Survive the EMP Aftermath

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Above, learn how to protect your electronics from an EMP.

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Above, Tucker Carlson discusses an EMP attack from North Korea.

When the grid goes down forever, what will you do?
In our first article on how to survive an EMP, we disclosed the
ten most dangerous places to be during an EMP, and showed
you how to set up your home to prepare.

An ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) is imminent whether as an
attack or as a result of a solar flare. An attack is particularly
concerning as it means an enemy could kill millions of people
without sending troops and all without making a sound. One
thing is for sure: we can't keep ignoring the problem. "We must
harden our infrastructure to withstand electromagnetic threats,"
says the U.S. News and World Report.

the EMP threat is real and growing.

Who has the power to make the U.S. grid go down?
The following countries have the power to decimate the
population in a slow death of starvation and disease resulting
from an EMP:
  • China
  • Iran
  • North Korea (possibly) and
  • the Soviet Union
  • the United States

How to prepare for an EMP
Learn how to prepare for and survive an EMP attack!

#1: Steer clear of electronics upon impact.
Be nimble. If you see a flash of white light, steer clear of
anything electronic. Anything that can conduct electricity will be
a deadly force

After you see the telltale and foreboding white light signaling
impending destruction, beware of power lines and circuitry, and
don't touch metal pipes to avoid electric shock. Even your
cellphone will have massive amounts of electricity racing
through it.

As mentioned in our
previous article on EMP, you should already
have a surge protector for the electronic equipment in your
home as a way to shield your devices from EMP. This should
provide a layer of protection.

#2: Fill up the bathtubs with water!
Americans take it for granted that when we turn on the faucet,
the water will come out, but after an EMP the horrifying truth is
that the water will eventually run dry and more quickly than you
may think.

Every prepper home would be well equipped with waterBOB for
each bathroom with a bathtub. Fresh water is a priority because
lack of it will be among the first killers following an EMP attack.
The waterBOB will get you through the worst and help you to
survive when the others will perish. It is only part of your plan
for water, which should also include filtration devices, such as:

#3: Keep your Faraday box intact for the short term.
Don't be tempted to open your Faraday box immediately in case
of geomagnetic storm. Like an earthquake, there may be waves
of destruction, whether man made or from the solar system. If
you take out your gear immediate to see what's happened, then
you could risk not being able to communicate at all.

#4: Assess the situation.
After surveying the damage locally to see that things have
stabilized, get out your prepper communications tools and
survey the breadth of damage. Is the damage limited to your
region or is the entire state or nation undergoing catastrophe?
Knowledge is key to determining your survival plan.

#5: Beware of Endemics!
Do you know the difference between and endemic and a
pandemic? An epidemic is the rapid spread of a localized
disease; while a pandemic strikes in world-wide proportions.
Whatever localized infection is taking place, there will be fewer
resources with which to handle. An endemic of one sort or
another is inevitable. As the gravity of the situation sets in,
you'll need to consider that illness can strike more quickly and
without help from doctors or hospitals.

#6: Keep your important gear in check.
If you've followed our first article on EMP, then you've amassed
the things you need (and now you must fight for your life to
keep them). Here is a list of basic EMP survival supplies:
  1. alternative refrigeration, including making a homemade
    zeer pot.
  2. firearms
  3. Off grid ovens, including Solar oven, volcano oven
  4. Off grid lighting, including oil lamps, soil
  5. Manual kitchen tools, including wall mounted can opener,
    and grain mills
  6. Water filtration and storage systems (and a well water

#7: Grow your own food.
If there's a hobby you should start now, well in advance of an
EMP, it's to grow your own fruits and vegetables.
To survive an
EMP you will need a food source. This means you will need to
have an EMP garden. Grow food, not lawns.

#8: Learn to hunt and fish (and human predators).
There will be competition for fish and game from other humans
trying to survive.

#9: Create a massive larder of food.
Well in advance of an EMP you'll need a long term food system
that will last you a year or more.
The best long term food
source are freeze dried and dehydrated foods, and grains stored
in food grade buckets.
Supersize your larder of food now!

#10: Know how to live without electricity.
Have a means to cook food when the lights go out permanently.
This means you will need a wood burning cookstove and solar

Master List of Essentials for an EMP
  1. Food. One-year food storage, including ready made canned
    foods, just add hot water meals; grains (wheat and rice)
    and beans; and dehydrated foods; and long term freeze
    dried foods which last upwards of 25 years.
  2. Water. Waters storage for three to six months and means
    to filter water for years to come.
  3. BIC lighter (and other firestarters). A BIC lighter is more
    valuable than a thousand generators.
  4. Several ways to light the night (lamp, flashlight,
    candles). A good option is a solar lamp as it is renewable
  5. Fuel (wood, charcoal, propane, rechargeable
    batteries). Biomass material is good, but you'll also need
    fuel for lighting.
  6. Rocket stove (and other alternative cooking methods).
    A rocket stove efficiently.
  7. Sanitation. Method to safely dump bodily waste. A way to
    do the laundry and a way to bathe and keep clean.
  8. Garbage and compost. Method for dealing with trash,
    potentially also to bury the dead.
  9. First aid, dental and medical kit.
  10. Refrigeration. Zeer pot, root cellar (for storage of root
    vegetables). Solar refrigerators are available.
  11. Faraday cage and communications. A two way radio, and
    a HAM radio protected in a Faraday cage potentially could
    help unveil the aftermath of an EMP attack to fully assess
    the situation.
  12. Firearms to defend and protect what is rightfully yours.

Now at least you have a chance for survival. The poor fools who
haven't read up on an EMP attack haven't got a chance.
How to prepare for an EMP
Survive an EMP
When the lights go out forever, then what?

Survive an EMP attack.
Remember when the coronavirus pandemic hit and you were out
of toilet paper? That's the least of your worries under an
electromagnetic pulse. Imagine a world where the trucks will
never deliver groceries again!

Under an EMP attack you will need to grow your own food, learn
to hunt and survive off the land because an EMP will crush
American life as we know it. We will be equal with the third world
nations and under the weak leadership, the world as we know it
will collapse.

How to Prepare for an EMP Attack
You can survive an ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) and prepare for a
total power failure and the chaos that will ensue if you're a

Experts agree that it's not so much a question of
if an EMP will
happen, but
when an EMP will happen. In other words, an EMP is
imminent. Are you prepared? What will you be doing one second
after? Did you know it already happened? Learn about the
Carrington Event and get prepared for an EMP.

If a nuclear explosion sets off above the atmosphere it can
destroy or disrupt the electrical power grid and thereby take down
anything electronic —computers, cars, communications, as well as
anything attached to the grid, including the food and water
supply, sending civilization back to the 1800s.  

Look up the
Carrington Event and you'll see it was the perfect
solar storm. This powerful geomagnetic solar storm in 1859
caused damage, but there wasn't much electricity at the time. All
the world's telegraph communications began to fail and while
significant, it pales in comparison. Imagine the same scenario
today. It would fry every communication from your debit card to
your cell phone. In a flash it would be 1859.

If the lights go out forever today it could cause "tens of millions
of people to die," explains John Moore an Electrical Engineer to
Tucker Carlson....