food crises: why keep a deep larder

Food Crisis
Create a deep larder, now before a food crisis

In the good old days, grocery stores stocked back rooms with inventory of canned
and dry goods, and they replenished the shelves as needed from this stock. In other
words, there was more food in the back. That was back in the day.. Unfortunately,
supermarkets today have virtually no back room warehouse. Managers order twice
weekly. Merchandise comes off the pallet and directly onto store shelves, quickly and
efficiently. What you see is what you get.  Trucks may be unable to deliver food for
many reasons:

  • Natural causes. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and
    tornadoes always create local food shortages, albeit temporary. Droughts and
    dust-bowl storms of the 1930s contributed to the Great Depression and
    disrupted the food supply.

  • Economic Collapse. In a hyper inflation scenario, gas might be too cost
    prohibitive to distribute foods.

  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). In an Electro Magnetic Pulse or nuclear
    catastrophe, vehicles will be unable to start as the electrical components
    would be fried.

  • Rationing. The government could halt production for any number of reasons,
    including issuing wartime rations, or to ration gas.

  • Pandemic. In a pandemic situation, truck drivers and the people who stock
    the shelves may not want to risk their lives getting exposed. Or worse yet,
    they may be dead and unable to continue.

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Food Crisis
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Food Crisis
Canned food storage
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