bread for survival

Survival Breads
Food storage options for bread making

Bread is a classic sustenance for survival in most every culture.
There are many references to bread for survival:

  • "Give us this day our daily bread" takes on a very important
    meaning for preppers! And there are more references to
    bread making in the bible:

  • "Take thou also unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans,
    and lentils, and millet, and fitches, and put them in one
    vessel, and make thee bread thereof... -Ezekiel 4:9"

Variety certainly will make survival more bearable, and as such,
preppers thinking of enhancing their food storage system should
take a closer look at
grains and breads.

Survival Bread and Food Storage
Preppers plan a variety of breads in their food storage. Many
preppers choose to store hearty and wholesome hard red wheat
and or the lighter and more popular white wheat, and then grind
it themselves to make not only breads, but also biscuits, muffins,
cookies and more.

Start by grinding your own hard wheat and then you can expand
your bread selection start making breads from other grains, such
corn, rye and oats. See more in our grains for preppers pages.

Here is a list of popular breads for preppers:

  • Bannock Bread. Bannock bread is a crude and nutritious
    bushcraft-style of survival bread that's baked over an open
    fire. Here's how to bake Bannock Bread. See also hard tack.

  • Bread in a can! B&M Brown Bread at the bottom of the
    page, is a bread immediately edible from the can, and is
    often served with beans. See also the canned bread mixes at
    the bottom of the page.

  • Cornbread. Pioneers baked cornbread in a cast iron skillet.
    Today, preppers use corn meal to make corn bread, pancakes
    and muffins. They also use this course flour to coat meats
    and to keep artisan breads from sticking to the pan. You'll
    find corn meal is a very useful item in the prepper's pantry.

  • Ezekiel bread. You don't need to be religious to enjoy
    Ezikiel bread! Ezekiel Bread (sometimes also called "Bible
    Bread" or "Manna Bread") is a bread baked from a specific
    recipe found in the Old Testament, which reads "Take thou
    also unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans, and lentils,
    and millet, and fitches, and put them in one vessel, and
    make thee bread thereof... -Ezekiel 4:9" When you combine
    these six grains and legumes an amazing thing happens: the
    combination forms a complete protein! You'll find many
    recipes for Ezekiel Bread on the web, but they all call for the
    these six grains. The Handy Pantry Sprouting Ezekiel Bread
    Grain Mix is certified organic, and has the perfect proportion
    of grains to help you bake delicious and wholesome Ezekiel
    Bread. An Ezekiel bread sprouting mix, made with the
    organic ingredients specified in Ezekiel 4:9. Highly
    nutritious, high in fiber and the perfect combination of
    protein, this hearty bread is a healthful choice for preppers
    and provides an easy solution to long term food storage
    needs because it comes in a #10 can.

  • Fry Bread. Fry bread is the traditional bread of Native
    Americans. It's perfect for Indian Tacos.

  • Hard tack. Hard tack was a bread baked and eaten by
    pioneers and during the civil war. It's more of a hard cracker
    than bread. Soldiers and pioneers moistened their hard tack
    by dipping it in coffee, much the way Italians dip their
    biscotti. Consider also learning how to make bannock bread,
    which has a fluffier consistency, though also a hard-cracker
    like bread. Here's how to make hard tack.

  • Irish soda bread.

  • Meals Ready to Eat (MRE). You may be able to find Military
    Ration Wheat Snack Bread as pictured right, as part of Meals
    Ready to Eat kits, or single servings available for purchase.
    They are handy for all that peanut butter you have on hand.

  • Pilot Bread (Crackers). Pilot bread isn't bread at all. It's a
    sort of hard cracker used for survival. A classic maker of pilot
    bread is Mountain House. Mountain House Pilot Crackers,
    pictured immediate right, packs 67 servings, which will
    bevgreat with all the peanut butter you've stored. Crisp,
    buttery pilot bread crackers are ideal for snacking or a
    crunchy side dish to soups or pasta entrees.

  • Sprouted bread Mix. This sprouted bread kit includes
    everything you need to get started making your own organic
    whole grain sprouted wheat bread from scratch. Includes
    grain, sprouter, recipe book and more. Certified Organic.
    Make your own delicious and amazingly nutritious sprouted
    grain breads from scratch. The kit includes 3 different types
    of organic wheat (hard red, soft white, hard white) a tray
    sprouter, instructions and a detailed recipe book. Takes the
    mystery out of making your own sprouted wheat bread. You
    provide your own grain grinder and other ingredients like

  • Tortillas. Bread of the Hispanic population includes warm
    tortillas, which are relatively easy to make: corn tortillas
    require only warm water and masa harina, plus a little oil to
    fry! Ideal to make with a cast iron tortilla press, you can
    make tortillas quickly and easily to satisfy a hungry family.
    Check out our Mexican Food Storage for more ideas.

  • French Bread Mix (Auguson Farms #10 can). You're going
    to miss real French bread if you don't know how to make it
    yourself! Even if you know how to make this baked treat,
    pictured at the top of the page, you'll appreciate the
    Augason Farms French Bread Mix to add variety to your long
    term storage food plan.

More Ways Enhance your Bread Food Storage

  • Augason Farms butter powder #10 can. Packed with 204
    servings, the Augason Farms Butter powder is appropriate
    for use in any recipe that calls for Butter. Amazingly useful,
    versatile and flavorful, Butter powder can be used in soups,
    sauces and candies-any recipe that calls for regular butter

  • Provident Pantry Butter Powder #10 can. Provident Pantry
    butter powder, pictured immediate left, re-hydrates and
    spreads smooth, like real butter and because it is real
    butter. Have fun by adding honey, herb or citrus to make
    yummy flavored butters too! Made from real sweat cream
    butter, Provident Pantry Butter Powder will help you add
    flavor for baking too!

  • Peanut butter Powder. Just add water to Honeyville Farms
    Peanut butter powder for a protein packed spread for
    crackers and breads.

Don't have yeast?

Happy endings....
Bread from a can is a good prep to have and here's how to make
bread in a can:
Sprouted Bread Mix
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