chewing gum for survival

Chewing Gum
Make sure to have chewing gum in your preps!

Chew on this: chewing gum should be part of your preps. We've expanded the
reasons preppers should stockpile gum in this article from seven to eleven...

Eleven Ways Chewing Gum Can Help Preppers Survive
Only four out of five dentists recommend gum for their patients who chew gum and
we wondered why, because gum is one of those unexpected things that could save
your life (as well as your teeth)!

Since the dawn of humanity people have been chewing on gum sap:
  1. Egyptians chewed a mixture of saps from frankincense, myrrh and mixed it
    with cinnamon.
  2. Greeks chewed mastic tree sap, called "mastiche."
  3. Mayans chewed sapodilla tree sap, called "tsiclte."
  4. Nahuatl-Aztecs chewed chicle, which may have come from the Mayan word,
    and used the sticky substance to bind things.
  5. Native Americans chewed spruce sap.
  6. U.S. Soldiers chewed Wrigleys gum in World War II.
  7. An astronaut smuggled gum into space, and today Trident Gum is part of the
    space shuttle pantry

In this article, we hope to blow your mind about gum! Here are the ten happy
survival uses of chewing gum...

#1: Gum is a stress reliever.
Chewing gum acts like a nerve tonic to relieve stress and alleviate negative mood,
so says a study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes
of Health. Specifically "[
Chewing gum] reduces cortisol during acute laboratory
psychological stress,"according to the study.

Why is lowered cortisol important?
Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced naturally by the adrenal gland, which is a
response to stress, as well as low blood-glucose concentration. During a stressful
situation cortisol levels are high, which is okay for short periods, but prolonged
cortisol levels can elevate blood pressure, impair cognitive performance and even
slow wound healing, and help with many other maladies, which is why preppers
should take note.

Chewing gum was included in military rations during World War II?
Gum helped soldiers release tension as they endured long marches or huddled in
the trenches. It seems the U.S. Army and Navy had an inkling long before the study!
They soon realized chewing gum also had other benefits...

#2: Gum increases mental alertness.
It's interesting to note that Wrigley's gum was the first gum included in U.S. military
rations of World War II. Wrigley's Spearmint gum, picture immediate left, was a
regular part of the "rations." Gum helped soldiers stay alert, relieve stress, and
quench thirst. Today the military uses a special caffeine gum for situations of sleep
deprivation where it's impractical to drink or brew coffee.

No time for coffee? Just chew gum!
Chewing ordinary gum increases mental alertness by encouraging blood flow to the
brain, and chewing a gum with caffeine provides the added benefit of increased
stimulation and alertness.

There are many specially formulated brands of chewing gum brands loaded with

  • Stay Alert Military Caffeine Gum: Stay Alert Gum has been supporting our
    troops in the Middle East. Paramedics, firefighters and police officers have also
    found this gum to be compact and a fast acting tool for stopping fatigue.
    Works instantly! Through oral absorption, chewing one piece delivers 100 mg
    of caffeine five times faster than pills or the caffeine in coffee.

  • Jolt Gum: Jolt gum has caffeine, guarani and ginseng. Just two piece of Jolt
    Gum equal 1 cup of coffee, which is same Jolt as Jolt Cola! One pack contains
    about as much caffeine as six cups of coffee. That's an ideal energy boost for
    your bug out bag.

  • BlackJack Gum. BlackJack Gum is a strong and minty gum that's sure to wake
    you up! Ingredients such as oolong tea extract, gingko extract, and caffeine
    give this gum that extra punch.

Now you know how chewing gum can provide a stress release and keep you alert,
but gum also provides many more benefits useful to preppers. Gum will help you
concentrate on the important survival tasks at hand...

#3. Gum improves concentration, and enhances working memory.
Chewing gum (whether or not it has caffeine in it) can enhance your working
memory. When you chew, you relieve tension in the jaw and along with it some
anxiety, which is one reason why many teachers use chewing gum in their
classrooms. Chewing gum can help kids with learning disabilities, such as Dyslexia,
to relieve the pressure of reading or doing math problems. Teachers are discovering
that chewing gum during an exam improves test scores as well, and there's
research to back the claim:

  • Chewing gum improves tests scores. Contributing factors, according to the
    article from NBC, is that chewing increases arousal by means of increased
    heart rate, blood pressure, and cerebral blood flow. The increased blood flow
    improves test performance.

There is a science behind the fact that chewing gum can help to get your brain tuned
up for an exam. Studies cite a "mastication induced arousal" -- whereby the act of
chewing gum stimulates the hippocampus (the part of your brain that plays a
significant role in memory). In short, chewing ordinary gum warms up the brain,
thought it may not improve memory for the long term.

Here's food for thought: perhaps they didn't try different kinds of gum.

More to think about....
As a prepper, not only do you want to be as stress-free as possible, but you'll need  
to concentrate. Think Gum will help you do just that! Think Gum is designed to
enhance mental performance. It contains potent herbs and herbal extracts that are
scientifically demonstrated to improve concentration, increase alertness, reduce
careless errors and enhance information recall.

  • Think Gum: Chewing ordinary gum improves memory, but Think Gum is a
    sugar-free, candy-coated chewing gum carefully designed to enhance mental
    performance. It contains potent herbs and herbal extracts that are
    scientifically demonstrated to improve concentration, increase alertness,
    reduce careless errors and enhance information recall.

#4. Gum improves morale.
The sweetness of gum will help boost morale and may also supply a little boost of
energy. A small act of kindness could go a long way in stressful times. Think of the
gum as a way to "break the ice" with a stranger to help you assess whether the
person is a threat to your family and livelihood in uncertain times. Add your favorite
gum to your supply list! Have some handy if you have little ones who might need to
be quiet to hide. Gum will keep their mouths occupied.

  • Wrigleys at Wartime. Did you know U.S. Soldiers distributed gum from their
    rations during World War II (along with chocolate) as a form of goodwill to the
    people of war-torn regions?

  • Dubble Bubble during the Great Depression. Dubble Bubble Gum also put a
    smile on the faces of the kids of the Great Depression (it came out in 1928)/
    and it could put on smile on yours too. Chewing gum helps provide a sense of
    normalcy in uncertain times and has many other benefits. Don't over look this
    inexpensive part of your preps!

#5: Gum aids digestion, and relieves nausea.
Ordinary chewing gum increases the saliva production in your mouth. In turn, these
stomach acids help break down food to aid digestion. Some gum goes beyond the
ordinary to aid in digestion by relieving nausea.

Ginger gum can provide all-natural relief from nausea. Ginger gum is ideal for women
in your group who may become pregnant because 80% of women experience
nausea during their pregnancy. Ginger has been used as a medicinal herb for
thousands of years. Now you can enjoy its natural soothing properties in a fast-
acting, great-tasting chewing gum. This drug free option for reducing nausea
symptoms related to morning sickness

  • Anti Nausea Ginger Gum, pictured immedate left, is an all natural releif of
    nausea. Ideal for motion sickness, morning sickness, general nausea and
    stomach upset or chemotherapy, you'll find ginger gum a good drug-free

  • Sea-Band Anti-nausea Ginger gum. Pictured right, Sea Band Anti-nausea
    ginger gum is a drug-free alernative for morning sickness, chemotherapy and
    induced nausea relief.

#6: Gum acts as an appetite suppressant.
Another reason the military favors chewing gum is that it may help suppress an
appetite for when eating a meal is not convenient for the job at hand. The same
scenario may be true of preppers. Chewing gum can help suppress an appetite,
which may be a useful aid in distracting when food supplies are short.

While ordinary gum can satiate appetites, at least briefly, there is a gum on the
market with the specific task of suppressing appetite:

  • Zoft Gum: Pictured immediate left is Zoft Hoodia Gordonii Gum Appetite
    Suppressant. You get five packs (or a one-month supply) for $10 including
    shipping. Zoft Hoodia Gum is an advanced, cutting-edge appetite
    suppressant, which may prove useful when food is in short supply.

#7: Gum can quench thirst.
Helping to quench thirst is one of the many benefits the U.S. military found in adding
gum to its rations. Ordinary gum releases flavor to stimulate saliva, which moistens
the mouth, but there's gum available that does more than the ordinary!

  • Quench Gum: Quench gum is a classic sports gum that can be a bridge to
    hydration and keeps you in the game. Keep some in your bugout bag. The
    Sports team bucket has approximately 200 assorted pieces of gum, including
    grape, juicy orange, tangy fruit punch and classic original lemon.For quick
    recovery and energy, Quench Gum actually quenches thirst and provides
    electrolytes plus 5 mg potassium. High citric acid content stimulates salivary
    glands and increases oxygen intake.

  • Vitamin and Electrolyte Sport gum. VitaminGum Sports gum, pictured
    immediate right, is specially formulated for your young athletes and keeping it
    fun as well as nutritional. Chew before, during and after your favorite sports
    activities for an extra boost of nutrition. Each gumball is individually wrapped,
    so you can have it as part of your everyday carry.

#8: Gum can fix a myriad of broken things.
It's well documented that Nahuatl-Aztecs used chicle as a sticky substance to bind
things together. Preppers can take a thoughtful application to this concept by using
gum to repair eyeglasses, broken pottery, and more.

Can gum fix your love life? Miracle Cougar Gum is an aphrodisiac with such a claim.

  • NOTE: You can fix many things with gum, but a leaky pipe is not one of them.
    Chewing gum is not strong enough to fix a leaky pipe because the water
    pressure is too much for the gum to withstand.

#9: Gum helps catch fish!
You might be surprised to know that you can also use gum as catfish bait and
minnows! Gum has also been used as crab lure. We suggest using gum with sugar
(and not the sugar free variety). Gum with color also may help.

Don't believe us? See the video below to learn how to catch a minnow with Orbit
Gum (quick proof that you can catch a fish with gum):

#10: Gum is useful in bartering.
Gum will prove extremely useful in bartering. In case the world goes completely off
the grid, gum will be a luxury item for barter. The nice thing about gum is that it
packs nicely and doesn't cost too much. During the Great Depression, small hard
candies became popular treats and "gum was heaven," according to the biographer
Walter E. Diemer who was the inventor of bubblegum.

#11: Gum promotes oral health and other health benefits.
You may know that 4 out of 5 dentists recommend chewing gum, but did you ever
stop and wonder why they recommend it? Well, it turns out that 80% of cavities
happen inside the pits and fissures of teeth. These pits and fissures trap food
particles under chewing pressure. But a carbohydrate like sugar in the gum can
change the trapped food into acid that brushing can't reach.

Anthropological evidence suggests Neanderthal man may have chewed birch tree tar
sap for it's anti-fungal and antimicrobial agents perhaps to combat a toothache. If
anything, gum will certainly ensure that a prepper has fresh breath.

  • Dentyne. Dentyne gum was born of notion that gum promotes "dental

  • Glee Gum (the most natural chewing gum):  Glee Gum comes from chicle, a
    natural tree sap harvested sustainably from the rainforests of Central America.
    Glee Gum, is made of all-natural, gluten-free chewing gum with no artificial
    coloring, flavoring, sweeteners, or preservatives. Glee Gum is the only gum in
    North America made the old fashioned way, with chicle, a natural tree sap
    harvested sustainable from the rain forests of Central America. Once all
    chewing gum was made with chicle, but today most gum is made entirely from
    synthetic stuff. Not Glee Gum! Glee Gum uses chicle because it helps conserve
    the rain forest. Chicle is also what gives the gum such great, long-lasting

Other health benefits of chewing gum...
You've always known that chewing gum reduces cavities and plaque, but now you
know gum provides many other healthful benefits. Strangely, chewing gum prevents
heartburn!Some gums pack the power of antioxidants:

  • Mega-T Green: Mega-T Green Tea Chewing gum is one such gum and it
    delivers the health benefits of two cups of green tea.

  • Warning: Chewing gum is indeed an exercise of the jaw and may prevent you
    from clenching your teeth. Beware, however, that chewing too hard may
    exacerbate or trigger temporo-mandibular joint disorder (TMD), if you over use
    your jaw to chew.

Chewing Gum Factiods
Here are some fun facts about chewing gum:

  • Did you say bacon? John Bacon Curtis was the first to commercially produce
    chewing gum. He sold it in 1848. Perhaps in humble homage to Mr. Bacon,
    today you can find bacon-flavored gumballs, pictured left from Accoutrements.

  • Blibber-blubber was the original name of chewing gum. The name failed
    from a marketing perspective because people thought the product was just
    too sticky. By now you've come to realize the value of chewing gum to
    preppers, and this is just one of the fun factoids about chewing gum.

  • Think twice before chewing gum in Singapore! Chewing gum has been
    illegal in Singapore. The country banned gum in 1992 because of a litter
    problem. Punishment is severe for even minor infractions.

  • Don't cry! If your eyes tear while cutting onions, then chew gum while slicing
    onions to remedy that problem next time!

  • Gum helped pay for war? Yes, there was a tax on chewing gum (War
    Revenue Act of 1899), which helped pay for the Spanish-American War.

  • Potential fodder for the compost pile? Strangely already chewed chewing
    gum will make a fine addition as composting material. Read the full list of
    weird composting materials.

  • You can start a fire with a gum wrapper. The chewing gum wrapper is a
    firestarter. Here's how chewing gum can help you start a fire:

Final Thoughts
Stress is both a physical and a mental reaction to threatening situations whether
perceived or real. It's good to know that chewing gum can help preppers relieve
stress, and so much more, including increasing concentration, relieving nausea and
providing a boost in morale!

Be happy and chew gum. Chewing gum might just save your life!

Here's how to make gum from a Spruce Tree:

Chewing gum is a survival item you may have overlooked until now. Learn how to
make chewing gum (and be sure to keep it in your preps).

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