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Prepper's Dictionary
Vocabulary of preppers, homesteaders and survivalists

Prepper Vocabulary - Prepper Dictionary - Prepper terms
Are you up-to-speed on prepper vernacular? Prepper's have a
language almost all their own. Below is a glossary of terms, a
prepper's dictionary to help you understand acronyms and more.

Prepper's Dictionary
It's true that prepper's have a language all their own and for
someone new to the community it can be daunting. For your easy
reference, we've created this prepper's dictionary (glossary of
prepper terms), which includes some popular words in the
Prepper's vernacular. It's certainly not an extensive list, but we're
happy to provide it.

#10 can (noun).
While Augason Farms Dehydrated Butter Powder is made from
real, sweet cream butter and adds mouthwatering flavor to
popcorn, soups, sauces and vegetables, it’s an excellent
substitute for store-bought butter in recipes and baking when
fresh butter isn't available. Augason Farm butter powder contains
mostly cream, water and salt.

Acronyms - Preppers like acroynms and here are
some of them:
  • B.O.B. is Bugout bag
  • B.O.L. is Bugout location
  • B.O.V. is Bugout Vehicle
  • E.M.P  is ElectroMagnetic Pulse
  • E.D.C. is Everyday carry
  • M.R.E is Meals Ready to Eat
  • S.H.T.F. is when the "stuff" hits the fan.

alpha strategy (noun).
A survival strategy, which involves hoarding and storing extra
supplies for the intention of barter or charitable contribution in
the event of a catastrophic event. Preppers with an alpha
strategy were able to contribute to food banks during the
Coronavirus pandemic.

Berkey (noun).
A "Big Berkey" water filtration system is a name brand for a
popular gravity fed water filtration system that looks a bit like a
coffee urn. A berkey can remove fluoride and other toxins. A
Berkey is sufficient for everyday use and for filtering raw water
from a lake or stream! Pictured right, there are many sizes, but
the most popular Berkey is the Big Berkey! At some point, every
preppers should own a gravity-fed water purification system, and
this is the one to own.

Bivvy (noun).
A bivvy is not a small tent, but it is an important survival gear to
own. It's actually more of an emergency sleeping bag made of a
thin waterproof, thermal and reflective polyester film to help you
retain body heat. A good bivvy will help reflect 90% of your
body's heat back to you.

bug out (verb).
To bug out is to bail out of the current location of uncertain
circumstance and potential danger and head to safer a territory.
See also Bug Out Bag. Conversely, "bugging in" is hunkering down
and staying at home in hiding.

bug out bag (noun).
A bug out bag contains life essential gear pre-packed (usually in
a backpack) in which a Prepper will use to escape. Included at
minimum is a 72-hour supply of food and water per person. Happy
Preppers also recommends you pack a metal water thermos. It's
heavier than the plastics, but as one reviewer of the stainless
steel water bottle, writes "What is it worth to you to have the
extra weight vs. a durable bottle that you can use to boil water?"

Buddy Burner (noun).
Also called a "Vagabond Burner"  or a "Hobo Stove" a buddy
burner, pictured right, is a home made fuel source for cooking. A
popular buddy burner is made with Paraffin wax that's melted and
poured into a tuna can that's filled with rolled cardboard. The
device is then placed underneath a ventilated coffee can, which
serves as a stove to the buddy burner.

cache (noun).
As it is with computing (a place to store data) to preppers a
cache a place to store supplies. A cache is a hoard of food stores
or a collection of ammunition. Usually the term involved burying
because it is a secret stash.
Burying a survival cache is for later
retrieval. Assuming that your home has been ransacked or
burned, you will have the cache of food and supplies to get you to
your next destination. Preppers often bury a cache on route to
their bugout location to replenish supplies.

Coronal Mass Ejection or CME (noun).
A CME is set of powerful eruptions on the sun that break free
from the solar atmosphere if masses of plasma reach the earth
they could knock down the electrical grid. Specifically, CME is an
intense solar activity often associated with solar flares, where a
massive burst of solar wind releases into space or where the
magnetic fields rise above the solar corona. The ejected matter
and electromagnetic radiation can disrupt radio transmissions and
cause damage to satellites, as well as potentially massive power
outages. A Coronal Mass Ejection precedes a solar flare by
sending electrically charging gas towards earth.

Dry-canning (verb, gerund or present participle).
Dry-pack canning is selecting your favorite dry foods to store for
the long term in sterilized mason jars, (as opposed to wet-pack
canning as with jams, salsas, soups and the like). You can store
pastas, cereals, corn, and rice, or pack meals such as pancake
and biscuit mixes or complete dinners in a jar.

Dutch oven (noun).
A cast iron pot that cooks on hot charcoals and in a campfire ring.
(See the Lodge Logic Dutch oven with loop handles above.) Make
just about everything you cook in your oven at home, including
pies, bread, cobblers, casseroles, baked beans, stew, cakes and
more, with a Dutch oven. Before use, a Dutch oven will have a
seasoning with oil, which adds flavoring to your meals and a
healthy dose of iron. Once a Dutch oven has its seasoning, it
should never be washed with soap or the future food you make in
it will taste like soap. Wipe away the food after use and clean
with hot water if necessary. Dry thoroughly and season with an
inexpensive oil to coat the cooking surface. Store in a warm, dry
place. Store the lid separately or cracked so air can circulate.
Right is a dutch oven by Lodge.

Every Day Carry or EDC (plural noun).
Everyday carry is a small cluster of selected survival items that fit
in a pocket, holster, wallet, purse, key chain, or belt of the
survivalist or prepper.

ElectroMagnetic Pulse or EMP (noun).
Often referred to as an EMP, an ElectroMagnetic pulse is a burse
of radioactive energy that causes immense damage to the grid.
See also Coronal Mass Ejection and Solar Flares. www.

  • Note: An EMP scenario would render an electrical power
    outage of enormous magnitude.  It's electricity that pumps
    water to homes. Gas pumps use electricity, too. Imagine
    your world without water or gas.

False Flag.
A false flag is a weapon to control the citizens with an instilled
fear of a manufactured enemy. It's a well planned operation that
deceives in such a way that events appear as though they are
being carried out by an organization, country, group or other
entity than the ones actually responsible. Events unfold in an
order to control you because you feel compelled to act in a certain
way or support a cause which you may otherwise not have
supported. It's a precursor to
Martial Law.

Faraday cage (noun).
A Faraday cage, first developed in 1836, is shielding device
intended to protect electronic equipment from an intense
interruption of solar radiation or an
ElectroMagnetic Pulse.

The enclosure of a Faraday cage or box protects by blocking out
static and non static electrical fields. There are many theories on
the proper way to build a Faraday cage, and many involve
antistatic bags, and packaging materials such as Styrofoam and
antistatic bubble wrap.

fire hydrant wrench.
A fire hydrant wrench can unlock a source of hidden or otherwise
unattainable water: the local fire hydrant. Ownership of this
inexpensive device can unlock water as a resource for your entire
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Solar oven (noun).
A solar oven (or solar cooker) is made with aluminum reflectors to
bake foods using the sun's energy. Used to either heat food or
sterilize water, this outdoor cooking method concentrates sunlight
thereby converting light to heat, and trapping heat.

Solar Flares (noun). defines solar flares as "Storms on the sun that send
out both rays and particles." NASA also explains that "A solar
flare is an intense burst of radiation coming from the release of
magnetic energy associated with sunspots." Solar flares
potentially could knock out power grids, disrupt satellites, and
bring the economy to a halt. A Coronal Mass Ejection precedes a
solar flare.
  • See also ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP), and Coronal Mass

Survivalism (noun).  
A disposition of hope to survive! It's an "attitude, policy, or
practice based on the primacy of survival as a value," according to

Survival seeds (noun).
Survival seeds are non-GMO and non-hybrid seeds preferred by
Preppers because they are not genetically modified. They are
seeds that may be planted and replanted endlessly, which is not
the case with genetically modified seeds. Right is a popular
survival seed vault.

TEOTWAWKI: (acronym).
"The End Of The World As We Know It." James Wesley Rawles
gets credit for this phrase, which has become extremely popular
with Preppers His book "How to Survive the End of the World as
We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain
Times," pictured left, is highly rated with more than 300 positive
ratings on Amazon. This important book discusses:

  • Water: Filtration, transport, storage, and treatment options.
  • Food Storage: How much to store, pack-it-yourself methods,
    storage space and rotation, countering vermin.

  • Fuel and Home Power: Home heating fuels, fuel storage
    safety, backup generators.

  • Garden, Orchard Trees, and Small Livestock: Gardening
    basics, non-hybrid seeds, greenhouses; choosing the right

  • Medical Supplies and Training: Building a first aid kit, minor
    surgery, chronic health issues.

  • Communications: Following international news, staying in
    touch with loved ones.

  • Home Security: Your panic room, self-defense training and

  • When to Get Outta Dodge: Vehicle selection, kit packing
    lists, routes and planning.

  • Investing and Barter: Tangibles investing, building your
    barter stockpile. And much more.

See for their article on "
Why the World Won't End."

Vagabond stove (noun).
Also called a "Buddy Burner," you can make this stove from a #10
can (about the size of an old fashioned coffee can).

  • See Buddy Burner.

Volcano stove (noun).
A volcano stove is the brand name of a highly rated collapsible
cook stove that takes three fuel sources. It's often called an
"oven" though it's really a stove,because it's well suited to work
with a Dutch Oven.

wet-pack canning (verb).
Dry-pack canning is selecting your favorite dry foods to store for
the long term in sterilized mason jars, (as opposed to wet-pack
canning as with jams, salsas, soups and the like). You can store
pastas, cereals, corn, and rice, or pack meals such as pancake
and biscuit mixes or complete dinners in a jar.

WROL (acronym).
WROL is an acronym that stands for "Without Rule of Law."
Describes a potential lawless state of society.

  • Suggested reading is "Without Rule of Law," by Joe Nobody,
    pictured right.

WTSHTF (acronym).
WTSHTF is an acronym that stands for "When The Stuff Hits The
Fan." or "When The [expletive] Hits The Fan." The term implies
widespread chaos and panic that will imminently set in the
metamorphosis after a catastrophic or apocalyptic event.

Zeer pot (noun).
A zeer pot is a simple device to keep your foods cold without
electricity.  A zeer pot keeps it cool through evaporation. A zeer
pot requires two clay pots (one nested inside the other with a
layer of wet sand in between), water and a cover.

Zombies (plural noun).
In short, Zombies are the unfortunate people who did not plan or
prepare for a sideways world when WTSHTF. They are a direct
threat to the security of Preppers because they will be desperate
and will attack for food, water and supplies. They will look much
like the zombies portrayed in movies. For example, they will
appear famished as they not have eaten, and they will appear
with scabs and wounds of infection because they have not had
proper medical care.  Zombies are the "undead" and a very real

Prepare to live happily ever after with us at - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
Food Insurance (phrase).
Food insurance is not an actual policy offered for sale, but rather
a prepper's phrase for the peace of mind in knowing that one has
secured long term food reserves.

Food Grade Bucket.
Food grade buckets are white buckets made specifically for food
storage. They will help store food for upwards of 25-years,
keeping food airtight, safe and dry. Food grade buckets must be
marked as such, otherwise they may contain chemicals which
could leach into food.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).
Genetically modified is not the same as "hybrid" which is a cross
between two species. With Genetically Modified Organisms, a
gene from one species (plant or animal) is transferred to another,
creating something artificial (not found in nature). GMOs are
dangerous to humans. Laboratory tests in rats link problems with

Gamma lid (noun).
An airtight lid for bucket style food grade plastic containers. Read
all about gamma seal lids.

Ghee (noun).
Ghee is clarified butter. The solids are removed from the butter,
eliminating LDLs, or "bad" cholesterol. Best of all, clarified butter
is ideal for cooking at higher temperatures than non-clarified
butter. Clarified butter has a long-term shelf-life. Use it in any
type of cooking, baking, frying, or basting, or popcorn.

"Get out of Dodge" (phrase).
The expression is actually, "Get the hell out of Dodge" and
sometimes "Get outta Dodge." This expression or phrase
references the historical town called
Dodge City, Kansas, which is
self-proclaimed as "The Wickedest Little City in the West,"
because of its history of lawlessness and gunslingling. The
expression "Get out of Dodge" was made famous by the
television show "Gunsmoke" in which the villians were asked to
leave  Here is a clip using the expression:
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gear and food storage.
Mylar bags (plural noun).
Food grade bagshelp provide a barrier to protect food from
sunlight. Mylar bags, when combined with oxygen absorbers and
stored in food grade SuperPails, can help Preppers store large
quantities of food for 25 years or more. They are puncture
resistant and have a metallic appearing outer surface. Mylar bags
are effective for protecting other Prepper supplies such as
ammunition and medical supplies, which would other suffer
general corrosion that comes with varying weather and heat
conditions over time.

N95 mask.
An N95 respirator is a personal protective equipment that
protects against certain airborne contaminants. An N95 mask is  
only one part of an infection-control strategy. They are not for
use for asbestos, arsenic, cadmium, lead for example. It also
does not provide oxygen.

The typical N95 respirators on the market are for changing
drywall or sanding a floor, but these valuable and life-saving
respirators also can help filter poor air quality after large-scale
fires and can guard against certain pathogens. They are a
disposable device to help create a physical barrier between the
nose and mouth of the wearer and the contagion.

An N95 mask, if worn properly, can effectively prevent harmful
pollutants such as non-ferrous metals and heavy metals, and
block harmful substances such as glass fiber and asbestos. They
are extremely useful also during outbreaks and pandemics.

An N95 mask must fit you well and cover your entire nose and
mouth. There are different sizes and models of respirators that
can help you prevent respiratory illnesses such as

NIOSH (acronym).
NIOSH is an acronym that stands for the National Institute for
Occupational Safety and Health. NIOSH-approved first aid kits
are the same as kits that are OSHA compliant; however the rules
change, so what was compliant last year may not be compliant
this year.

The American public is largely unaware that Monsanto has
billions of dollars invested in Genetically Modified Organisms
(GMOs) crops and seeds, and the domination is changing the
agriculture by cross contamination. The only way to hedge
against buying genetically modified foods is to buy organic, but
even buying organic isn't 100% effective as organic crops, next to
a GMO crop will become contaminated.  Here are
8 Reasons
Genetically Modified Organisms are bad for you. For more
information, visit
Millions Against Monsanto. According to their
site "Up to 90% of U.S. soybeans, corn, cotton, canola, and sugar
beets are now genetically engineered and routinely inserted into
human and animal foods with no labels or safety testing."

Non-GMO seeds (plural noun).
Seeds that may be planted and replanted endlessly. GMO is a
genetically modified organism. When referring to non-GMO seeds,
the reference is to seeds that have not been genetically
modified. Unfortunately, while genetically modifying plants can
produce greater crop yields and even reduce the need for
pesticides, there is a very real fear that GMO seeds may harbor
new allergens.

Oxygen absorbers.
When you use oxygen absorbers with proper packaging and
sealing, you'll greatly reduce the oxygen in your food. It's
important to use oxygen absorbers with gas flushing / vacuum
packaging to absorb virtually all oxygen and absorb any oxygen
that may permeate the package. This process significantly
improves storage and the qualities of polyunsaturated fats and
oils. What's more, it helps retain the fresh-roasted flavor of
coffee and even nuts. it's great for your spices.  Inhibits mold in
natural cheeses and other fermented dairy products · Delays non-
enzymatic browning of fruits and some vegetables · Inhibits
oxidation and condensation of red pigment of most berries and
sauces  Extends life of pharmaceuticals, too!

paracord (noun).
Paracord is cordage of specially braided sheath made of a
durable, lightweight nylon kern-mantle rope (the same material
found in a parachute chord).
Paracord is strong enough to saw!
This general purpose utility cord used by military personnel and
survival enthusiasts, will aid in an emergency. The material in
the bracelet provides the survivalist with possibilities, including a
versatile tool for shelter building, fire starting, rappelling,
trapping for food,  weaponry, medical emergencies and other
uses. The craft of braiding the paracord into bracelets is very

paraffin wax (noun).
A chemical preservative that retards moisture loss and prevents
spoilage of food. Used mostly for canning, it's even edible! You'll
find paraffin wax added to chocolate because it gives a glossy
finish, thought it is not intended for consumption. Use it
cautiously as it is flammable when overheated. Also sometimes
called, bakers wax or canning wax.

Parowax (noun).
The classic brand name for paraffin wax used for canning,
chocolate making and but also effective for building a buddy
burner fuel source. Parowax seals jelly glasses and preserve jars
air tight. It's ferment proof and mold proof. Just melt Parowax
and pour on top of jelly in the glass. Or if you use jars, dip the
jar into it after you screw on the top. Paraowax is odorless and
tasteless, and food safe. Rest assured this paraffin wax confirms
to FDA regulations! Parowax household wax is available in bulk
quantities, left. It comes 4 cakes per box and 24 boxes per order.
(Weighs 5.6 pounds.)

Preppers (plural noun).
Preppers are people who actively prepare for survival in uncertain
times, including an economic collapse, natural disaster, unusual
cosmic event, pandemic, or man made catastrophe. Preppers take
significant action to prepare life's basic needs before the
unthinkable should occur, which would disrupt normal living
conditions. Prepping is a lifestyle that provides comfort and
peace of mind. While their passion and skill level vary their
ultimate goal is the same: survival in living off the grid. (See
also survivalism.) Here's
how the Urban dictionary defines

    P-repare for any natural or man made disaster.
    R-espond without fear.
    E-valuate every possible scenario.
    P-ack like you won't have suppliles for a year.
    P-lan for the unexpected.
    E-nvision a happy outcome.
    R-emember to always have hope!

Pressure canner.
A pressure canner is a safe way to fresh preserve foods and avoid
botulism.  Temperature and timing are crucial to achieve a
delicious and safe finished product. While a water bath canner
heats to 212°F pressure canning brings the temperature to 240°F.

"Rule of Three" (phrase).
A prepping term to describe how humans can live only three
minutes without air, three days without water, and three weeks
without food. Preppers and survivalists have expanded the
definition to include shelter (humans can live only three hours of
harsh weather exposure without shelter).

SHTF (acronym).
The SHTF meaning goes beyond prepping. While it is the acronym
for preparedness meaning that when the "Shit Hits The Fan" a
prepper has planned for every contingency, the meaning has+

Sheeple (plural noun).
People herded like sheep by the Government. These people don't
question authority, they don't prep, and they will be among the
first to die in uncertain times.

Snowflake (noun).
Someone with a radical liberal mindset, a pejorative for an
"entitled" person. Tomi Lahren started the trend and she even
had some Snowflake awards while on The Blaze
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Grid (noun).
The framework of our electrical grid. It is the entire network of
energy delivery electricity and communications by means of high
tension lines. The grid is responsible for electricity,
communications, food distribution, running water and toilets.

  • Grid down. A "Grid down" situation could be a simple
    blackout, or something more ominous as an ElectroMagnetic
    Pulse where civilization could take months or years to

  • Off grid. Going off-grid is a lifestyle choice to live without
    electricity to be self reliant without any help from the
    outside. Many preppers choose to set up a homestead or
    compound without electricity, and complete with food and
    water sources to live a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Larder (noun).
Essentially a pantry. A larder is a cool place for storing food.  A
"larder" is where  early Americans kept their lard (which is the fat
from the abdomen of a pig that has been clarified for cooking).
Larders were built on the part of the house that received least
amount of sun. Preppers sometimes refer to a "deep larder,"
which is in reference to food storage items that can last 10-25
years. Some Preppers have buried,  hidden or split larders — all
in an effort to maximize their storage efforts from looters or
natural loss. Preppers don't keep all their food in one larder!

Living off the grid: (phrase).
People "living off the grid" do not rely on municipal water supply,
sewer, natural gas, or electrical power, which is the "grid" of
society. Many survivalist and homesteaders partake in this way of
self sufficiency in living that does not rely on public gas and
electrical resources, municipal sewer systems, garbage and
recycling services or County water supplies.

Mason Jars (plural noun).
Glass jars for canning foods.

Meals Read to Eat (MRE): (noun).
An MRE is an acronym for Meals Ready to Eat, and it is a food
product entirely conceived for the military in which enabled troops
to eat warm and nutritious meals directly from the packaging. A
true MRE is a meal that is ready to eat because it includes  
chemical packet to instantly heat individual meals enabling
consumption of heated foods without the use of fire or a stove.

Molon Labe
A classic term used by patriots, Molon labe , means "Come and
take them [my guns]." An expression of defiance, preppers use
the Greek phrase to assert their Second Amendment rights. It's a
declaration of warning to anyone who thinks they could confiscate
the guns. (Greek: μολὼν λαβέ molṑn labé)
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