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Mace Pepper Spray
A prepper's guide to Mace and prepper Spray

Mace isn't something often talked about in prepper forums, as preppers prefer
firearms; however, Mace has a place in a prepper's security system!

Mace is the brand name of the most popular pepper spray gun on the market. Just
like the "Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle" that
Ralphie drooled over in "A Christmas Story," a Mace pepper spray gun will shoot
your eye out kid. Okay, it's not quite like a Red Ryder, but it does shoot some
powerful red stuff instead of a pellet, and your goal is to aim for the eyes!

Mace uses oleoresin capsicum (OC) an inflammatory agent that causes extreme
pain, and temporary blindness with the aim of incapacitating a person in a non-lethal
way. The OC in Mace, or another prepper spray will:
  • invoke an involuntary response to close eyes
  • cause facial burning and extreme pain
  • immobilize through temporary blindness; and
  • incapacitate breathing level

In short, Mace will put the hurt on an attacker to keep him or her occupied with pain
for a half an hour (or up to a couple of hours). That's enough time to get away, but
the pain doesn't happen right away. An assailant can continue to attack if he or she
is aggressive enough until the pain finally takes hold. Each cartridge is good for
shooting up to seven times.

A Mace Pepper Gun is one of the most accurate defense sprays available because it
lets you spray a constant stream, reaching up to 25 feet, from any angle (many
others, like Sabre have a distance limited to around 10 feet). What's more, the
trigger-activated LED light avaiable with the pink Mace, pictured top left, aims to
disorient attackers vision and helps to accurately aim in low-light situations. If pink
isn't your color, then no worries: it comes in black, too.

Best of all, the Mace gun has dropped in price to around $35 with free shipping.

Just how so you use Mace? Aim between the ears in a back and forth motion. Make
sure to account for wind direction, as you don't want Mace in your face!

Prepper's guide to Mace and pepper spray
If you're thinking of arming yourself with Mace, or another kind of pepper spray, then
read on! This article is all about Mace from a prepper's perspective...

Reasons preppers will want Mace:
Mace isn't for everybody, but there are many compelling reasons to make a small
investment in getting a Mace gun into your preps, and below are some top reasons
for you to get yourself pepper spray.

#1: You don't feel comfortable with firearms or other lethal weapon.
Preppers who don't feel comfortable in protecting themselves with a firearm (or
don't know how to use them), often turn to alternative means of self defense,
including use of Mace or other brands of pepper spray and
Tasers (stun guns). Even
a knife is a lethal weapon that you may not have confidence in using. If you're not
psychologically quipped to deal with a knife or pistol, then a Mace gun is for you.

You will have no problem inflicting pain on someone who would do the same to you,
and you don't have to pause and think about the ethical implications, because the
harm is only temporary.

#2: Shopping for MACE is easy.
Mace pepper spray is easy to buy and to use. Tasers / stun guns on the other hand,
may be subject to
stun gun laws and permit requirements. Interestingly, Taser sees
its product as part of a natural evolution of firearms.

#3: You live in an area with the strictest gun laws.
While Texans don't have much problem owning and carrying firearms, other regions
of the United States have limits on their Second Amendment Rights.

  • Chicago: If you live in Chicago, which may have the strictest gun laws in the
    United States, it's reason enough to own Mace for protection and peace of

  • Massachusetts.

#4: It's great of street fighting isn't your thing.
For those who aren't Krav Maga gurus, Mace provides a comfortable option in self
defense. You can use it to defend against multiple attackers from a distance, and it
doesn't require size or strength to ward them off. All you need is to push the trigger
and aim between the ears.

#5: It's easy to get Mace and to operate.
It's relatively easy to get Mace and it's legal to use it as of this writing with few
regulations. (Mace is legal in to ship in the 48 contiguous states). Conversely,
preppers must check with local ordinances as not every state allows use of stun

Preppers are a creative bunch and they may also turn to alternative defense
options, such as bear spray!

Ten things to know about MACE and pepper spray:

#1: Aim ear-to-ear, across the eyes.
When pulling the trigger of your Mace gun, the main objective is to aim ear-to-ear,
across the eyes.

#2: Mace has a place in your vehicle!
Many people keep Mace in their jacket pocket, purse, man bag, backpack or bugout
bag, but keeping it in the center console of your vehicle is a great way to give
yourself a non-lethal protection everyday! Think of this next time you accidentally
drive into an unknown, dangerous looking neighborhood.

#10: Mace has an expiration date. Cartridges are only guaranteed to provide the
debilitating blast for up to 4-5 years. Check the fine print on the cartridges and be
sure to get refills if your Mace gun has been in your purse, man bag, backpack or
bugout bag too long.

What's the difference between stun guns, Tasers, pepper spray and

The difference between a stun gun (Taser) and pepper spray (Mace) is that a stun
gun or Taser diffuses an attacker with a debilitating electrical charge; while Mace or
pepper spray is a defense mechanism that relies on a very painful blast of chemicals
(such as tear gas) to the eyes and nose of an attacker. The aerosolized irritants in
Mace or pepper spray temporarily blind and incapacitate.

  • Stun gun. Stun guns, also known as Tasers, immobilize an attacker by
    infliction of an electrical charge. The price range of stun guns vary, which has
    much to do with their effective amp range. Rest assured that your would-be
    attacker gets a debilitating amp of electricity and you won't feel anything. In
    case you're wondering, you won't get hurt by touching your attacker and you
    won't be electrocuted either by standing in water. Stun guns are made with
    low amps: you are not electrocuting him or her. A stun gun can help you in
    two ways:
  1. Direct contact defense: For a stun gun to be most effective, you'll need
    to touch your attacker with the stun gun prongs for as many seconds
    as you can muster. The longer you can manage to touch him or her, the
    more you will hurt your opponent. From a tactical perspective, you may
    store stun guns in a small place where you might hide as a defense
  2. Intimidation: You may not ever need to use your stun gun. If your aim
    is to intimidate, then choose a stun gun. You can bet that the crackling
    sound of the stun gun will keep most people at bay!

  • Taser: Aside from the fact that Taser is a brand name of stun guns there is an
    important tactical difference between a stun gun and a Taser, namely the
    effective range! That's an important distinction. Unlike stun guns, Tasers will
    provide you with a safe distance from your attacker: around 7-10 feet. In
    other words, you don't need to provide direct contact. Pictured front and
    center at the top of the page, The Taser C2 provides the same technology as
    law enforcement models and offers incredible take down power and
    unparalleled protection in the palm of your hand. The training manual includes
    complete instructions on activation, safety release, how and where to aim,
    and firing your ECD. Put the police-tested and trusted TASER technology in
    your hands with a Taser C2 if available in your state, city or county.

  • Pepper spray. A gas that causes tears, temporary blindness and breathing
    problems, along with panic and pain. The gas is capsaicin, derived from the
    fruit of plants in the same family as chili, hence the name. Pepper spray has in
    rare cases caused death. Some states may allow sale only through licensed
    firearms dealers as a criminal background check may be necessary, where
    those who have been convicted of a felony and minors would not be eligible
    to purchase. In other states, pepper spray regulations include the
    concentration of active ingredient, which may be no more than 10%.

  • Mace: It's important to note that Mace, a brand name, is the strongest form of
    pepper spray used by law enforcement personnel with a highly effective
    stream pattern and range. This is tear gas! With regards to effectiveness, the
    damaging effects of Mace can last 30 minutes or upwards of 2 hours. Invented
    by a 29-year old, and Smith & Wesson purchased the rights to it for $100,000
    and began selling Chemical Mace, according to an article by the Smithsonian in
    an article on the history of Mace.

Are stun guns legal?

  • California: As of this writing, stun guns are legal in California, though it does
    surprise many Californians. Laws change. Check with local ordinances before
    you buy a stun gun as there may be restrictions in your state. Also,
    restrictions may apply if the stun gun is lethal. For example, in California, while
    it is currently legal for citizens to own and operate a stun gun, when it comes
    to the lethal variety it is not legal.

  • States that have been known to have stun gun regulations, include:
  • District of Columbia
  • Connecticut
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Rhode Island and
  • Wisconsin

  • Cities that have been known to have stun gun regulations include:
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Maryland (Annapolis and Baltimore)
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Counties that have been know to have stun gun regulations include:
  • Crawford Count, Iowa
  • Howard County, Maryland

Is pepper spray legal?
As of this writing, Pepper spray is considered legal in all 50 states; however, there
are regulations to two states. It means that for most states you can buy pepper
spray online, but the product may not be available a 1 or 2 day delivery because  
federal regulations require Mace / pepper spray to ship through ground ship
methods only. So Mace and other brands of pepper spray may only be shipped
within the 48 contiguous states.

states it may not contain tear gas and in some states there are regulations you
must abide:

  • New York: There are regulations in New York, but the restrictions just make it
    a bit more difficult to purchase pepper spray. For example, you can buy
    defense spray in New York pharmacies and you may also purchase them from
    licensed firearms dealers in the State New York; however, you are not allowed
    to order them online.

  • Massachusetts.

If pepper spray should ever become illegal in your locale, then you should have no
problem obtaining bear spray or wasp spray, which each have a more powerful
range. Ordinarily, you wouldn't carry these items in your person, but they are good
alternate items to own. In an SHTF survival situation, law becomes invalid: it's do or
die. If that doesn't bode well with you, try Halt Dog Repellent.

Happy endings...
Prepare to live happily ever after with Mace prepper spray in your hand.

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