools for preparedness.
Build a kit of tools for your survival when the world goes dark and
you'll need to do everything by hand. Ultimately, your long term
survival depends on the tools in your possession ~ such as a
hatchet and hammer, shovel and hoe for around the homestead
or a pressure canner for the off-grid kitchen. For your bugout bag,
you'll need a whole other set of survival kit items.

The list below will get you thinking in the various categories.

Consider the tools you own in your disaster survival. Want to add
a new gadget to your preps? We've gathered a prepper's list of
tools to own.

Disaster Survival Checklist of Prepper
Tools to Own:

Prepper Tools To Own #1:  Bushcraft survival tools.

Axes: Before buying a survival axe, hatchet or tomahawk,
consider your needs:

  • Felling axe ~ extremely sharp for cutting down trees
  • Limbing axe ~ lightweight and shorter than a felling axe
  • Hunting axe ~ chop bone, and speed up game processing
  • Splitting axe ~ heavy hitters
  • Hatchet ~ typically have a hammer head, great for around
    the house, not the best for tree felling though conceivably
    you could
  • Tomahawks ~ for breaching operations, excavation, obstacle
    removal, extraction, and other utility applications.

The Cammenga Lensatic compass is the compass to own!
Eventually preppers want an alternate tool for navigation, and
that's when the U.S. made Cammenga tritium lensatic compass
comes into play. Built for U.S. fighting forces, the Cammenga is
the world's leading brand of military compass.

  • Bushcraft basic knife, such as the Condor Tool.

  • Folding /collapsable Saw.

  • Tomahawk. A tomahawk is a versatile tool used for
    breaching operations, excavation, obstacle removal,
    extraction, and other utility applications.

  • Machete or large cleaver.

  • Military style shovel or a Krovel.

Prepper Tools To Own #2: Defense and hunting tools.

Prepper Tools To Own #3: Homestead tools.

Prepper Tools to Own #4: Carpentry tools.
  • broad axe
  • drill, drill bits
  • fubar
  • hammer
  • hacksaw, saw, circular saw, and saw horses
  • mallet
  • post hole digger
  • Precision pick and screwdriver set: You'll find the precision
    pick and screwdriver toolset imminently useful for such
    things as removing rubber rings or removing pins on
    electrical connectors or clips.
  • wrenches

Prepper Tools to own #5: Car Essentials.
  • Tow strap
  • Jumper cables
  • Tire inflator

Prepper Tools to own #6. Welding tools.
  • welder
  • cutting torch
  • grinder
  • ledge
  • volt meter

Prepper Tools to own #7: Lock picking tools.

  • Prybar and lock picking kit (for urban bushcraft)! Lock
    picking is a prepper skill as well, so at minimum get yourself
    a precision pick and screwdriver set, pictured immediate right.

  • FUBAR Demolition Bar: Your preps might include a pry bar
    tool. The FUBAR demolition bar has a precision ground chisel
    and prying end for ripping cutting and prying. It also has a
    second nail puller to maximize leverage. This small pry bar
    tool for your bug-out bag, will help you open doors and
    windows as well as helping you gather firewood and serve as
    a weapon. You won't need a camp hatchet!

Prepper Tools to own #8. Kitchen tools.

Consider these must have manual kitchen tools, which are hand
powered and not electric:
manual kitchen tools for preppers.

Happy endings...
You're the sharpest tool in the shed just because you prep!

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