Election Day Preparedness

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Election Day Preparedness
Emergency preparedness for elections

Hope for the best, but also prepare for the worst election day...
On election day and the days leading up and away, preppers
should take precautions and make preparations to hold their
ground and stay safe. Below is a summary of key points on how
to prepare for the chaos surrounding the election days...

How to prepare for election days
Hope for the best, but also prepare for the worst election day in
history. Here's how..

#1. Vote or change your vote!
The most important thing you can do is vote if you are eligible to
do so. Help others get to the polls if they have not yet submitted
a mail in ballot. Also
change your vote if you feel the need and
don't let anyone dissuade you from making a change. If you made
a mistake or did not have enough information when you voted
and your state gives you the right to change your vote, then do it.

Know the voting requirements:
  • Be a US citizen
  • Live at a street address
  • Be 16 years old in order to register, and be 18 by Election
    Day, Nov 8, in order to vote
  • Not be imprisoned or on parole for a felony conviction
  • Not currently found to be mentally incompetent by a court of
  • Not be permanently disqualified for violating an election law

Take the steps to vote:
If you are not comfortable in voting alone, then arrange to come
to the polling place with a friend or family member. Voting is an
American privilege:
  • Check your voter registration status.
  • Read the voter registration guide.
  • Find your polling place.
  • Vote for the candidate of your choice, and remember you
    may vote for a candidate, even if not in your party line.

#2: Keep an eye on the election process, and obey
rules in your state!
Don't get arrested for violating election laws. You may not be
able to wear political clothing or be within 100 feet of a polling
place, even though you'd like to stick around to keep things fair in
the polling places.

It's imperative to protect yourself from the rule of law, by
following the rule of law. Know your rights and do what's right.

Know the rules in your state:

#3: Honor the constitution.
Honor the constitution and know your rights. Pictured immediate
right, is the constitution as a 52-page pocket sized reference.
Reading and having a copy is the only way to honor the
constitution. It's your patriotic duty to observe it.

#4: Keep gas tanks full, get ready to bugout.
Always have your gas tanks full and ready for any emergency that
may come your way. This is most important in border states
during the election. There is already a rush of immigrants to the
borders in anticipation of what the candidates may do.

Impending violence in your area, border regions for example, may
give you reason to bug out.

#5: Consider that cyber attacks are possible.
Who knows what surprises election day will bring and what chaos
will ensue in the days following by foreign and domestic threats.
NBC News reports the White House Readies to Fight Election Day
Cyber Mayhem.

Do what you can now to
maintain cyber security. You may not be
able to keep your bank secure, but there are things you can do,
like having cash on hand.

#6: Have cash handy.
If financial chaos should escalate after the elections, you can feel
good in knowing that you have cash on hand should credit cards
not work. There is a shortage of actual cash in circulation.

Consider that economic collapse is possible.

#7: Stock up your fridge for the elections.
Make sure you have breakfasts, lunches and dinners to get you
through the next few days. Get ready to bug in and ensure you
stockpile your refrigerator with long lasting foods.

#8: Give your prepper's pantry food storage another
There's still time to get deals on long-shelf life foods, dehydrated
foods, and freeze dried foods now before things escalate. For
example, check out the Mountain House deal on the classic
bucket, right. For Prime members it can be delivered very quickly
(even on a Sunday). Here's
what to stock up on now.

#9: Get ready to bug in.
Hope for the best, but know that Martial law could set in, foreign
attacks could happen and virtually anything is possible in this
election. It may be safer to take off work or school to lay low for
a few days and keep your family safe to see what transpires.

In addition to stocking up on food and supplies, be sure you can
bug in. Don't be caught unprepared when an emergency strikes
that forces you to take refuge in your own home. The time to get
ready for a crisis situation is now. Wait until the last minute and
you'll be forced to pay top dollar for food, water and supplies, if
you can find them at all. If not, you'll be forced to scavenge for
scraps or beg for help, along with hundreds of thousands of
others who couldn't be bothered to prepare. In his book, Bugging
In -  
How to Hunker down and survive in an Emergency Situation,
the author, M. Anderson explains what is hunkering down and why
it's preferred over bugging out.

#10: Maintain Situational Awareness.
If you are not at home and bugging in, then you must maintain
situational awareness while you are out and about.

Whatever happens on election day, you can feel good that you
have been preparing for emergencies, even the man made kinds.
Grab that constitution, hold your ground, bug in and be happy
that you are a patriot in every sense of the word.

Happy endings...
Be happy in knowing that you are a prepper and a patriot!

P-repare for any natural or man made disaster.
R-espond without fear.
E-valuate every possible scenario.
P-ack supplies like you won't have 'em for a year.
P-lan for the unexpected.
E-nvision a happy outcome.
R-emember to always have hope!


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