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Prepper food: Bakery
Bakery mixes and ingredients for long term food storage

Baked goods emergency food storage.
What foods would you miss most if you were cut off the power
grid? Would it be a warm cup of coffee? Chocolate chip cookies?
Crunchy Tuscan bread? A pizza? Tortillas? A slice of pie?

How good you'll feel in a world off the grid to provide baked
breads, muffins, cookies, cakes and desserts, along with an
oven to bake them in. If you plan ahead, you can enjoy fresh
baked goodness. Bakery fresh foods offer your family a delicious
peace of mind. Baking off grid is possible and fun!

How to bake off grid
Your long term food storage depends on variety. How good
you'll feel for having the forethought to provide your family with
boredom from meals by having both prepared mixes available
and the ingredients to create your own baked breads, muffins,
cookies, cakes and desserts, along with an oven to bake them

Long term food storage mixes

  • Augason Farms Buttermilk pancakes: Imagine the
    comfort of being able to make pancake by the batches and
    without eggs! Yummy Augason Farms pancake mix requires
    only water.

  • Augason Farms Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix: Brownies
    are a delicious addition to the prepper's pantry. Imagine
    being able to serve Augason Farms brownies for a birthday
    in an off-the grid scenario. You will certainly be a survival
    hero serving up these tasty treats!

  • Augason Farms French Bread Mix #10 can. You're going
    to miss real French bread if you don't know how to make it
    yourself! Even if you know how to make this baked treat,
    pictured at the top of the page, you'll appreciate this
    French Bread Mix to add variety to your long term storage
    food plan.

Long Term Food Storage Pantry Items to
Make Your Own Baked Goods
For your creations in a long-term scenario, you'll need to stock
the following

Butter Powder.
Read all about butter food storage.

  • Honeyville Farms Powdered butter #10 can. You can
    bake with powdered butter! The Honeyville farms #10 can
    of powdered butter is 2.25- lbs.  for use in all sorts of
    baked goods, including breads, cookies, cakes and muffins,
    as well as for sauces. Directions are on the can for easy

  • Emergency Essentials #10 can. Previously, Provident
    Pantry, the Emergency Essentials butter powder re-
    hydrates and spreads smooth, like real butter and because
    it is real butter. Have fun by adding honey, herb or citrus to
    make yummy flavored butters too!Made from real sweat
    cream butter, Provident Pantry Butter Powder will help you
    add flavor for baking too!

Powdered eggs

  • Augason Farms Non-fat Milk
    Country Fresh 100% Real Instant Nonfat Dry Milk will be an
    important part of your long term storage needs. Quality
    powdered milk in food storage is hard to find. This 14-lbs.
    pail reconstitutes into over 18 gallons! Easy to mix and
    great tasting, it takes just 5 tablespoons per cup of water
    to make a delicious milk fortified with vitamin A and
    vitamin D.

Augason farms brown sugar and white granulated sugar make a
great addition to the prepper's pantry.

There are many reasons to eat more wheat and to stock wheat
berries so that you can grind your own flour.

Ovens to Bake off-the-grid
You can bake anything off grid if you have an off grid oven. The
Camp Chef camp oven is not only an oven, but a stove. It can
cook or bake food for up to 5 hours on high heat with just one 1-
pound can of propane.

If you love baked goods, then you'll need an off grid oven for a
long-term, off-the-grid scenario. Here are some ovens to

  • Coleman propane oven. Coleman camping oven fueled by
    propane, pictured at the top of the left page.

  • Coleman camp oven. Just place the oven on top of a
    Coleman two- or three-burner stove, which provides all the
    heat you need to bake your favorite dishes. The oven also
    offers such baking essentials as an adjustable steel bake
    rack and an easy-to-read thermometer.

  • Sun oven. A sun oven will take a little longer, but it's so
    satisfying and fun to cook with the fuel from the sun!\

Learn more about
kitchen ovens for an off-grid life.

Happy endings...
Baked goods will provide a sense of normalcy in crisis. Enjoy
your food!

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