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  • The easy way to get a one-month food supply. Do
    you have a 30-day supply of food for everyone in your
    family? The easiest way to get started prepping is to
    buy freeze dried foods packed to last 25-years or more.

  • New! The silent war with Russia: The Russians are
    meddling with the U.S. elections, but there's much
    more to worry about. The Russians are going after the
    U.S. infrastructure to control our water, our food, our
    electricity, our transportation, our banking and more.
    Get wise on the Russian Federation cold war that's
    already started.

  • New! Beware of unabomber copycats. Even as
    authorities affirm that the suspected bomber in Austin
    Texas is dead, and citizens of Austin breathe a collective
    sigh of relief, preppers must maintain situational
    awareness always. There are possible lingering bombs
    and packages and possible co-conspirators. In short,
    beware of bombing copycats.

  • Bits of plastic in the water? Now more than ever it's
    time to ensure you have safe drinking water with the
    Big Berkey, pictured right.

  • Add more fruit to your prepper's pantry. Freeze
    dried and dehydrated fruits from Augason Farms offer a
    long-term food storage option to help you get fruit into
    your pantry. Save a whopping 52% on the Augason
    Farms Freeze dried fruit bucket, pictured immediate

  • New! Develop a Food Rationing Strategy. No
    matter how much food and water you stockpile, and no
    matter how robust your garden is growing, there's one
    thing that's for sure ~ eventually your food supply will
    run out. When food is scarce, have a plan for rationing
    the last of the food (and an ethical plan if possible).

  • Emergency water pouches. What's the deal with
    those emergency drinking water pouches in survival
    kits? Are emergency water pouches worth the price?

  • Stock market jitters? You can breathe a sigh of relief
    that the Dow is still ahead of Trump's first day of office:

  • Growing concerns about North Korea.... Everyone
    should prepare for nuclear war!

  • Top ten medicines to stockpile for emergencies.
    Medicine cabinet "must haves" for preppers... When
    there is no pharmacy what then? While you can't
    stockpile prescriptions  beyond your needs, there are
    some basic over-the-counter medications preppers
    should have in the medicine cabinet. Here's our list of
    ten over-the-counter medications to stock...

  • What's in the prepper's pantry? Below are some
    ideas to help build your stash.

  • Shop Amazon like a dollar store! Have you ever
    thought of shopping Amazon like a dollar store? It's
    possible when you know some tricks. One of the tricks
    is buying in bulk and you can buy in bulk online and
    save money.
Georgia Pacific Toilet paper deal
Shop bulk foods online and use coupons to save up to 30%.

More prepping articles...  

  • Prepper Toilets. What's your plan when the stuff hits
    the fan? If your #1 place to go #2 isn't available
    because the toilets won't flush you need a backup
    option. Read about your Prepper Toilet Options.

  • How much water should you have for an
    emergency? A family of four needs 270 gallons of
    water for a three month supply, according to Utah State
    University. That's entirely too many bottles of water to
    have in storage, which is why you need to look at all
    your options for emergency water storage. How to buy
    large water tanks. Large water storage tanks provide
    the answer to your family's emergency water needs as
    a secondary source to the municipal water supply. No
    matter where you live, having a secondary supply of
    water is important.

  • How to buy large water tanks. Large water storage
    tanks provide the answer to your family's emergency
    water needs as a secondary source to the municipal
    water supply. No matter where you live, having a
    secondary supply of water is important. You can have
    large water tanks delivered! Here's what to know about
    large water tanks.

  • Think you're tapping into clean drinking water?
    When you turn on the faucet you may be tapping into a
    cocktail of unwanted contaminants, potentially deadly
    toxins and organisms. Instead tap into this article on
    the 10 reasons not to drink the tap water.

  • Home, sweet homestead. For those still dreaming of
    owning a homestead, it's good to know that you really
    can buy land for next to nothing to get your homestead

  • Shopping thrift shops for prepping books?
    Prepping books are hard to come by at garage sales
    and thrift shops, but you can shop Amazon for used
    prepping and survival books and save money. Here are
    Ten Prepping books to buy used on Amazon.

  • How to pick a prepper's sleeping bag. Sleep tight
    knowing you've picked the right sleeping bag for
    bugging out or camping. Here's everything you need to
    know about how to pick a prepper's sleeping bag.

  • Waterstraws suck! Water straws are your last
    resource for survival. While great to have in the glove
    compartment, water straws are highly impractical for
    backpacking. Better to invest in a Katadyn. Experienced
    backpackers know waterstraws suck!

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