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Radiation Blast
Surviving a the blast wave of a nuclear attack

How to react and survive a nuclear blast.
Could you survive a radiation blast? If you survive a nuclear
attack on the outskirts of ground zero, is it really possible to
survive the fallout that follows the radiation blast? Well, if you've
survived the survive the flash, and blast, well then yes you can
survive! Depending on the distance, you can survive that iconic
mushroom cloud in your head if you're smart about it.

Learn how to increase your chances of survival. Prepare now to
survive a radiation blast.

This article explores the five principles of how to survive a
radiation blast:
  1. Keep your distance from the source of the radiation.
  2. Shield yourself from fallout materials.
  3. Decontaminate.
  4. Wait it out (with time the intensity will diminish).
  5. Detoxify ~ help your body recover from the fallout.

How to Survive a Radiation Blast
Could you survive a blast of radiation? If you are at ground zero,
then your chances are zero, hence the term "ground ZERO." The
thermal heat at ground zero is so intense that you would
incinerate instantly. On the outskirts; however, you can survive!

Your chances improve drastically with distance from the blast.
Certainly if you are on the fringe, then it is survivable, but it's not
going to be easy or pleasant, but take heart if you have shelter.
Since the government no longer maintains public fallout shelters,
you'll need to
make your home a fallout shelter.

To help distance yourself, it's important to understand the
devastation and to get some perspective. There are three parts to
a nuclear bomb's destruction:

  • Flash (thermal pulse) ~ The flash of ultra-violet light
    following impact is a thermal pulse, which may cause
    blindness. With the flash comes thermal heat and at the
    epicenter of vaporization.

  • Blast ~ The force of the blast is so powerful buildings will
    collapse.with a blast wave of destruction around you comes
    an ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP). It means your electronic
    equipment will be useless.

  • Fallout ~ The radioactive particles of alpha, beta and gamma
    (the most dangerous) radiation follow the flasth and blast.
    This dust ranges from looking like snowflakes or dust to
    being invisible. To detect the effects of fallout you may need
    help of a geiger counter.

Once you see a flash of light, then there are only a few courses of

When you see a thermal pulse, here's what to do:

#1: Distance.
Your chances improve drastically with distance from the blast
site; however while you may feel a flight or fight response, and
want to flee, your best bet might be to shelter in place and find
cover where you are and put a distance between you and the
blast with the materials around you.

  • Duck and cover. If you hear an alert then take it seriously
    and run for cover to a building. If you've survived the blast
    and anything that came hurling at 300-600 miles per hour
    from ground zero, then the next thing is to duck and cover ~
    and put some distance from you and the target of impact.
    You may have 10-20 minutes to get out of the mushroom
    cloud's expansive blast!

  • If you're driving. If you're in a car head away, but not
    upwind of ground zero. If the roads are open, head away, but
    not upwind or down wind of the ground zero. Also, get away
    from any potentially flammable materials. Create a distance
    between you and anything potentially explosive that could
    react from the thermal blast, such as gas stations. Your
    vehicle and others on the road could be such a potentially
    explosive device, but the more distance between you and the
    epicenter, the greater the chances for your survival. Eerratic
    drivers, accidents, and debris. You may find that you need to
    ditch the vehicle.

#2: Shield.
If you have advance notice of impending doom, there are a few
ways to shield yourself: the protective clothing you wear
(including a
gas mask) and your shelter.

  • Drop to the ground. Shield yourself as best you can at
    impact. If you are able, turn away from the direction of the
    radiation blast, drop to the ground and cover your eyes. Seek
    shelter as soon as feasible.

  • Seek shelter in brick or concrete. Shelter yourself from the
    impact with brick or concrete. Seeking shelter is the most
    critical thing you can do to help provide distance and a shield
    from the blast. The best place to survive is below the surface
    ~ in your basement, in your bunker, in your tornado shelter.
    Most importantly, stay behind a wall during the flash and put
    as much layers of protection from the blast as you can. If
    there is time get inside a bivvy. Mylar can provide a measure
    of radiation protection. If you have a bunker or stocked
    storm shelter, get inside and be prepared to stay there for 9-
    10 days.

  • Radiation detectors. Armed with radiological meters and
    dosimeters you can keep your radiation exposure as low as
    possible. Geiger counters, such as the RADEX Geiger
    Counter, right, detect radioactive emissions, such as beta
    particles and gamma rays. Having this valuable information
    will be helpful in determining whether it's safe to relocate or
    to source food and water.

  • Gas mask and protective clothing. Many preppers have gas
    masks, the only problem being that it is often too late to get
    the gear to put them on in time. Whatever clothing you are
    wearing will provide a layer between you and the radioactive
    fallout to come. Your clothing will be contaminated and you
    must dispose of it.

#3: Decontaminate.
The first thing to realize after a radiation emergency is that you
can't completely decontaminate your body when you have a
radiation exposure, but you can help your body heal through
detoxification. You must act swiftly regarding the internal
contamination, because the faster you act the less severe the
effects will be.

It's just not possible to instantly decontaminate yourself. The
goal is therefore to help your body remove the toxins over the
days, weeks, months and years following a cataclysmic event.
Think of the home remedy for radiation detoxification takes place
in stages:

    Step one: Brush off radioactive dust outside, then move to a
    staging area.

    Step two: Remove clothing carefully allowing little dust to
    waft through the air, but keep your dust mask, gloves and
    goggles on if applicable, or hold your breath so you don't
    inhale the particles. Put the clothing, hats and boots into a
    plastic bag.

    Step three: Take a shower (not a bath). You want the
    particles to wash away. If a shower is not possible, wash
    exposed body parts for example, hands, face and neck with
    soap and water. Clean under the nails and body creases.
    Don't use conditioner as it may cause the radiation to bind
    into your hair! Think plain soap and water.

    Step four: Cut long hair to minimize radioactive dust in the
    hair. Do NOT shave as the chafing may open wounds for

    Step five: Begin a detoxification regimen. Follow the home
    remedies for radiation exposure in this prepping guide will
    give you hope for survival. Keep the information in this
    article in your personal survival manual.

#4: Wait it out.
It may not be so very comforting to know, but with time the
intensity will diminish from a radioactive blast site. If you have
found a shelter, it could mean that you should stay inside that
shelter for 9 days.

With the element of time the danger will dissipate. Depending on
the exposure of radioactive fallout, the area will be unusable for
agriculture or residence for a lifetime. It's important to realize
also that just because there isn't any radioactive materials
spewing that it's safe to plant crops in the area or to have
livestock grazing. Time will help, but it likely won't be in your
lifetime. The land and sea surrounding Fukushima will be
uninhabitable as it is for Chernobyl some 31 years after the
accident. We stupid humans could destroy what could take a
billion years for nature to repair.

As you wait it out you'll need food and water:

#5: Detoxify.
Detoxification is the process of removing toxic substances from
the body and this applies to radiological toxins. Neutralizing the
ionizing radiation will help. A natural remedy for radiation is
activated charcoal.

You must
remedy the radiation:

  • IOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets. Stockpiling of potassium
    iodide (KI), aka Nuke Pills, is highly recommended by health
    officials worldwide to prevent thyroid cancer of those
    exposed to radioactive iodine following a nuclear reactor
    accident or detonation of a nuclear weapon.

  • Insoluable Prussian Blue: The United States government is
    stockpiling something called Prussian Blue / Radiogardase.
    Radiogardase (Prussian blue insoluable capsules) are the
    only medical countermeasure approved by the U.S. Food and
    Drug Administration to treat Cesium-137. It's not readily
    available in the open market and it's not clear how quickly
    the U.S. government could respond to a terrorist attack or
    accident. This medicine will remove certain radioactive
    materials from the body after a radiation exposure. It acts to
    speed the removeal fo cesium and thallium, but it does not
    prevent all problems. It's not something you can stockpile as
    a prepper. Physicians must order a prescription. This also
    causes a delay in getting the help you may need.

Know this: you can not neutralize radiation; however you can
shield yourself from radioactive materials to reduce intensity.
Also, you can move away from the nuclear material to reduce the
intensity of effects from fallout. In the process of
decontaminating yourself, you also can wait it out and detoxify,
provided you've not been exposed to gamma rays. With exposure
to gamma rays comes imminent death (around six to seven

It's oddly comforting to know that Russian has a defense
structure in place and training protocols with its citizens to
survive any nuclear contest. Why? Because they know that
surviving a radiation blast is possible! They have the nuclear
know how from experience. They've blasted themselves and
they've had a terrible nuclear accident (Chernobyl in 1989).

In short it is survivable, but radiation poisoning has many ill
effects including causing excruciating burns, unfathomable lung
injury, and cancer. Exposure to the ionizing radiation could also
increase reproductive problems. There would be a large occurrence
of children born with birth defects.

NBC Gas masks
NBC gas masks cover Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical
exposures. These are the top three threats that a soldier would
face, which is why military personnel has access to them in
targeted zones,

Reasons to own a gas mask, include:
  1. Nuclear: protection from particles of radioactive fallout from
    accident or attack.
  2. Biological: Anthrax (bacterial agent); Ebola, Avian flu and
    other pandemics; also volcanic ash.
  3. Chemical: mustard gas, sarin gas,  tear gas, blister gas,
    blood gas, choking gas (nerve agent), etc.

The list of countries who have ballastic missiles and warheads is
  1. China*
  2. France
  3. India
  4. Israel
  5. North Korea
  6. Pakistan
  7. Russia*
  8. United Kingdom
  9. United States*

* Countries that have weapons capable of reaching targets
anywhere in the world.

In short you can survive; however, people wounded from the
explosion likely would suffer burns, glass cuts and other fire-
realated injuries in addition to radiation.

Happy endings...
A happy ending is possible! You can survive a nuclear incident.
With North Korea taunting the United States with its nuclear
prowess, it's not a bad idea to stock up on anti-radiation pills and
to learn more about
what to do in a radiation emergency. Fear
mongering set aside, preppers always hope for the best, but we
prepare for the worst.

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