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Prepper foods

  • Two week food supply: If you're looking for a two-week
    supply of food, start by going to the grocery store. Read our
    popular list of the 37 foods store before crisis. Foods with the
    longest shelf life are dried foods.

  • Three months food supply:

Happy Endings...
You can live up to three weeks without food, depending heavily on
other factors such as health, hydration, genetics and weight.
Thankfully you're a prepper. With so much prepper food on the
market today, preppers are lucky to find food that meets their
dietary needs.

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Preppier Food
Best emergency survival and freeze dried food.

What are the best Preppier foods?
The prepper's pantry goes beyond having two-weeks of non-
perishable foods ready for emergencies. The serious Preppier will
stockpile around three months to a full year and have food stored
for emergencies that's tailored to family needs, because having a
diabetic or gluten intolerant family member changes everything.

What's in the prepper's pantry? What are the best Preppier foods?
Find out with our guide to enhancing your food storage with the
best Preppier foods below...

Best Preppier Foods
It's no secret that the best foods for survival have the longest
shelf-life. The well-stocked prepper's pantry goes beyond having
two-weeks of non-perishable foods on hand. If you're a serious
Preppier, you'll have three months to a full year of food stored for

When evaluating foods for consideration in the prepper's pantry,
foods should meet these general parameters:

  • Seek properly packaged foods. Foods encased in food-
    grade plastic, Mylar bags, glass and #10 cans are among the
    best Preppier foods because they help prevent food spoilage,
    minimize threat of pests and keep sun and moisture away
    from your food, which degrade food quality. Properly
    packaged foods may require an oxygen absorber. Packaging
    enhances the shelf-life of foods, but it's not the only factor
    in determining the best Preppier foods.

  • Store foods properly. Cans will rust in dampness. Excessive
    heat or cold is another factor that can effects food quality.
    The best Preppier foods are the ones stored properly.

  • Select foods high in protein. Beans and rice provide a high
    protein content when served together, but meat is actually
    the best Preppier protein because it's a perfect protein all by
    itself. Freeze dried meats will be a welcome addition to your
    emergency meals because you can eat them straight from
    the can. Other high-protein foods include, of all things peas!
    Another surprising Preppier protein is oats,which is also high
    in fiber. Oats have more protein than wheat. Eggs, milk and
    whey are other excellent high-protein foods that preppers
    can stockpile easily.

  • Ensure foods you stockpile are what you'd normally eat.
    The rule of food storage is to stockpile the kinds of foods
    you'll actually eat, then to incorporate these foods into your
    diet and  rotate them so you'll always have food on hand for

  • Stockpile more of the best prepper foods. The well-
    stocked prepper's pantry goes beyond having two-weeks of
    non-perishable foods on hand. If you're a serious prepper,
    you'll have three months to a full year of food stored for
    emergencies. Be sure also to have specialty foods available
    for members of your family, such as diabetic food storage or
    gluten-free food storage. Stockpile food for family members
    with dietary restrictions and preferences, such as vegans,
    vegetarians, low sodium diet and food for children. Don't
    stockpile tuna, sardines or saltine crackers if your family
    doesn't like these foods.

  • Remember to stock frozen foods, too.  Ideally you'll have
    a selection of frozen foods to get you through emergencies
    that don't immediately involve a disruption in the electricity.
    This could be anything from Martial law curfews, a pandemic
    or economic crash, to a personal emergency, or job loss.
    Having frozen foods can get you through a variety of

Here's a run down of the best prepper foods:

#1. Freeze Dried meat.
Freeze-dried meat is one of the best prepper foods you can
stockpile for emergencies. Loaded with protein, you can eat
freeze dried meat straight from the can as a snack.

#2: Dehydrated and freeze dried vegetables.
Most vegetables are made of 80-90% water. By removing the
water we increase the shelf life of veggies through dehydrating or
freeze drying them. Of the two, freeze dried vegetables are
preferable to add to the prepper's pantry.

Freeze drying vegetables are drastically lighter than dehydrated
variety, and will maintain most of the original shape, color, flavor
and nutrients while maximizing shelf life. Freeze dried veggies
can last upwards of 25 years, while dehydrated foods will last
around five years.

The best freeze dried and dehydrated vegetables to stockpile:

  • Beans are a prepper favorite to stockpile, but if you store the
    dried variety be sure you know how to soak and cook them.


#3: Grains.
Grains are the key to long-term survival. To paraphrase Kissinger,
"He who controls the grain, controls the world."

Here are some of the best grains to stockpile:

  • Stop feeling guilty about pasta, because it's good for you

  • Rice paired with beans make a complete protein.

#4: MREs (Meals Ready to Eat).
MREs are convenient, lightweight complete meal kits that were
first created according to the specifications of the United States
military. MREs were designed for war fighters as individual field
rations. These high-calorie foods are available to civilians, but are
MREs worthwhile to stockpile?

#5: Pilot Crackers Are an Alaskan Favorite!
Preppers often look to Alaskans for prepper food storage ideas
because survival for them depends on how they stock their pantry!

Sometimes alled pilot bread, pilot crackers are a good addition to
any prepper's pantry ~ even a dorm room. Pilot crackers are
different from ordinary crackers in a couple of ways. The recipe
and packaging make pilot crackers extremely durable and
resistant to environmental influences such as humidity, heat, cold
and rodents. They are also on the slightly large side, and can be
served like bread.
Pilot crackers: the modern-day hard tack!

#6: Food bars.
When you're new to prepping, one of the easiest things you can
do is to stock up on
emergency food bars.

Ready-to-eat and shelf-stable, survival food bars will provide you
and your family with much needed energy, nutrition and calories
to get you through an emergency. Food bars are not the same as
ration bars.

#7: Ration bars.
It's important to know that ration bars are not the same as
survival food bars. The concept behind ration bars is that they are
non-thirst provoking, which is a necessary feature for a survival
situation with little or no water supply. Here's a review of the
best ration bars.

Freeze dried prepper foods.
Freeze dried foods last 25 years or more!

Enhance your food storage with food that virtually never expires.
Freeze dried food is prepper food that lasts up to 25-years.

  • Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods. Mountain House is
    among the best emergency survival and freeze dried food.
    Mountain House is a top prepper food because of the variety
    and quality. It's scientifically proven to last 25-years in a
    #10 can, but they guarantee it for 30!

Dehydrated prepper foods.
Dehydrated food has a much shorter shelf life than freeze-dried
food, but it's great to have in the prepper's pantry and still has a
long shelf-life. Dehydrated foods in your pantry generally last 1-2

  • Augason Farms. Augason Farms has both dehydrated and
    freeze dried foods.

  • Harmony House dehydrated foods. Get in harmony with
    nature's goodness and Harmony House dehydrated foods.
    Gently air dried and carefully selected fruits and vegetables,
    Harmony House has no additives or preservatives and you'll
    feel good about the quality non-GMO foods. What's more,
    Harmony House has a selection of backpacking samplers ~
    which is food preppers can bring in their bugout bags.

Ten "must try" canned foods.
If you're like most preppers, you've got canned beans in the
cupboard, soups and maybe a few ready to eat meals. That will
certainly keep you alive, but it will get tiresome day after day.
Why not have fun with your emergency food storage? If you're
looking for canned food for your pantry, here's a happy list of
foods to enhance your food storage...
10 "must try" canned foods.

Diabetic food storage.
The stakes are high and the payoffs immense, but take heart if
you're a diabetic. Stockpiling the correct diabetic friendly foods
can reduce stress and the possibility of hypoglycemic attacks. It
can save a life!
Diabetic Food storage ideas.

Gluten-free prepper foods
It's hard enough to find gluten-free foods when it's not an
emergency. Wheat is in just about everything ~ even gravy. Just
for preppers we've gathered a list
gluten-free emergency foods
that are shelf-stable to last you several years.

Best Survival food Companies
Food storage is an important topic, and there are many prepper
food companies offering emergency foods — from
Augason Farms
Wise Company. Valley Food Storage is a newcomer to the best
prepper food lineup.
Nutristore Meats
Mountain House Pilot crackers
Augason Farms Freeze Dried Peas
Canned food storage system
Numanna Gluten-Free Emergency Food
Regular rolled outs around $10 a bucket
gab social media profile for happypreppers
Mountain House Diced Chicken