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Hawke's Special Forces handboo
Big Berkey Water filtration System
Katadyn water filter for the bugout bag
Meals Ready to Eat
Best groceries to buy on Amazon
Dozens of homesteading uses of zote soap
nine reasons to love a Big Berkey
Prepper's Guide to the Food Saver
Proper use of a mylar blanket
Yellow Gamma Seal lid
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panty hose for survival - weird survival tool
Lifestraw gravity fed water filters
Lifestraw community
Wholesale lot of Bic lighters
Seychelle water filtration system
IOSAT Nukepills
How to get free stuff on Amazon.
It's legal! Here are legitimate ways to shop Amazon and get free
books, prepping supplies or groceries. Save your money for more
Ten free preps
37 foods to hoard before crisis - food supplies for emergencies
99 ways to spend a buck prepping the dollar stores
Katadyn Pro Hiker Water filter
Above, preppers can shop bulk foods online and use coupons to save up to 30%.
Red Chemical Light
Pilot crackers
Polar Pure Water Disinfectant
Yoder's hamburger, pork sausage, turkey and more
KA-bar fighting knife
CLIF Shot energy gel
P51 can openers
Geiger Counter
Pemmican - fruit and nut
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  • What are the best prepper Web sites? We used Alexa.com
    to rank the top prepper Web sites in the United States. Use
    the list to find your favorite site or discover new ones! We
    update regularly. (Last updated it Sunday, March 19.)

  • New! If a fire breaks out, will you know what to do? Most
    preppers are not confident in using a fire extinguisher. Know
    how to use a fire extinguisher and have plenty on hand...

  • New! Find your perfect match. Survival matches come in
    several varieties. Know the difference between a stormproof
    match, strike anywhere match, the green tip kind and more.
    Find the perfect survival match and garner a few match
    hacks and skills for your survival.

  • New! Cooking with powdered buttermilk! Do you have
    powdered buttermilk in your pantry? Maybe you should! It's
    delicious, convenient, versatile and money saving! Here's a
    look at cooking with powdered buttermilk. Did we mention
    soapmaking? Yes! Use powdered buttermilk for that too.

  • Pemmican survival food. Here's something for the bugout
    bag... From the Native Americans tradition comes a survival
    bar like no other: pemmican bars are a sustaining source of
    energy. Learn how to make pemmican.

  • Avian Flu preparedness. Get your pandemic kits ready as
    the bird flu has surfaced and poultry farmers must cull their
    flocks. At minimum have anti-viral masks in your vehicle and
    handy at work. Here's how to prepare for bird flu.

  • Cooking with canned hamburger. There are lots of canned
    meats available at the local grocery stores, but have you
    come across a can of ground beef or canned hamburger? Give
    it a try! Here are recipes to try using canned hamburger.

  • No yeast breads. No yeast is no problem if you're a
    prepper! Here's a list of no yeast breads to bake and savor.
    Baking peasant breads is one of the forgotten skills of self-

  • Spinach flakes and how to use them. You may come across
    spinach flakes in your quest for your prepper's pantry and
    not know how to use them. Think of spinach flakes like an
    herb! Here's how to cook with dehydrated spinach flakes.

  • Planning emergency meals. What are your emergency food
    options? This list of emergency food provides an overview for
    your prepper's pantry, your go bags, and your vehicles, so
    you're ready when the "S" hits the fan.

  • Are you new to prepping and want an easy project? Do
    you need a few quick weekend prepping projects? Are you
    looking for prepping projects so easy that a kid could do it?
    Following is just such a list of easy prepping projects. Learn
    how to use a military P-51 can opener!

  • Survival uses of a bandanna. Have you considered the
    humble bandanna, which as an icon of the American West? A
    bandanna has incredible survival uses. Be sure to have a
    bandanna handy in your go-bags.

  • Fruit storage ideas beyond raisins and fruit leathers.
    Anyone new to prepping or who wants to add variety to their
    stockpiles, should consider fruit as food storage. Here's how
    to add more fruit into your prepper's pantry.

  • Do you know how much water you need for a family of
    four? Your strategy for survival includes storing adequate
    water for the short term and having different methods for
    filtering it when water runs out: water filtration and storage.

  • Below are cheap ways to prep for little or no money!

  • Energy chews, gels and tablets provide endurance.
    Energy bites give you a psychological edge and can save you
    from pure exhaustion when bugging out. Some also provide
    electrolytes, and reduce cramping. Give energy chews a shot
    and check out our review of energy chews, gels, and tablets.

  • Do you stock colloidal silver in your medicine cabinet?
    Maybe you should! Here's what to know about colloidal silver.

  • Stock up on cooking oils and fats! Generally, cooking oils
    don't have a long shelf life, but rancid oils can also be used
    as fuel. Here are the best prepper cooking oils for long term
    food storage.

  • Get ready for cold and flu season. Boost your immunity
    with foods, dietary supplements and essential oils.

  • Survival radio review. An emergency weather radio is a
    basic survival tool. Have one ready for when your cell phone
    won't work to get life-saving information.

  • Do you know the value of a red chem light? Every prepper
    should own the red kind and know the differences between
    the colors. Red may not burn as bright, but there's good
    reason to stock the red ones. On chem light color uses,
    there's much to know: All about chem lights.

  • Live near a nuclear reactor? You might as well stock up on
    iOSAT -- Potassium Iodide tablets. Get one packet for
    everyone in your household. Stockpiling potassium iodide
    (KI), Nukepills, pictured right, is highly recommended by
    health officials worldwide to prevent thyroid cancer of those
    exposed to radioactive iodine following a nuclear reactor
    accident or detonation of a nuclear weapon. Radioactive
    iodine can travel hundreds of miles downwind, such as it did
    after the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters.

  • Get your Gamma Seal Lids! Gamma seal lids convert
    buckets into waterproof and airtight storage containers. They
    make it easy to get into your food storage! Ordinary buckets
    may have a lid, but you'll surely break a fingernail getting
    into your food storage if you don't have a bucket opener.
    Gamma seal is a plastic screw on bucket lid that's easy to
    open and easy to seal back for the next time.

  • Revisit this popular prepping article: Ten free preps. We
    promise you that they won't cost you a dime.

  • What does the U.S. Military use to purify water? The
    answer? Katadyn pocket water filter is a favorite of outdoor
    enthusiasts, international travelers, and the U.S. Military.

  • What to expect when a prepper is expecting. Hey Mama!
    Hey Papa! Get your obstetrical kit together, re-evaluate your
    bugout bag, stock the pregnant prepper's pantry, get baby
    safe and more. Be prepared to handle a pregnancy in crisis.

  • Doing the laundry without electricity. Off-grid washing
    machines and how to do the laundry without electricity.
    Wash clothes without electricity, like the Amish! Here's a list
    of the Off grid laundry methods.

  • Reasons to stockpile oats in the prepper's pantry. The list
    of possibilities is endless when it comes to oats. You can
    toast oats, grind them into flour, bake them, sprout them,
    boil them, and also make oat milk, use them medicinally and
    more. We've enhanced this article to include a total of 15
    ideas for including them in your pantry. There's more reason
    than ever to stockpile oats in the prepper's pantry.

  • Prepare for economic collapse. Right now the economy is
    doing well apparently because of President Elect Trump.
    Don't let your guard down, just yet because the time to
    prepare for economic collapse is when things are still good.

  • Knives are still an important part of survival. Today you
    can't enter a court room, a school room, or a plane with a
    knife, but back in the day a gentleman, an outdoorsman, or
    a boy scout was never without a pocket knife. Things have
    changed, but one thing hasn't: the importance of knives in
    survival! Here are the best military and survival knives.

  • Lifestraw Community can filter 26,000 gallons of water!
    Did you know Lifestraw has a gravity fed system that can
    provide water to an entire community? Lifestraw Community,
    pictured right, can purify between 70,000-100,000 liters of
    water. That's 18,000- 26,000 gallons of water, which is
    enough to serve community settings for several years.

  • Prepare your dog for survival. You need only look at a
    homeless person with a dog to know the true value of
    owning a canine in crisis. Why don't you start prepping for
    your dog?

  • How to get the bugs to bugout, naturally!

  • Flick your BIC lighter. Mykel Hawke brings a BIC -- it's a
    favorite survival tool. A survivor of the Bosnian war found
    BIC lighters to be more valuable than a generator, and we
    agree. See our wholesale source of BIC lighters.

  • Prepper's Guide to the Food Saver. Thinking about getting
    a Food Saver? This will "seal the deal!" The Food Saver will
    save your food and a help you prepare for emergencies, too.
    Discover weird ways preppers use a FoodSaver.

  • A water filter for radiological contaminants? Yes! The
    Seychelle Family Radiological Water Filter, right, removes
    Radiological Contaminants such as Gross Beta, Radon 222,
    Alpha Radium 226, Plutonium, Uranium, Cesium 134 and 13!

  • Nuclear crisis. Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island.
    Nuclear crisis happens. Do you  live near a nuclear plant? If
    so, find out how you can protect yourself against radiation
    and how to identify radiation dangers. A geiger-counter,
    right, detects ionizing radiation.

    but probably doesn't.

  • List of Top Prepper Web sites.  This list of top ranking
    prepper web sites now includes homesteading sites, too.
    The list is based on Alexa rankings. Is your favorite site on
    the list of top prepper Web sites?

  • The importance of socks and pantyhose in survival.
    You won't look at your sock drawer in the same way ever
    again when you know... clean socks can help you avoid
    trench foot, filter water in a survival situation and more.

  • Popular articles on emergency preparedness...
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