37 foods for your food storage

37 foods in the Prepper's Pantry

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Keystone ground beef
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Yoders taco beef filling case
Canned butter
Yoders Variety pack
Get started dry-pack canning
how to use coffee for survival
Why you need a larder of lemons
Bread for survival
Best prepper protein source: meat
Corn in the prepper's pantry
Emergency Drinks - 8 kinds to stock and prepare
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Beans in the Prepper's Pantry
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Best prepper protein source: meat
Yoder's hamburger, pork sausage, turkey nd more
Reasons to stockpile oats in the prepper's pantry
Why do prepper's hoard baking soda?
37 foods to hoard before crisis - food supplies for emergencies
Canned ham for the pantry
Keystone ground beef
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37 foods to hoard before crisis - food supplies for emergencies
This important list of 37 practical shelf-stable foods to stock for
your family before an emergency strikes is absolutely free.

12 Reasons to stock milk
Take a peak at our list of reasons to stockpile milk. Powdered and
dehydrated milk is item #3 on the list of 37 essential food items
to stockpile -- The most popular brand of instant milk is Peak!
Our list of
12 reasons to stock milk prepper's pantry will have you
making a milk mustache in no time.

Corn in the prepper's pantry
Did you know that corn is both a grain and a vegetable? Corn as a
grain is dried before harvesting, while corn as a vegetable is
harvested fresh. Corn as a vegetable can be canned, dehydrated
of freeze dried to preserve. Pictured left is non-GMO freeze dried
corn from Harmony House.

Popcorn is considered a grain. Did you know you can grind popcorn
into cornmeal? Learn more about
corn in the prepper's pantry.

Best prepper protein source: meat!
Beans and rice together make an excellent protein, but meat is
the best prepper protein source because it is a complete protein
on its own. Discover the amazing variety of meat proteins you can
stash in your pantry from
canned bacon and canned hamburger in
the pantry to freeze dried chicken for the bugout bag. While meat
is the best prepper protein,
discover all eight prepper proteins to

Reasons to store oats
Preppers should store oats! Extremely versatile, you can bake
oats into breads, cakes and cookies; you can also extend meat
dishes and add texture to your cooking, and you can use them

Finally, you can sprout oats and also use them medicinally. We
compiled a
list of 11 reasons to store oats in the pantry.

In addition to storing oats, did you know you can grow them
easily at home, too? You have more reason than ever to
appreciate oats in the pantry.

Bread for survival
You already know that bread has sustained man for thousands of
years and that it should be part of your prepper's pantry, but
here's something you may not know: bread comes in a can! That's
right, B&M Brown Bread offers two varieties of bread in a can.

That's good to know in case you don't have the energy to make
bread or just want a quick meal. Just open the can and eat
(heating it is optional).

Read more surprises in
bread for survival.

"Must have" canned foods for storage
If you thought the B&M brown bread was an  amazing find, then
we have more good news for you.... Butter comes in a can!

Read our
list of 10 "must have" canned foods for your food
storage. Trust us that you won't want to risk botulism to can
butter yourself; however, if you love the idea of fresh butter, then
check out
butter for the prepper's pantry (we show you how to
churn butter from powdered milk and much, much more).

Coffee for survival
The prepper who loves coffee will enjoy learning about the
survival uses of coffee. And it's not just the coffee that has
survival benefits -- the filters themselves can aid in a survival

how a coffee filter could save your life. We promise, you'll
never look at your cup of Joe in the same way again.      

Eight kinds of emergency drinks
Dehydration can sap your body strength with fatigue, dizziness
and more. Water is life!

Ensure you have the proper hydration for survival situations.
Stock your preppers' pantry with
eight kinds of emergency drinks.
This will prepare you for pandemics or other natural or manmade
catastrophes and disasters.

Baking soda survival
It may seem an odd thing to stockpile in the name of emergency
preparedness, but you will be surprised at the benefits of having
baking soda on hand when disaster strikes. Discover
why preppers
hoard baking soda.

This totally natural white powder can be a lifesaver in so many
other ways. For example, did you know baking soda is among the
alternative cancer treatments that are not promoted by the
American Cancer Society?

Larder of lemons
Lemons can enhance your alkalinity, your mood and your health,
making for a happier you, but lemons can also help you survive
such things as scurvy.

Lemons can enhance your survival in many ways, so gather a
larder of lemons in the prepper's pantry.

Dry-pack canning
You may be uncomfortable with using a pressure canner, but that
shouldn't stop you from canning.
Get into dry-pack canning, so
you always have a shelf-stable, just-add-water and heat meal
ready to go in case of an emergency.Dry-pack canning is the
answer to preparedness because you can use dehydrated
vegetables,plus pastas or rice and beans, freeze dried meats and
cheeses to create a shelf-stable meal your family enjoys.

Hoarding the honey
Hoarding the honey, is right on the money! Nectar of the gods,
liquid gold, honey is an amazing substance and gift to mankind
for a variety of culinary and medicinal reasons. Discover also why
local honey and Manuka honey are the best kinds of honey to
stockpile. Honey,
here's why you'll want to hoard the honey!

The Virtues of Vinegar
Homesteaders love apple cider vinegar for so many reasons.
Vinegar was an important part of pioneer living, though they
didn't fully realize the benefits. Learn more of the virtues of
vinegar from cleaning and

Fifteen fabulous uses of apple cider vinegar in prepping. For these
reasons and many more, vinegar makes it to the list of the 37
foods to hoard.

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