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Affordable Lodge cast Iron cookware Set
Now let's get to how to clean your Lodge cast iron cookware...
The three most important things to remember are:

  • #1: Never use soap to clean. In the Lodge video above,
    you'll note that the instructions are to use soap "if desired."
    Here's what you need to know... If you use soap you'll make
    your food taste like soap! That's because anything you put
    on your Lodge is seasoning for the next time you use it.
    Instead, you can boil and gently loosen the food to clean.
    The dishwasher-safe, premium-grade stainless steel chain,
    picture left makes for easy cleaning of any cast iron
    cookware whether it's a baking sheet, tea pot, cookie sheet,
    cauldron, tortilla press, hibachi, or cornbread pan!

  • #2: Always keep your cast iron dry. When cast iron is wet,
    it will rust. That's why it's important to thoroughly dry your
    cast iron cookware. Never leave it overnight in water. Make
    sure between use to store in a warm, dry place. Also, be
    sure to store lids separately or cracked so air can circulate!

  • #3: Regularly oil your cast iron (that's the seasoning).
    Before use, your Lodge cast iron pots, pans and dutch ovens
    will have a seasoning with oil, which adds flavoring to your
    meals and a healthy dose of iron. To replace the seasoning
    applied by the manufacturer you can choose your favorite oil
    whether it's lard, olive oil, coconut oil, or your favorite
    vegetable oil. Some claim that because you've got your
    Lodge well seasoned with oil that you'll use less oil to cook
    or bake.

Cleaning your Lodge is easy: Just wipe away the food after use
and clean with hot water if necessary. Dry thoroughly and use an
inexpensive oil to coat the cooking surface. This restores the
"seasoning." Try the Lodge chain to clean like the pros.

Get into Lodge!
Lodge is a healthy cast iron cooking essential for your kitchen.
Lodge comes in a variety of sizes and styles to meet all your
cooking needs. If you already have a Lodge, then add a grill
press, pan scraper or bacon seasoning to your kitchen.

Here are some essential Lodge cast iron pieces essential in the
prepper's kitchen:

  • Cast iron stove. Nothing beats living off the grid with a cast
    iron stove as it brings a great feeling of self-reliance. It
    heats your home and helps you purify water and cook so long
    as you have a fuel source (wood or charcoal). Your cast iron
    stove is a survival lifeline.

  • Tortilla Press. If you buy a tortilla press, pictured immediate
    right, be sure to stock up on masa harina. Spanish for
    "dough," masa is the flour of finely ground maize, hominy or
    corn. It's basically been dried, cooked, ground, soaked in
    lime and then dried again. It reconstitutes easily with warm
    water to make corn tortillas, empanadas, pupusas and
    tamales. Read more about Mexican food storage.

  • Lodge Dutch oven. The classic accessory, you can buy a
    dutch oven with feet (for a fire pit) or without feet for your
    cast iron cookstove. Both versions are pictured above.

  • Lodge skillets. A Lodge 12-inch cast iron skillet is around
    $19 and with available FREE shipping on combined orders of
    more than $25. Pair it with the six-inch skillet, which is
    around $9 and get the free shipping.

  • Lodge Logic Pro Cast Iron Grill/Griddle. A best seller with
    Amazon, the Lodge griddle, pictured above left, is a
    reversible grill.

Get Cooking!
You'll find your Lodge indispensable for all kinds of cooking. Like
the book says, there are 101 things you can do with a Dutch oven.

Happy Endings...
From fried eggs to peach cobbler, you'll appreciate Lodge cast iron
for camping or your kitchen. You'll feel better about the cooking
you'll do for your family and you may even decide to throw away
the microwave. It's super quick and easy to heat up leftovers in
your Lodge.

  • Can you use soap? Can you use soap on cast iron? This is a
    heated issue and Lodge knows it. That's why in their video
    they say to "use soap if desired." Is it necessary to use
    soap? No. Should you use soap? Happypreppers.com says no,
    never wash cast iron cookware with soap or the future food
    you make in it will taste like soap. If you use soap on your
    cast iron, you're using soap for seasoning. So sure, go ahead
    and use soap if soap seasoning is desired! There, now you
    have your answer as to

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Caring for your Lodge Cast Iron Cookware
Lodge products are easy to clean. Just boil with hot water or
scrape. Then ensure the iron gets a coat of grease or oil before
you store it for the next meal.

Here's how to clean your Lodge cast iron:
Cast Iron Tools
Lodge and our favorite cast iron tools

Healthy prepper cooking in a Lodge cast iron.
Give the gift of Lodge this holiday ~ it's a classic prepper item to
own, plus it's healthy cooking. cast iron cookware is highly
durable for camping and has an effective heat distribution. You
see, Lodge cast iron cookware leaches iron into the food during
the cooking process, ~ this is good for anyone in the family with
iron deficiency problems!

Cast iron tools by Lodge are a favorite kitchen tool of preppers.
The American-based company Lodge has been fine-tuning its
construction of rugged, cast-iron cookware for more than a
century. No other metal is as long-lasting and works as well for
spreading and retaining heat evenly during cooking. Lodge's Logic
line of cookware comes factory pre-seasoned with the company's
vegetable oil formula, and is ready to use right out of the box.

Dutch ovens are among the best sellers of Lodge cast iron
cookware ~ and ne of the best selling Lodge dutch ovens is the
red enameled Dutch Oven, pictured immediate right

Lodge Cast Iron Cooking
Seven reasons why you want to start cooking with Lodge:

#1: Healthy cooking!
Stainless steel cookware is fine, but you'll totally want to skip the
dangerous aluminum cookware (and that toxic non-stick crap)!
Lodge cast iron cooking is healthy cooking. How so? The cast iron
cookware leaches iron into your food as you cook. Cast iron
cooking is healthy cooking because it enables a healthy portion of
iron to release into your food. This is good for anyone in the
family, like kids who may have an iron deficiency problem.

#2: Cast iron provides fast, even heating.
Cast iron cookware provides a fast and even heating ~ it's a
thermal powerhouse! You just may be tempted to throw away
your microwave!. Seriously, if you're still using a microwave, then
perhaps you aren't really a prepper.

#3: Bring your Lodge camping.
Cast iron cookware is built to go from stove top to campfire!
You'll ruin your other cookware if you put it directly on the fire or
coals. Nothing tastes better when in the fresh out doors when
you've got something tasty cooking over the coals.

#4: Lodge is a classic!
Cast iron was just as classic with the pioneers as it was with your
great Grandmother! Lodge has been around for more than a
hundred years as a time-tested and worthwhile kitchen tool.

Lodge is a classic pan for corn bread! See the muffin tins and the
loaf pan, right.

#5: Cast iron is inexpensive.
Cast iron is inexpensive to own. The only exception is the fancy
patriot red apple Lodge, pictured immediate left, which will cost
you as much as the whole five-piece sets pictured above.
Cast-iron lovers will appreciate this special dutch oven.

#6: Lodge is Made in the U.S.A.
Made in America matters to preppers. As the economy takes a
tumble, it's more important than ever to invest in American-made
products. When you buy locally made products, you support local
people. When you buy
American-made prepping products you
support the American people.

#7: (Even Rapunzel is uses cast iron)!
Is Rapunzel a prepper? Perhaps! She knows how to use her cast
iron skillet!
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