canned meats for preppers to stockpile

Canned Meats
Stocking a Preppers Kitchen with a variety of meat

Tuna? Check. Canned ham? Bacon! Check. No really, bacon!? You betcha! In uncertain
times, variety will be the spice of life give you and your family an edge on survival.
Pack in as much variety of canned meats as you can muster, but don't stock canned
pâté if it doesn't appeal to your family. Likewise, just because many Preppers stock
SPAM doesn't mean it's the right canned meat choice for your family. Below are a
variety of ideas of canned meats, including canned bacon, ham, hamburger, roast
beef, chicken, turkey, fish and more.

List of the Top Canned Meats to Stock

Canned Meat #1: Yoder's Canned hamburger.
Made by Yoder's in Ohio in the Amish
family tradition for more than 40 years.
Yoder's canned hamburger will feed your
family in times of uncertainty in gourmet style.  It's real canned hamburger meat that's
non-perishable, requires no refrigeration and is ideal for camping, travel, and long-
term food storage. Add it to your pantry with spaghetti sauce and noodles. Or pack
this with some hamburger helper packages. If you don't end up eating this canned
meat yourself, it would be a wonderful meal package to provide a food bank.
Remember, this is pure meat in a can, which is quite the luxury in uncertain times.

Another good canned hamburger option is Keystone Ground beef. pictured right. W

Canned Meat #2: Yoder's Canned Beef Taco Filling. Imagine just opening a can of
beef filling and heating it, opening a mylar bag of crunchy taco shells, or making your
own flour or corn tortillas, then garnishing your tacos with lettuce and tomatoes from
the garden. That luxury is possible when you plan ahead. The best thing about
Yoder's Taco Beef filling is that it is grass-fed beef made the Amish way!

Canned Meat #3: Provident Pantry Freeze Dried Meatballs. Succulent and juicy pre-
cooked Freeze Dried Italian Seasoned Meatballs are a flavorful meat that
complements a variety of recipes. There is no cooking required - simply soak in water
and it's ready to use.

Canned Meat #4: Freeze Dried Ground Beef (Mountain House or Provident
A nutrition powerhouse, you'll feel good for every can of freeze dried ground
beef you pack.

Canned Meat #
5. Yoder's Canned bacon. Did somebody say bacon? We sure did!
From Yoders comes bacon in a can.  Truly a Prepper's miracle. With smoky flavor and a
long shelf life, you'll be glad to have this canned bacon in your Preppers shelf. You get
about 40 servings per can of fully cooked bacon, per drained of fat. This stuff has a 10
year shelf life! Mix canned bacon in your egg dishes, or make a survival Spinach and
bacon salad.

6. Provident Pantry Sausage Crumbles. Get the hearty flavor of real ground sausage
for your food storage!This sausage is a great way to add protein and variety to your
storage plan.

Canned Meat #7: Canned ham. There are many varieties of canned hams, including
freeze dried canned ham, processed ham spreads (Underwood), pork chunks
(Yoder's), and premium whole ham in a can (DAK).

  • DAK ham: Made in Denmark by the people who know how to make delicious
    tasting hams, you'll love DAK canned ham for the taste and also for the easy to
    open lid and size. It's a popular Prepper brand because the can size fits in your
    hand. Small portions mean you'll have less waste. It's a fantastic deal if you can
    find this classic canned meat at the pharmacy , but it is hard to find and usually
    sold out. If you can buy DAK ham from a pharmacy or the canned meat section
    of your local grocery store you may find it for around $5 per can (about a pound
    of canned meat). You can buy a three-pack online, left, but the cost includes

  • Hormel Chunk Lean Smoked canned ham: Made from selected fresh hams
    trimmed of excess fat and gristle, Hormel chunk lean canned ham is another
    great source of protein with a delicious smoky flavor. Add canned ham chunks
    to pastas or make a ham salad for crackers. It is the best canned ham for the
    price. Buy a dozen 5-ounce cans, pictured below, for $21.72 and eligible for
    FREE Super Saver Shipping.

  • Premium Quality Underwood Deviled Ham spread. Underwood's Deviled Ham
    Spread has held a cherished place in the American imagination since 1868! It's
    still made from the highest quality ham, cured in its natural juices, and a
    proprietary blend of natural spices. Eat it straight from the can without adding
    anything but a cracker or bread. One Prepper wrote "As an emergency/storage
    food or an 'I need to eat something right now before I pass out,' this stuff is
    great. Tasty too, always [is] a plus."Available, left in bulk, you can stock up on
    48 of this classic canned meat. It's hard to find at your local grocery.

Canned Meat #8: Canned chicken. Two of the most popular brands of canned chicken
meat are Tyson and Swanson...

  • Swanson Premium Chunk Chicken Breast, pictured upper left, is premium
    white breast meat. The texture is not like buying a breast of chicken or a
    chicken on the bone, but rather it is a texture like canned tuna, which makes it
    an ideal alternative or an addition for the Prepper's pantry. In addition to
    making a chicken salad spread for crackers, many also use this product to make
    their own chicken noodle soup or they mix it with a box of macaroni and cheese
    to make the kids happy. More advanced Preppers will use canned chicken to
    make chicken tacos or enchiladas.

  • Tyson Premium Chuck White Chicken (twelve 12.5-ounce cans):  Tyson
    chicken in a can comes packed in water. Left, you'll get 12 hearty cans (more
    than double the ordinary 5 ounce cans) for a shipment of 12.8 pounds. Tyson
    premium chunk white chicken is ideal to add with an Alfredo sauce over linguine
    to make a quick meal.

Canned Fish. Sure there's tuna in the Prepper's pantry, but if your taste buds will
allow, try also other fish varieties that come in a can:
  • canned salmon to make salmon patties and a variety of pasta dishes.
  • canned shrimp for pastas or salads if you grow them
  • canned crab for making crab cakes (try mixing polenta or potato flakes
    instead of just bread crumbs)
  • sardines, which are great on long lasting pumpernickel bread.
  • anchovies, not just for pizza! Make a nutritious Cesar salad if you grow
    lettuces in your Prepper's garden.
  • canned oysters may add a bit of romance to your prepping situation.
  • canned Herring is a Scandinavian favorite, also fantastic on pumpernickel.
  • mackerel is an acquired taste. It's inexpensive, and beats eating crickets!
  • kipper fillets, popular in the Great Britain

    Note: Oils can become rancid fairly quickly, so when choosing tuna and other
    canned fish products, choose the kinds packed in water. It's tempting to get oil
    packed cans for caloric content, but the oils will make the product expire more

10. Canned Mystery Meat
There's no mystery, but Americans do love these canned meats. The most popular
brands in the Prepper's pantry include SPAM and Vienna Sausage. Sure, they have
questionable nutritional value, but they sure do beat having to eat cricket! Besides,
buying these meats online by the case provides a convenient packaging option, and
you can indulge your secret craving without flack from the local grocery clerk you see
every other day. Plus, they get delivered right to your door, so half the hauling has
been done for you. So get out your pilot crackers and buy in bulk now:

  • Pâté: Pâté is a French delicacy (or Belgian cuisine) of cooked meat and fat
    that's minced into a spreadable paste. This stuff sure beats SPAM! There are
    vegetarian varieties as well, but traditionally, pâté is made with meats.
    Whether salmon, duck, or liver or pork pâté, adding pâté to your Prepper's
    pantry will help add variety if not utter elegance. Try these suggestions:
  • Try Portlock Salmon pâté: Mild and savory smoked salmon pate from
    Portlock, left, will turn your pilot crackers into a party.
  • French liver and pork pate, comes canned.
  • Pâté de foie gras is made from the fattened livers of geese.

  • SPAM: Did you know SPAM is a combined word meaning "spiced ham."SPAM is a
    potted meat developed by Hormel for the United States Army in 1937. There's
    no mystery to this meat: it's made of pork shoulder and ham along with potato
    starch and loads of nitrate. SPAM is at the top of the mystery meat category. A
    favorite of Hawaiians who make SPAM sushi and also fried wok style and served
    over rice. If you love SPAM, but are afraid of the comments you'll hear at the
    checkout, then order online privately now! They're available by the six pack,
    left. It will be a nice accompaniment to the bags of rice you still don't know what
    to do with.

  • Vienna sausage: What is Vienna sausage? Made of chicken and pork in a
    chicken broth, Vienna sausages are like cocktail weenies in a can. They are a
    popular source of protein for a Prepper's pantry because of the small size and
    the inexpensive price. The flip top lid means you can enjoy them straight from
    the can without a can opener. You don't even have to cook them.

  • Armour potted meat. Armour Potted Meat has been popular since the 1960s.
    To reveal the mystery of this meat, it's made of "mechanically separated chicken
    and beef tripe." Essentially, the mechanically separated meat is a paste created
    in a process where machines force crushed bone and tissue to get to the
    desired product. So it really is made with chicken and beef, as indicated on the
    label, but it's a homogeneous texture. Armour potted Meat is an inexpensive
    and ready to eat product with a flip top lid, so you can spread on crackers or a
    sandwich straight from the can. It uses salt as a preservative, making it an
    extremely salty product. It's not a product for the gourmet Prepper's shelves,
    but it will help you through an emergency.

What's your strategy for canned foods? If you love Pickled pigs feet and SPAM, we're not going
to stop you! We're happy to hear your prepping ideas and link to your site. Please drop us a
note on Twitter at HappyPreppers.

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