lavender uses for preppers

Lavender as an Insect Repellent and More!
How Preppers Use Lavender

Lavender has many uses for preppers. You can heal wounds with
lavender, get rid of bugs naturally with lavender, sleep better
with lavender, and so much more.

To help you understand the concentration of this powerful liquid,
know it takes around fifty pounds of lavender to make a tiny
bottle of essential oil. This can help you realize the healing
compounds that you'll get in a bottle of essential oils.

Five Ways Preppers Use Lavender

How Prepper's Use Lavender: Preppers get rid of bugs naturally
with lavender, sleep better with lavender and so much more.
Below is how preppers use lavender, including where to get
lavender, and a recipe for how to make a lavender insect

Lavender Use #1: Sleep better with lavender (acts as a
Lavender has an overall calming effect on the body. An aromatic
sachet of lavender or a dab of lavender essential oil will help
provide a relaxed state for preppers who are highly stressed in
uncertain times. In short, this will help aid in sleep and reduce
anxiety and act as a sedative

Lavender Use #3: Lavender is an antiseptic (cleanses).
Lavender is an antiseptic that has a botanical name, Lavandula,
which means "to wash." Cultivated for its aromatic leaves,
lavender is in the mint family and has a clean fresh scent.
Lavender has been used for centuries for laundering, but is also
a great hand and wound cleanser. On cuts it stops bleeding!

Lavender Use #2: Lavender is an antibacterial (kills bacteria).
In addition to having antiseptic qualities to clean wounds,
lavender is also a natural
antibacterial. In other words, lavender
is active against bacteria to slow down or halt it. Perhaps it's
the anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce infection and
stop the bleeding. Whatever the case, lavender essential oil is
ideal to stop bleeding and begin healing of wounds.

Applied topically lavender oil is effective treatment for burns,
skin rashes and even cold sores! One important caveat on topical
use of lavender oil:
lavender oil can cause breast growth in
young boys, according to the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services. It's generally safe for everyone else.

  • Lavender heals burns: Lavender is the prepper essential oil
    most commonly associated with burns and healing of the

  • Reduces appearance of scars: Applied topically, lavender
    will help your skin heal fast and reduce the appearance of
    scars.  It has the side effect of being a pain reliever.
    Lavender has both antiseptic and analgesic properties,
    which will ease the pain of a burn and prevent infection. It's
    the cytophylactic properties of lavender that promote rapid
    healing and helps reduce scarring. A cytophylactic substance
    increases leucocytes to fight infection and protect the cells
    of the organism.

Lavender Use #4: Lavender is an antibiotic (prevent, inhibit
or destroy microorganisms, including fungi and parasites, not
just bacteria).
The antibiotic properties of lavender are intriguing. Lavender oil*
has been know to kill staph infections resistant to traditional
antibiotics. Like other antibiotics, lavender has no effect on

Lavender Use #5: Help bugs skedaddle with lavender.
Bugged by bugs? Lavender will help you get rid of pesky critters.
Below is the recipe from WikiHow on How to Make a Lavender
Insect Repellent.

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* These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For any
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general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment
for specific medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking medical advice when
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United States Food and Drug Administration.

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