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How Socialism destroyed Venezuela

Venezuela's economy is collapsing.
It's a country that loves baseball and barbecues as much as we
do in the United States does, but something is terribly askew in
Venezuela. The supermarkets in Venezuela are bare, its citizens
are hungry and rioting ~ and there is no end in sight to the food
shortages and sky high prices. Venezuelans are unable to get
even basics supplies like toilet paper or medicines, yet they were
once the richest country in Latin America!

How could this happen? Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in
the world, and its democracy was once highly revered. Now its as
country in shambles. Today citizens of Venezuela spend hours in
line to get just a handful of rationed items. Tasks that took five
minutes, now take hours. The crisis in Venezuela is a case study
for preppers on hyperinflation, shortages of food and lack of
medicines. Take note to learn how to survive...

How to survive a Venezuela-like Crisis
To prepare for socialism, ask yourself these questions:  

  • How will you handle hyperinflation? Venezeula's inflation
    rate reached a high of 800 percent in December of 2016.,
    according to Hyperinflation in
    Venezuela has forced people to pay exorbitant prices for
    necessities, but if they were a prepper they would have had
    many of these necessities. You can stockpile many things,
    but eventually you will run out.

  • Are you ready to survive by scavenging? Malnourished
    babies of Venezuela succumb to painful scabs in addition to
    hunger and weight loss. In desperation, parents scavenge
    garbage dumps for whatever scraps of food they are lucky
    enough to find. Will you suffer the same fate?

  • What will you do if prepping becomes illegal? Rationing
    always precedes the inevitable of an economy in dire straits.
    In times of extreme short supply the “hoarding” basic staples
    could become illegal as it was in Venezuela.

  • How will you handle Martial law? "A government big enough
    to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take
    everything you have." This is the reality of Martial Law.
    Before Martial law set in, Venezuela had much to offer.  
    Venezuela supplies around 11 percent of U.S. crude oil
    import ~ it's a country with resources that have been
    mismanaged through democratic socialism. The people of
    Venezuela are facing the violence of their government.

  • Do you have enough toilet paper? Seriously, toilet paper is
    a basic need, but it's not all that bad to be out of it, right?
    Actually, not having enough can present some serious
    hygienic concerns, since it's not always possible to rinse with
    water. Being unclean can promote urinary tract infections
    (yeast infections) and even anal fissures, which are painful
    and could lead to a long term problem of hemorrhoids.

Could a Venezuela-like crisis happen in the U.S.?
Are you ready to handle an economic meltdown?

#1: Democratic Socialism.
There's chaos and mayhem and despair. Amid the societal
collapse, you can see that socialism is to blame. A pattern
emerges when a leader promises the masses of poor to level the
playing field and distribute the wealth more evenly. The kind of
democratic socialism pushed by Bernie Sanders

Imagine if these things happened in the United States:

All of the above and more is happening in Venezuela and
something similar could happen in the United States if the
country ever turns to socialism. Democratic socialism is the root
cause of problems. The video below shares exactly how socialism
destroyed Venezuela. People are starving and have no medicine
because of Democratic Socialism.
Socialism in Venezuela
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#2: Venezuelans are starving to death!
As Venezuelans face nationwide shortages of food and
hyperinflation its children are suffering the most with severe
malnutrition. It's disheartening for a parent to realize that in
Venezuela it can take days of work to provide one small meal of
rice and that parents can't afford to feed their families. Shortages
of food are a reality of hyperinflation.

Below PBS News Hour explains the problems of starvation in  
Venezuela as a result of the economic collapse...
101 things to do with Powdered Milk
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Happy endings...
Be happy that you prep and have food and supplies in reserve for
a rainy day and that America is currently far away from socialism.
Socialism takes what Capitalism creates.

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Prepare to live happily ever after with us at - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
How can it be that Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the
world, and yet now the country is in shambles? It's oddly
appropos that the combination of lower oil prices and tight limits
on dollar purchases in part takes the blame for a cut in imports
that's in turn caused problems in Venezuela.

#3: Electricity rationing.
In 2016, Venezuela's government started electricity rationing.
The supply of electricity was scheduled to be turned off for
around four hours daily for 40 days in 10 states in a move to
alleviate and regulate the severe power shortage. It's just
another factor that will make preppers take a closer look at
what's happening in Venezuela. What can happen there can
theoretically happen anywhere.

#4: Drought.
In part, drought is to blame for the economic turmoil in
Venezuela. In part it's becuase of electricity rationing!
Drought is
a factor in Venezuela because the nation relies on hydroelectric
dams, and the government imposed rolling blackouts in turn
affect water shortages.

Can a crisis like what's happening happen in the United States?
Well thank goodness for now that socialism and is a problem in
Venezuela and not in the United States.

Socialism kills and Venezuela is a case in point:
Things you can do to prepare for an economic collapse:
In Venezuela, shortages of medicines and goods such as toilet
paper and cooking oil were widespread and serve as a reminder of
the things you can do to prepare for economic collapse.

  • Toilet paper: Stock up on toilet paper. It may seem a trivial
    concern, but toilet paper impact healths and even freedom.
    For one businessman, a strange clause in Venezuelan law
    requiring toilet paper in the factory's restroom be stocked,
    has him facing jail time for not supplying it! Shocking that
    lack of toilet paper could cause jail time in Venezuela, but it
    doesn't take much in a societal collapse. When resources
    aren't available the people will sometimes go to
    extraordinary means to get supplies. In the case of this
    businessman, he turned to the black market to purchase
    toilet paper While his aim was to be in compliance,
    Venezuelan government was unsympathetic. They charged
    him with conspiring to a major hoarding operation. It was a
    real-life Catch 22!

  • Powdered emergency milk. Powdered milk was confiscated
    by government officials in Venezuela and very important to
    the people because it was their only means of getting dairy
    into their diets. Many preppers aren't aware that from
    powdered milk you can make cheese.

  • Cornmeal and Rice. Cornmeal and rice are among favored
    staples and still minimally available in Venezuela.

  • Cooking oil. Boiling your food or cooking is an option when
    cooking oil is unavailable or rationed.

  • Meat. Another scarce resource, one can only imagine that
    Venezuelans may feel the need to resort to hunting the
    street for stray dogs and cats. USA today reports that some
    in people in Venezuela are hunting cats dogs and pigeons
    amid the food shortages. That's how desperate they were in
    2016 and no doubt even more so in 2018. Dire times indeed.
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