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Midland two way radio communications set

Happy Endings...
Want to HAM around? The BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Two Way
Radio, picture right is about $24.85! The transceiver is a micro-
miniature multiband FM transceiver with extensive receive
frequency coverage, providing local-area two-way amateur

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preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
  • Walkie Talkies (low frequency toys). Walkie Talkies keep a
    range of around  1000 feet, which isn't much. Technically a
    Walkie Talkie is a two way radio and they are very
    inexpensive. Kids will enjoy the Nerf Walkie Talkie pictured
    right, for under $15, and they could be useful in prepping,
    but the better way for preppers is to get a quality two way

  • Two-way Radios (higher frequency communications):

  • Motorola Two Way Radio

Communications #5: CB Radio (great for the car).
Anyone can own a CB Radio! That's a "10-4,good buddy!"
(obviously meaning: message received, affirmative, understood).
Nowadays you can enjoy your CB without restrictions. Having a
CB radio in the car is an invaluable tool for emergencies and for
keeping up on road conditions as it includes CB and weather
channels. The CB Radio, pictured immediate right, comes with
everything you need to get started in a hurry, including a battery
pack for times you want to run the unit on six AA batteries and a
cigarette lighter adapter for battery-free operation in your car.
This portable CB radio features 40 CB channels, 10 NOAA
channels, and 4 Watts of output power. Companion purchases
should include, Cobra adapter and antenna.

Communications #6: Ham Radio.
Why do I need a HAM radio license? A HAM radio requires
licensing through an exam to operate. It's legal to own and listen
to them, but it's illegal to talk and transmit on them without a
license. There are different classes of licenses and different
frequencies. When it comes to frequency, the higher the
frequency, the longer the distance of communications.

  • Get your Ham Radio License: Beyond operating wirelessly,
    today's ham radio operators can transmit data and pictures;
    use the Internet, laser, and microwave transmitters; and
    travel to places high and low to make contact.  Ham it up
    with a Ham Radio License! Some ham operators use their
    skills to provide communications during emergencies and
    disasters when all else fails. Others enjoy talking to people
    across the country and around the globe, participating in
    local contests and building experiments. One thing is for
    sure: operating with a Ham radio license is a worthwhile
    prepper skill.

  • Ham Radio License Manual with CD: The ARRL Ham Radio
    License Manual and CD, pictured above, guides your hobby
    as you select your equipment, setup your first station and
    make your first contact all in the interest of preparedness.
    Use this system to study for your first license exam. You’ll
    be on the air in no time. Every page presents information
    you will need to pass the exam and become an effective
    operator. A highly rated product, one Amazon customer
    wrote: "I studied out of this book and the General License
    Exam book for 4 weeks and passed both tests in the same
    testing section. ”

When to get a license

Do you need a license?

  • Family Radio Service (FRS) is a free service for short-range
    use by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - used
    properly, there's no license required. The two-way voice
    communications is small hand-held radio similar to a walkie-
    talkie. The FCC provides seven channels specifically for two-
    way radio users, but it's limited to a half a watt. Under even
    ideal conditions you can get a radius of six miles without a
    license. According to the FCC, FRS is licensed by rule, which
    means you don't need an individual license  to operate an
    FRS radio if you comply with FCC rules. You may operate an
    FRS radio regardless of your age, and for personal or for
    business use if you are not a representative of a foreign

  • GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) requires a five-year
    license to operate GMRS bands. In a situation where life is in
    danger, you are legally allowed to transmit on any frequency
    per the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to save a
    life when there are no other ways to communicate.  If you
    are thinking of using a two-way radio as an FRS two-way
    radio without the appropriate licenses under ordinary
    circumstances, the FCC will hunt you down and issue a large
    fine and or prison time. Get a license.  

  • Midland Base Camp. The Base Camp Radio from Midland,
    pictured immediate right, combines communication,
    emergency notification and information all in one package.
    Five separate call alerts identify incoming calls from your
    group, and it has an e-VOX function with three sensitivity
    levels with voice-activated, hands-free operation. This radio
    also features a channel scan, for locating active channels,
    along with a keypad lock so you don't accidentally change
    your settings.

Happy endings...
Keeping the lines of communication open is essential for survival.
Make sure at minimum you have a quality two-way radio:
Tools for Prepper Communications
Walkie Talkies, two way radios, CBs, Ham Radios and more

How to communicate when the world goes silent:
When the world goes silent, preppers will rely on walkie talkies,
two way radios, CBs, and Ham radios. In a time of crisis your cell
phone likely won't be working. Certainly they  stopped working
following the 9/11 disaster when cell phone communications
overloaded with data and few got information through to their
loved ones. What will you do to communicate with your family or
group during a grid down scenario?

Preppers know their life might someday depend on information
supplied by good communications: phones, cell phones,
emergency radios, walkie talkies, two way-radios, CB radios and
ham radios...

There's much to learn about communications and preparedness,
including frequencies, adapters, antennas and whether getting
your license is necessary. This article sums up the various
communications methods available for preppers. Here's what to
get before the world goes silent...

Communications Methods for Preppers:
Do you have asurvival communications plan? Here are some of
your options:

Communications #1: Cell phone (radio waves).
How will you power your cell phone when calamity strikes? It's
paramount that you have a way to recharge. Solar options are
available and even hand-crank methods!

Why carry a cellphone?

  • Texting features: On a cell phone you can text a message
    and your recipients will get the message at their convenience.

  • Stored telephone numbers. Cell phones stores your most
    important telephone numbers in case you haven't memorized
    the numbers or you get flustered because you're going
    through a crisis. However, given that your cell phone battery
    may die, you should always have a printed copy of all the

  • Soon cell phones will have global positioning to enable 911
    operators to find your exact location, but today the
    technology is not in place.

Communications #2: Corded phone that plugs into a
jack (landline)
For emergencies, every prepper should have a corded phone that
plugs into a jack (a landline). A Landline is a telephone
connection exchange through a cable, which may operate even
though the electricity is out. Note that a landline is different from
a LAN (Local Area Network), which connects different computers

Why keep your landline? Some families have opted to dump
their home telephone and landline, but they shouldn't. A
telephone with a landline is reliable:
  1. Works after power outages: Your landline is there for you
    long after your cell phone runs out of juice, and an ideal prep
    for ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes
    because it operates without help from the power company.
    The phone company supplies its own power and phone uses
    very little power.
  2. Best 911 help: Your landline connects directly to 911, which
    means the operator knows your location. This is not true of a
    cell phone!
  3. Data security: Telephone landline provides privacy not
    afforded by a cell phone. Cellphones are easier to tap!

Why toss your landline? You could save $300 or more a year by
cancelling your landline, then spend the savings on another
communication device or preps.

Communications #3: Emergency Survival Radios.
Among the most basic items to own if you live in an earthquake,
hurricane or tornado zone is an
emergency survival radio.

A one way radio to receive ambient Weather and alert systems, is
a necessary one-way communication for preppers to own.
According to FEMA,"Battery-powered radios with short antennas
generally would not be affected," by an ElectroMagnetic pulse;
however, preppers are leery about this and prefer to own a hand
crank emergency radio. A good one to own is the Ambient
Weather radio, pictured immediate right.

  • Ambient Weather Radio: With this Digital 7-Channel
    Weather Band radio, you'll have the confidence of knowing
    the severity of the weather conditions so you can keep your
    family safe.  Ideal as an everyday radio too, the ambient
    weather radio is as ready to provide vital information and as
    it is to provide illumination in any emergency. And it's a with
    smart phone charger! The self-charge mechanism converts
    over 70% of your kinetic energy into stored electricity. Best
    of all it has Mini, Micro and USB charging tips included
    (Apple™ owners can use the USB cable that came with your
    IPod, IPhone, or IPad). You can play this radio with sunlight
    or charge the Lithium Ion battery. You can play this radio
    with sunlight or charge the Lithium Ion battery or use the
    hand crank.

  • Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio. Pictured right in red is
    the Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio ~ a high quality
    digital tuner provides assured access to news, weather
    information and illumination whenever and wherever you
    need it. This dependable radio, with integrated LED
    flashlight, offers a choice of self-charge, solar and external
    recharge power options. What sets the emergency solar hand
    crank radio  apart from other crank chargers is that you can
    fully charge the WR-111B through the USB/AC/DC adaptor
    with no cranking!

Communications #4: Two Way Radios and Walkie
Whereas a Ham radio requires a license, a two-way radio does
not. It's the easiest prepper communication tool you can buy to
keep your family and your network connected should the
unexpected happen. Of course, your radios are only as effective
as you plan, so plan practicing and having them handy in several
locations. Did you know that a two-way radio comes in other
varieties? You can get three-way or four-way radios as well. That
makes it super easy to stay connected.

  • Midland Two-way Radios. Midland two-way radios have a
    range of up to 36 miles, and include privacy codes,
    direct/group calling, NOAA weather radio/alert/scan, silent
    operation, whisper function, SOS siren, and plenty more.
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