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ten things FEMA doesn't want you to know about

Ten Things FEMA doesn't want you to know about

What is FEMA hiding?
Certainly the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has
some secrets. Since the Obama years, preppers have been leery
about even visiting a FEMA camp following a catastrophe and with
good reason. There are things FEMA doesn't want you to know

Ten things FEMA doesn't want you to know

#1. FEMA doesn't want you to know that...
you might not qualify for assistance.
Losses that qualify for assistance must have occurred in an area
covered by a
disaster declaration. Also, you must also file a claim
through your insurance company. Will you get disaster help if you
have insurance? Possibly, but likely not.

Even if you do qualify, FEMA wants your first course of action to
be with the
American Red Cross to find an open shelter where you
can also get food and water. Want to file a claim?

#2. FEMA doesn't want you to know that...
You must apply for FEMA assistance by Web or phone!
That's right! You can't just show up for help. Check the link
yourself and see that FEMA has three online steps to apply for
assistance.  It's shocking because you probably won't be able to
use your cell phone or computer to apply in your time of need.
Likely, public libraries also won't be available to lend you a
computer either. Where do you go? The answer again is the
American Red Cross.

#3. FEMA doesn't want you to know that...
They might not have enough food and water for you.
FEMA won't have enough food or water for you particularly if there
is a large scale disaster, like an
EMP or solar flare. Remember,
the American Red Cross takes care of the initial meals and
snacks, not FEMA. Most preppers know this basic fact, which is
why we prep. The general mass of public is still currently unaware.

#4 FEMA doesn't want you to know that...
Even if they have resources, they may be too
overwhelmed to send them to you.
Incredible, but true. Sometimes it's just a phone call from a
superior that awaits, meanwhile food, water and ice trucks sit and
need the proper command. Call it protocol or red tape, but FEMA
has had incidences of emergency supplies just sitting at camps
waiting for orders to disperse them.

#5. FEMA doesn't want you to know that...
Food kits distributed by FEMA in the past have been
Bet you didn't think food kits would be contaminated, but that's
just what happened before..

#6. FEMA doesn't want you to know that...
FEMA trailers were toxic (and they knew it)!
Occupants of FEMA trailers along the Gulf Coast who were
afflicted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 had breathing
difficulties, headaches and nosebleeds. Previously the Sierra
clubwarned FEMA about formaldehyde levels in the trailers, but
FEMA dismissed the problem.

#7. FEMA doesn't want you to know...
They mailed 83,000 debt notices to Hurricane Victims
That's right. FEMA wanted their money back because they
overpaid federal aid amounting to more than $385 million to
victims of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma at an average of
approximately $4,622 per recipient.

#8. FEMA doesn't want you to know that...
They have massive amounts of coffins ready.
Every large corporate office in America has an emergency
contingency plan, which includes a plan to deal with the dead,
including body bags and toe tags. FEMA is no different, but they
are certainly expecting massive calamity in ordering the coffins!
With all the hype
about Ebola, ordering coffins starts to make
sense (and yet it is alarming).

#9. FEMA doesn't want you to know that...
They can't send enough people to rescue everyone, and you
may be in double jeopardy (and FEMA is ill-equipped to handle
simultaneous emergencies).
FEMA simply isn't equipped to send massive scale help during a
disaster, particularly disasters which pose multiple threats:

  • Hurricanes often present a double danger they can't
    handle. (A flood often follows a hurricane). FEMA is not
    equipped to handle a hurricane followed by a flood, because
    that's essentially two disasters and FEMA is overwhelmed.
    Such was the criticism of FEMA by Louisiana's largest
    newspaper in an open letter to President Obama on the
    failures to respond Hurricane Katrina. With flood comes
    another problem, contamination of the water supply. Even
    bottled waters are contaminated if they reach flood waters,
    and you should not drink them.

  • Earthquakes present a double danger, too. (Fires often
    follow earthquakes). Again FEMA is often ill-equipped to
    handle simultaneous emergencies of rescuing people who are
    entrapped and handling the fires.

#10: FEMA doesn't want you to know that...
They'll order you out, but they won't help you get out of
harm's way
Many residents didn't want to leave there homes during Hurricane
Katrina, but for the most part it was the lack of money and
transportation that prevented victims from following FEMA's
orders to flee during Hurricane Katrina. For this important reason,
we prep!

Want to learn where is the FEMA camp closest to you?
Not that you ever want to visit a FEMA camp, but in case you're
curious, check out this article listing the FEMA camps and you'll
find the one closest in your area. There are FEMA locations in
every state! Find the FEMA camp nearest you.

Is FEMA color coding your house for death camps?
Preppers have been reporting  mail boxes being marked with color
stickers or marks, possibly
FEMA is color coding homes for their
camp assignments. Whether or not this is true, doesn't really
matter. Preppers have much reason to be concerned with FEMA.
Prepare now so you don't end up in a FEMA camp.

Certainly you don't want to wait for FEMA to help you, which is
why you're a prepper! Here are
25 Reasons You're Not Crazy for
Prepping. You can recover from adversity, ride out any
catastrophe and subsist on your own preps, and we're here to

  • Pandemic preparedness: FEMA is hoarding supplies for a
    pandemic, but only a select few will get them! Right is an
    official pandemic flu preparedness kit designed for issue to
    military families, which contains 4 Surgical Masks, 2 NIOSH-
    approved N95 Masks, 4oz Bottle of hand sanitizer and an
    information card. There are other, more comprehensive,
    pandemic kits available, but this fits nicely into the glove
    compartment of your vehicle.

  • Most notably, is this fact: Before September 11, 2002, FEMA
    concentrated its funds (and efforts) on preparedness for
    natural disasters; however now, FEMA has become a sort of
    step child of the Homeland Security to focus on terrorism.
    Indeed monies were diverted to fight terrorism (instead of
    natural disasters), and many preppers argue that this is the
    biggest failure of the horrific events of recent natural
    disasters, including Hurricanes Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane
    Sandy in 2012.

Money and resources were diverted from FEMA for natural
disasters to fund homeland security, and as a result, there are
things that FEMA doesn't want to divulge to the general public.
Now you know!

Happy endings...
Generally preppers don't need to worry about FEMA that much,
that's because we have backup contingencies! FEMA is for those
who don't prep. You can live happily ever after knowing you've
done everything possible to avoid FEMA camps.

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