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  • * Note:  Capsaicin may make certain drugs less effective, so ask your
    doctor before trying a capsiacin regimen if you are taking Tagamet,
    Nexium, Pepcid, Prilosec or Zantac, for example.

Here's how to use cayenne and capsiacin for pain relief:
For arthritis, lower back pain, headaches, joint pain or a tooth
absess, capsiaicin is an effective
natural pain relief option.

  • Abscess. Cayenne can dull the pain of an tooth abscess,
    according to Dr. John R. Christopher in his book, School of
    Natural Healing. An abscess is a collection of pus within a
    body cavity. Remedy the problem by applying cayenne
    pepper fluid extract to the abscess or boil.

  • Arthritis. Use cayenne in place of black pepper kick arthritis
    pain, so suggests the arthritis research institute of America,
    in addition to applying it topically to reduce the pain. The
    organization also recommends to have some on hand for
    emergencies or supplmenting your die with capsaicin

  • Lower back pain. Studies support that capsaicin, the active
    ingredient in cayenne, provides relief of lower back pains.

  • Headaches. With stress of trying times, comes the added
    load of headaches. Here again, cayenne can help by reducing
    and preventing headaches. In part due to its anti-
    inflammatory properties, it's also the capsaicin in cayenne
    helps prevent headaches. To remedy a headache, rub a bit of
    capsaicin cream at the temples, avoiding the eyes. Here's
    how to crush a headache with cayenne and other natural

  • Joint-Pain. Cayenne is a known anti-inflammatory for joint
    pain relief. The agent capsaicin, in cayenne pepper, which
    causes temporary pain on the skin, has a unique role in
    relieving joint paint. It's just another way cayenne pepper
    can help in prepping.

  • Toothaches. Cayenne is an old remedy for a toothache!
    Tooth pain be a result of bacteria that has worked its way to
    the inner tooth's nerve. To get rid of a toothache, just rub
    cayenne powder direct onto the source of pain. Be sure to go
    slow at this remedy as you apply the sensation of heat.
    While you might need an antibiotic to remedy swelling from
    a toothache, or your problem might be that you need a root
    canal, certainly cayenne is a great natural way to help
    mitigate the pain until help arrives. As a bonus, cayenne
    also is an excellent agent against tooth and gum diseases.
    It's just another healthful reason to make cayenne part of
    your regular diet and not to just rub some on your skin.
    There's more good reason to eat cayenne...

Go with nature and learn more about natural pain remedies.
Inhale this pungent drink, and you'll soon again be able to breathe through
your nose to feel less cloudy in your head, the author says.
Recipe from

#5: Reduces stress.
Everyone wants to reduce their load of stress, and now you can
with cayenne! Chalk it up the powers of Vitamin A, as previously
mentioned,  but cayenne pepper helps preppers reduce stress in
part because its loaded in Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is a vital support for your adrenal glands, which are the
stress glands. Preppers should take any measure they can to
reduce stress in uncertain times. So why not partake in the
culinary delight?

#6: Regulates blood sugars (provides diabetic
Preppers with diabetes will appreciate how cayenne lowers and
regulates blood sugar levels the natural way! If you're on
Meformin, ask your doctor how you might incorporate cayenne to
eliminate or reduce dependency on pharmaceuticals.

  • NOTE: Capsaicin may lower blood sugar levels, raising the risk of low
    blood sugar, so if you have diabetes, consult with your physician before
    using capsaicin.*

#7: Keeps the blood flowing!
One of the most important reasons for having cayenne pepper in
your medicinal supply is for its value to the heart. Cayenne
supports vascular health and plays a role in helping small blood
vessels (coronary arteries), to supply blood and oxygen to the
heart. Actually, cayenne pumps oxygen to all organs of the body,
increasing circulation and nutrient delivery, but it plays a notable
life-saving role in mitigating heart attacks, and preventing blood

Ask your doctor how you can incorporate cayenne into your
regimen to help:

  • Mitigate a heart attack: Cayenne is powerful enough to help
    control a heart attack. Add a spoon of ground cayenne
    pepper with warm water at the earliest signs of a heart
    attack, according to Dr. John Christopher. Dr. Bones, a.k.a.
    Dr. Joseph Alton, agrees citing cayenne helpful for
    myocardial infarction, which is the medical term for heart
    attack. Once taken internally, cayenne immediately equalizes
    the blood pressure and nourishes the heart and extends its
    influences outward to the capillaries and arteries. Read how
    cayenne pepper may be helpful during a myocardial infarction.

  • Hinder blood clots as a blood thinner. Cayenne has
    powerful blood thinning qualities. Chili peppers can hinder
    the formation of blood clots. How? By increasing the  time it
    takes for blood to coagulate! That's good news in prevention
    of heart attack and stroke, but if you take medicines talk
    with your doctor as cayenne may interfere with them.

#8: Reduces inflammation.
Have you ever considered that the word inflammation means to
ignite? Anyone who has ever suffered from hemorrhoids can
attest thee site of the hemorrhoid problem feels on fire. Well,
you can fight the fire with this fiery spice! Cayenne is an
antiflammatory. Inflammation is the body's protective response to
infection or injury

  • Hemorrhoids. Cayenne helps to regress problems with
    hemorrhoids. Chronic inflammation is behind a host of health
    problems, including cancer, psoriasis. rheumatoid arthritism
    in addition to hemorrhoids. Thankfully, in addition to
    cayenne being an anti-inflammatory agent, it is also an

#9: Is an analgesic (pain relief).
Cayenne is an analgesic, thanks in part goes to the capsaicin,
which is known to be "
safe and effective pain management
adjunct for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, neuralgias, and
diabetic neuropathy," according to the a clinical study published
(Clinical Journal of Pain June 1998;14(2):97-106). Capsaicin
creams are available for penetrating pain relief without the red
stain of cayenne, but it's good to take note of the herbal

Capsaicin can ease psoriasis, nerve pain and arthritis when
applied to the skin.
Spice up your preps with cayenne
Learn how cayenne pepper helps preppers

When you read this, you may want to put the cayenne pepper in your
medicine cabinet in addition to your spice rack!
The king of spices has many names: cayenne pepper, is also
known as red pepper or chili pepper and it's related to paprika
and pimentos.  This fiery, flavorful and medicinal herb has many
core benefits, that extend well beyond the culinary uses!

At the core of this potent spice is capisicum annuum, or
capsaicin. This is the stuff that gives chilies heat! You may like to
not only store more cayenne in your preps, but also to grow some
as an ornamental herbal.

Why stockpile cayenne? You'll want to stock cayenne for many
reasons including:
  1. analgesic (natural pain relief qualities).
  2. anti-bacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties for
  3. anti-diabetic properties to help regulate the blood sugars
  4. anti-fungal properties to help athletes feet and more,
  5. anti-inflammatory agent to help heal many ailments
  6. anti-carcinogenic to help mitigate cancer risks

While cayenne is a favorite in the health world, preppers are
taking note, too, and are stocking all forms of cayenne pepper in
their cupboards --  including Tobasco,  powdered, and dried

How Cayenne Pepper Helps Preppers
This medicinal herb has some core benefits, beyond it's culinary

#1: Puts on the heat to defend!
Preppers may recognize capsaicin as the ingredient of pepper
spray. Cayenne is loaded with capsaicin. On the cheap you can
make prepper spray at home by making a stinging extract, but
you don't even need to go to such extent. Cayenne on its own is
effective in your hand as an
improvised weapon if you are able to
blow it in your assailant's eyes. Commercial prepper spray is more
potent and has more far reaching abilities, which may make you
want to scratch the idea, but it's good to know that if disaster
strikes and you didn't check the pepper spray off your list you can
be like MacGyver and concoct your own.

  • Make your own pepper spray: If you dare make it, we have
    the pepper spray recipe that should put some good hurt into
    an attacker. Ready to put on some heat? Here's the best
    pepper spray recipe from, which you may
    like to note for your survival manual.

#2: Detoxifies your body to keep you healthy.
One of the main reasons to choose cayenne pepper is for the
detoxification properties of cayenne. You see, cayenne causes the
body to sweat, which is one way the body detoxifies itself. When
consumed, cayenne naturally stimulates digestion increasing the
flow of enzyme production. This helps the body metabolize food
and toxins, among many other healthful benefits.

You may be wondering how to use cayenne to detoxify and here
are three delicious drink options:

    Incidentally, maple syrup also helps eliminate toxins from
    the body! If you prefer, you can substitute maple syrup for
    honey in the recipe.

  • Go on the Lemonade Detox diet. Just four natural
    ingredients are in the recipe for detox lemonade. (fresh
    squeezed lemonade, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and

#3: Adds vitamins to your diet.
Packed with minerals, vitamins and phyto-nutrients, cayenne is
superbly nutritious! Loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin
C, Vitamin E, betacarotene, manganese, potassium and riboflavin
it's a natural powerhouse.

  • Cayenne is loaded with antioxidants. The three major
    antioxidant vitamins in cayenne are beta-carotene, vitamin
    C, and vitamin E. This antioxidant trio helps protect the body
    from free radicals that come about during stress, and
    disease conditions, which a prepper would expect to find
    when the poop hits the fan.

  • Cayenne is among the richest source of vitamin A of the
    spices. It's more good news that cayenne has Vitamin A,
    because Vitamin A is highly regarded as the anti-infection
    vitamin.  The addition of Vitamin A to a prepper diet is
    important as it can prevent ear infections and reduce illness
    and death caused by measles. Vitamin A helps protect mucas

#4: Reduces mucus.
Cayenne pepper is a highly treasured natural remedy for coughs,
colds, sinusitis, and bronchitis. Most of the reason is because
cayenne is packed with Vitamin A as mentioned above.

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Above, is a homemade hot pepper cream for arthritis and joint pain from Apply this salve also for relieving psoriasis, or at the
temples for headaches.

  • NOTE: Do not apply capsaicin cream to cracked skin or open wounds.
    Also, people who have latex allergies as well as those who are allergic to
    bananas, kiwi and chesnuts should avoid capaiscin cream (whether it's
    home made or store bought).

Pain relief after surgery is one reason doctors recommend adding
cayenne to the diet after surgeries including a mastectomy or an
amputation, according to the
University of Maryland Medical
Center. There are many other medical reasons to stock cayenne.

#10: Helps fight cancer!
One of the secrets about cancer is in regards to inflammation!
Indeed, you'll find there is a
link between inflammation and
cancer. Only when you understand that inflammation is like a
match igniting cancer, will you want to actively reduce
inflammation. Cayenne can help reduce inflammation to help stop
the spread of mutating cancer cells. Studies show that cayenne
helps fight cancer. It causes spontaneous apoptosis, which is sort
of cancer-cell suicide.

Cayenne helps fight these kinds of cancers...

  • Lung cancer. Skip the tobacco and pour on the Tobasco!
    Cayenne pepper, an ingredient of Tobasco, helps fight lung
    cancer and tobacco-induced lung tumors.  Cayenne pepper
    has capsaicin, which according to an abstract published in
    the U.S. Natinal Library of Medicine, National Institutes of
    Health induces cell death ~ aptosis for small cell lung cancer
    patients, according to an abstract published in the U.S.
    National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health.
    Read more ideas for treating lung cancer naturally.

  • Liver cancer. Cayenne has also been known to promote
    healthy liver function and tissue production, which is proving
    to help liver cancer patients. cayenne offers resistance to
    liver tumors.

Cancer patients should take note of cayenne pepper as a viable
natural remedy! "Let foods be thy medicine" and check out other
natural and alternative cures.

#11: Eases digestive problems.
Preppers can take note that cayenne eases a host of digestive
problems. As a digestive aid, cayenne pepper can ease stomach
upset, and help alleviate other digestive problems including
diarrhea, dyspepsi and ulcers.

  • Dyspepsia. Cayenne may have a role reducing the pain of
    minor indigestion (dyspepsia). Dyspepsia is a catchall that
    includes appetite loss, belching, gas and bloating, general
    stomach discomfort, nausea and a myriad of other digestive
    problems. Cayenne has long been an home remedy, and
    recently there is evidence to suggest it also really does help.
    In a blind study, the New England Journal of Medicine,
    reports that dyspepsia symptoms were cut by more than half
    when for those in the study who took red pepper powder

  • Ulcer management. People with ulcers generally have been
    told to avoid spicyfoods, but it turns out that chili peppers
    actually may prevent ulcers from happening in the first place!
    The good and happy news is that  cayenne peppers don’t
    have any damaging effects on the stomach, though simulate
    the sensations produced by damage that's already there.

#12: Heats up to relieve the common cold.
Cayenne helps heal sore throats, spasmodic and irritating coughs.
Highly treasured natural remedy for coughs and colds, sinusitis,
and bronchitis, cayenne pepper helps decongest and get mucus

It's the capsaicin in cayenne that helps relieve colds and flu
thanks in part to it's decongestant properties.
Dr. Sampson Davis,
MD, Emergency Medicine, explains.

  • As a cold and flu fighter, cayenne is easy to take in lozenge
    format. See the recipes at the bottom of the page.

And we saved the most familiar reason to add cayenne to your
preps for last...

#13: Gets rid of aphids.
Bugged by aphids in your garden? Mix together 1 quart water, 1
teaspoon liquid dish soap and a pinch of cayenne pepper and pour
the mixture into a spray bottle. Now you're ready to handle the
problem with a few squirts. Spray this mixture directly on plants
infested with aphids.

Incidentally, you can also
get rid of aphids with rubbing alcohol!

#14: Spices up your preps.
Hot and spicy cayenne pepper is very worthwhile to hoard. If
you've used Tabasco sauce, you have used cayenne! Versatile
cayenne pepper is ideal for use in vegetable soup, meat loaf, pot
roast, stews, even spiced shrimp and deviled crab!

There are dozens of ways cayenne spices up your health and
well being:

  • Asthma. Cayenne helps asthma sufferers. As a natural
    decongestant, asthma sufferers can benefit from mucus in
    the lungs loosen.

  • Cramps. Monthly cramps may be a thing of the past for
    women who add cayenne to their diet. Cramps. Thanks the
    analgesic effects, cayenne is a natural remedy for cramps.

  • Preservative. Cayenne has anti-bacterial properties.
    Cayenne is an excellent preservative and has been used
    traditionally to prevent food contamination from bacteria.

  • Weight loss. Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, cayenne
    pepper can fight inflammation, protect against chronic
    conditions, and can even help with losing weight.

You can certainly save a life with cayenne if you have some
around! Thank goodness cayenne is already so popular with
preppers. Rice and beans will get boring after eating it day in and
day out. How better to spice up bland food than with Tobasco

Happy endings...
Cayenne has been an important medicinal resource for Native
Americans for more than 9,000 years. If you can withstand the
heat, then stock up. Stay healthy. Be happy! Add more cayenne
to your diet and feel good about adding Tobasco to your food.

The full list of reasons to stock cayenne is endless:
  • allergy symptom relief
  • athletes foot
  • arthritis relief
  • bladder control
  • cancer fighting properties (e.g. lung cancer,
  • common cold
  • delirium
  • flattulence
  • gout
  • hair growth and weight loss
  • high blood pressure
  • heart burn
  • hemorrhoids
  • heart attack prevention
  • insect bites
  • menopausal relief (cramps)
  • nausea
  • pain relief
  • prostate health
  • psoriasis
  • pest/ rat control
  • sore throat (and even Tonsilitis)
  • snake bites
  • tremors
  • ulcers

So now you know more about cayenne pepper and why to stock in
your preps. Get happier and load up on the spices! In addition to
cayenne, look to the following spices loaded with antioxidants,
which will also boost your energy:
  • cardamom
  • cinnamon - got diabetes? Just a half a teaspoon a day can
    enhance the blood supply to the brain and improve your
    insulin levels. As well, cinnamon has anti-inflammatory
  • cumin
  • ginger - treats stomach upset and morning sickness, helps
    alleviate headaches and infections
  • turmeric - Effective for healing chronic diseases that are
    inflammation related, turmeric is good for healing arthritis
    and joint pain, and is an alternative cancer therapy. It heals
    infections, fights the common cold and cough, and helps
    prevent liver disease, too.

Happy Endings...
Cayenne is great to stockpile for so many reasons,  so have some
on hand for medicinal purposes and sstart cooking with it.

We're happy to share these cayenne recipes with you...

  • Recipe: Mexican brownies (Cinnamon as well as a pinch of
    cayenne both add a warm spiciness to the rich chocolate

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intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional
medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in
seeking medical advice when available.

Important note about Capsaicin: Use of
capsaicin may make aspirin less effective as a
pain reliever, as well as increase the risk of bleeding when used together.
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