colloidal silver in the prepper's medicine cabinet

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Happy endings...
As people begin to awaken that pharmacies cause harm and that
natural products are better, you'll surely seem more use of
colloidal silver. Preppers are ahead of the curve, and that's why
we stock colloidal silver now, while it's still available.

Learn the art of prepping with colloidal silvers, but know that it
isn't a substance without some criticism or without a minor level
of concern. While it's your right to evaluate colloidal silver for
your prepper's stockpile and for your health, you should consult a
physician prior to use as it may interfere with some medicines.

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* These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For any health
or dietary matter, always consult your physician. This information is intended for your general
knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific
medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking medical advice when available. As a
reminder, these statements about extracts have not been evaluated by the United States Food
and Drug Administration.
That's the real lesson and a reminder about moderation! So
remember, easy does it when it comes to colloidal silver.

Other Warnings about colloidal silver
If you are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, notably the Statin
Liptor, then do not take Colloidal Silver supplements.  Avoid
also antibiotics clarithromycin and erythromycin, according to Dr.
Mercola's summary of findings reveals that
Colloidal Silver mixed
with certain antibiotics with statins can be devastating.

Now you are prepared to live happily ever after knowing a little
bit more about colloidal silver it's time to give it a try. Just don't
over do it!

What does the medical community have to say about
Colloidal Silver?
Taking colloidal silver is not without risks.  The U.S. Department
of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health
warns the risks: colloidal silver can cause irreversible side effects.
Read more about what the National Center for Complementary
and Integrative Health (NCCIH) says about colloidal silver in their
What the Science Says About the Safety and Side Effects
of Colloidal Silver.

Despite the warnings, there are many responsible and effective
ways to use colloidal silver. Here is an abstract on Colloidal Silver
and Ebola:

  • Advanced Cellular Silver (ACS), pictured right, is a unique
    dietary supplement. ACS provides fast, significant relief and
    immune support. Prescribed by doctors in over 15 countries.
    Garry Gordon, M.D. Prefers ACS because it is proven to be
    4,000 to 1,000,000 times more effective than competing
    silver brands in killing pathogens!

Is Colloidal Silver Safe?
Let's take a look at who supports colloidal silver and who doesn't
and whether or not there are any side effects...

An important footnote about colloidal silver...
It's true that in 1999 the Federal Drug Administration put a ban
on colloidal silver specifically as an over-the-counter drug;
however, not as a dietary supplement. This means that while the
products may not be sold to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any
disease, you are free to use colloidal silver and reap the potential
health benefits as a dietary supplement.

Colloidal Silver has approved topical uses:

  • Hospitals today use silver in topical creams to prevent
    infection, particularly in burn dressings and bandages.
    Certainly Colloidal silver has it's place in the treatment of
    burns, skin wounds, or skin infections!

  • Physicians also use Colloidal Silver in medicines to prevent
    conjunctivitis (an eye condition) in newborns.

Are there any side effects to using Colloidal Silver?
Let's lay out the facts because colloidal silver does have a side
effect called argyria, which causes a permanent condition where
skin turns a grayish-blue upon massive consumption of the
product. Argyria has occurred in people who took massive doses
of home made or commercial colloidal silver products. You see,
silver can build up in the body, particularly when people who use
colloidal silver spend too much time in the sun. While it's a rare
condition, it is important to note that it is a cosmetic problem
Colloidal Silver
Prepping with colloidal silver as a dietary supplement

Harness the power of colloidal silver!
Before antibiotics, there was silver! It wasn't until the
development of penicillin that favor began to turn against
colloidal silver, but now that antibiotics are losing effectiveness
it's once again time to turn to this ancient method of healing.

A powerful
antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-viral, colloidal silver
soothes a number of skin ailments, including soothing burns,
minimize scarring, relieving herpes sores, and medicating boils,
ringworm or warts.

Collidal silver has a place in the prepper's medicine cabinet
because of its many benefits...

Why you need some Colloidal Silver in the
Prepper's Medicine Cabinet...
Silver is an ancient remedy worthy of renewed consideration by
health professionals and preppers alike.

Colloidal silver has many properties of interest to preppers,
including its promising allure of effectiveness against illnesses
such as
Ebola or even the common flu -- and as a topical remedy
for burns, warts, and other skin ailments. Colloidal silver can also
be inhaled to ease bronchial passages!

How to Use Colloidal Silver
Colloidal silver was mainstream medicine in the late 1800s and
early 1900s, and was replaced by antibiotics, specifically in 1930s
with the introduction of Penicillin. Yet some preppers aren't
exactly sure how to use Colloidal Silver today. Consult the book,
Everything you Need to Know about Colloidal Silver,  on precisely
how to use Colloidal Silver and even make it!

In emergency preparedness, Colloidal Silver has multiple uses,

#1: Colliodal silver is an anti-bacterial (prevention
against bacteria)
Colloidal Silver has its place in the prepper's medicine cabinet for
topical use as an antibacterial. Many preppers think Colloidal
Silver is an antibiotic, but in reality it is an
antibacterial which
can help improve the effectiveness antibiotics.

What's the difference between an antibacterial and an
Antibacterials apply to the skin to prevent the growth and
reproduction of disease-causing microorganisms, for prevention.
Whereas an
antibiotic agent that kills or inhibits the growth of a
microorganism applied topically or orally to kill or inhibit the
growth of microorganisms that are already present.

#2: Colloidal Silver is an antifungal.
An antifungal is a fungicide that treats and prevents mycoses,
such as athlete's foot or ringworm, which reportedly Colloidal
Silver effectively treats.

  • Colloidal Silver kills ringworm /athletes feet. Colloidal
    Silver is a home remedy for ringworm (Tinea capitis), which is
    a contagious itching skin disease that shows up in the form
    of small circular patches. It's caused by fungi and affects
    scalp and feet, most notably in the form of athlete's foot.

#3: Colloidal silver is an anti-viral.
While not considered an antibiotic, Colloidal Silver certainly helps
fight infections and is an anti-viral. As a treatment effective
against viruses, Colloidal Silver may help treat a number of
ailments. (Antiviral drugs do not destroy their target pathogen;
instead they inhibit their development.)

  • Colloidal Silver destroys Candida. Applied topically, silver
    can help relieve a vaginal yeast infection or an oral thrush.

  • Ear infections. A few drops of colloidal silver can help clear
    and relieve ear infections.* (Incidentally, hydrogen peroxide
    will clear an ear of earwax.)

  • Clears bronchial passages. Diffused colloidal silver provides
    relief for bronchial passages.

  • Pandemic preparedness  (Ebola). Colloidal silver is
    effective in your arsenal of preparedness against pandemic.
    Specifically colloidal silver has a documented effectiveness in
    Ebola preparedness, as proven by Dr. Rima Laibow. Also
    swine flu.

#4: Colloidal silver promotes skin healing.
Colloidal silver also promotes healing of other skin ailments. It
has a marked effect to remove warts, which are non-cancerous
skin growths caused by a viral infection on the skin.In addition to
helping to heal ringworm, Colloidal Silver can get rid of warts!In a
spray bottle you can use Colloidal Silver to soothe a number of
skin ailments, including soothing burns, minimize scarring,
relieving herpes sores, and medicating boils.

#5: Colloidal silver helps heal tooth infections.
A lesser known use of colloidal silver is to help the healing
process of natural healing in your mouth. In crisis when you can't
reach a dentist, it's good to know your
prepper's medicine cabinet
has colloidal silver.

Read more about
how to cure a tooth infection naturally.

#6: Colloidal silver purifies water.
Ancient nobility used silver cups, bowl and utensils and rarely
suffered the same rate of infections as the masses. Speculation is
that it helped  purify their water. Author Matthew Stein, who
wrote, When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance and
Planetary Survival, discusses various ways of disinfecting your
water on his Web site. Here is his method on
Purifying Water
With Silver.

Questions about Colloidal Silver:

What is Colloidal Silver vs. NanoSilver?
Colloidal silver is simply, particles of silver suspended in liquid.
Many preppers feel colloidal silver is highly effective in killing
viruses and bacteria.  Both Colloidal Silver and NanoSilver are
derived from silver and yet they are distinctly different:

  • Colloidal Silver: Read the full article about Colloidal Silver
    and talk your physician as colloidal silver was largely
    discontinued by the medical practice in the mid 1940s in
    favor of mainstream antibiotics. Colloidal Silver bullet,
    pictured right, is free of toxic artificial additives. Silver is
    concentrated to 30 parts per million in a pure base of
    deionized water.

  • NanoSilver 10ppm: Nanosilver is not the same as Colloidal
    Silver. A study suggests that NanoSilver (very specifically 10
    parts per million) inactivates and neutralizes the Ebola Virus.
    Dr. Rima Laibow has been very vocal with regards to the
    benefits of NanoSilver 10ppm, and points to a study on this
    nutrient that neutralizes Ebola. The declassified research in
    2009 from the U.S. Department of Defense shows that
    Nanosilver 10ppm inactivates and neutralizes the Ebola virus.

Colloidal silver is a beneficial mineral for use in emergency
preparedness; however the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) does not find any substantial scientific evidence on the
effectiveness of colloidal silver. Read for yourself the ruling and
what the FDA has to say on the
effectiveness of colloidal silver
ingredients or silver salts.

So there you have it: colloidal silver is effective against serious
illnesses, from dealing with ordinary flu symptoms to more
serious pandemic preparedness.  Colloidal silver purifies water,
destroys Candida and helps fight too. Isn't it time you stocked up
on this important item in your
prepper's medicine cabinet?

What does "Colloidal" mean?
Colloidal is a chemical mixture in which one substance is evenly
dispersed throughout another. In a colloidal the particles are
suspended in the mixture and they are not dissolved. You see,
the particles in the "colloid" are small enough and evenly
dispersed and are homogenous in appearance, and yet they are
large enough so as not to dissolve. They are insoluable particles.

Who supports Colloidal silver?
Is Colloidal silver safe? What do the experts say? Many in the
medical community have made mention of colloidal silver in their
videos, Web sites or books, and many of them are preppers! Here
is a list of physicians and nurses who seemingly support the
benefits of Colloidal Silver:

  • Joseph Alton M.D. (a.k.a. Doctor Bones) mentions colloidal
    silver on pages 68-70 of The Survival Medicine Handbook, a
    guide for when help is not on the way; however, he carefully
    sidesteps his direct approval of the. He and his wife, Nurse
    Amy have yet to post an article or video on Colloidal Silver.
    The Survival Medicine Handbook, left is a handy resource for
    survival medicine.

  • Patriot Nurse (she has yet to post a video, but has been
    known to post links to the products, such as the Silver
    Mountain Colloidal Silver, pictured right).

  • Garry Gordon M.D. prefers only one kind of silver: ACS.
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