Russian Meddling and the Silent War with Russia

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Above, David Kennedy, a former cyber security expert with the US Marine
Corps, explains how we are already on a cyberwar with Russia.

Election meddling was just the start of their psychological
operations (psyops), which is an entity's influence of emotions,
and motivations to influence groups and individuals. Psyops is
propaganda or the careful creation of a message and calculated
dissemination to help control a population and how it thinks. The
Russian Federation did just that in the cyber attacks that tried to
influence the U.S. elections. Whether or not they succeeded is
another story. The point is that they are infiltrating us in ways we
never had imagined.

In mapping the ways to get into the command and control of the
United States, the Russian Federation aims to control our banking
system our transportation and more.

Cyber-attacks have been underway at since at least March 2016,
according to ~ and these attacks are happening
at an alarming rate, according to U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry,
at about a hundred thousand attacks a day.

  • So how do the Russians gain control? It starts out small
    with malware and phishing, but these Russian hackers
    eventually gain remote access.

  • Banking: A knock in the power grid also means our banking
    system. Could you imagine the day when the ATMS won't
    work? That's entirely possible with the capabilities that they
    are currently working on. Whether or not they will exercise
    their capabilities is another story. For now the Russians aim
    only for now to have the option to turn our banking system
    into a warg-round.

  • Transportation. As a prepper, we must face that the U.S.
    transportation system is fragile. Here are just a few ways
    that Russians or other terrorists can infiltrate us:

    1. Aviation: The Russian interference in commercial airlines
    could have planes dropping! Air transportation facilities are
    another target of Russian hackers. Once you're in the air,
    there's really nothing you can do as a prepper to avoid a
    calamity. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen. All
    you can really do is to minimize air travel:
  • travel by car instead of by plane for short distances
  • get a job that doesn't require travel or arrange
    teleconferences instead of travel.
  • have local vacations

    2.Trucks: Without transportation of goods by trucks,
    Americans would be without food in as little as three days.
    Thats the amount of food stocked in your local grocery store.
    It could be wiped out by the very same scenario as an
    ElectroMagnetic Pulse.

  • Self-driving electronic cars. No one is hitting the brakes yet
    on stopping the self-driving electronic cars. The formula is
    ripe for cyber terrorists to plow into pedestrians from afar.
    Perhaps the U.S. government doesn't even want to consider
    or make public their knowledge that the Uber accident that

Think of the power that the Russians could yield at this moment
to affect almost every American by destroying our electrical grid,
transportation system and our water and food supply.

Russia prepares for war with Propaganda!
The Russian propaganda, social media, and false-flag personas
that plagued the U.S. elections was nothing. Intrusions
eventually will delete data, destroy computers and paralyze the
most basic functions of U.S. companies.

The important lesson here is that Russia is preparing for war first
with propaganda. From there the possibilities are almost
limitless. They may already possess the power of economic

The least of our worries is election meddling. If the Russians can
control our food our water and our power then they can control
us.  Now more than ever it's important to keep on prepping.

Happy endings...
Russia is prepping, so keep on prepping! It's really all you can do.
The Russians will take advantage of any weakness we may have.
For this reason you must prepare. Thankfully, every day you are
more prepared than yesterday. Make it a goal to move forward in
your preps daily. Read an article. Stash some food. Buy some
prepping gear. Anything you do today could help you survive.

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Russian Meddling
Russia is preparing to attack our infrastructure

How the Russians are meddling in the U.S. Infrastructure.
The Russians are coming and they aren't just meddling in our
elections ~ they are going after the U.S. infrastructure! In short,
we're having a silent war with Russia.

Election meddling is a sophisticated form of espionage, but the
implications are much greater than the media would have you
believe. While the Russians didn't tamper with our election
results, they did tamper with our way of thinking to sow discord.
But it's important to know that the meddling is well beyond
Russia's ability to sow discord in our elections. It's really about
power and control.

Currently the U.S. government is preoccupied with election
meddling and for years the United States has contemplated a
possible path toward nuclear war with Russia, but these things
were only a distraction. While we've been preoccupied with that
threat, they've been having a silent war with us. They've been
infiltrating us in unimaginable ways. They've been meddling in our
everyday lives and they may have the power to control us at the
push of a button.

The Silent War with Russia
The Russians are not just trolling the Internet to interfere with
our elections or stockpiling nuclear weapons. America has been
asleep while the Russians have been infiltrating our very way of
life. The Russian Federation, under the control of Vladimir Putin,
is secretly finding ways to get into our water supply, find ways to
control and destroy our electrical grid, as well as to manipulate
our energy systems and control our other critical infrastructures,
such our banking systems through
cyber attacks.

As our infrastructure is getting more sophisticated, this expansion
of technology is actually making it easier for the Russians to
meddle with us! Preppers must not only be aware of the
meddling, but we must continue to prepare with the basics. '

Below are some ideas preppers can beat the Russians at their

#1: Water.
Russia is trying to infiltrate our water systems in order to control
us at the touch of a button. Water processing plants hold much
interest to the Russian hackers because when you control the
water, you control the people.

Imagine if you couldn't trust the water that's flowing from your
faucet? That's the power of the control that the Russian
Federation may some day hold over U.S. citizens.

That's when owning the
Big Berkey Water Filtration System will
give you true peace of mind as a prepper. The Big Berkey will help
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everyday health.

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  3. Big Berkey. The Big Berkey is the Berkey water filter perfect
    for most families. It holds 2.5 gallons serving 3-5 people,
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  4. Berkey Light. The Berkey Light holds 2.75 gallons and it's
    clear ~ made ofa BPA free and lightweight plastic so you can
    see the water. It's a great option for bugging out or just for
    sporting activities, like camping. It provides up to 192
    gallons of fresh filtered water daily.
  5. Royal Berkey. The Royal Berkey holds 32.5 gallons and
    holds up to 190 gallons a day. This Berkey is great for
    medium to large size families (6-12 people) and is another
    excellent choice for preppers.
  6. Imperial Berkey. The Imperial Berkey holds 4.5 gallons is
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    water filtration a day.  Each Black Berkey Filter Element has
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    you are travelling on a religious or peace missions.

#2: Energy attacks.
Russia plans to attack our energy resources. The Russian
Federation would like to control U.S. energy through nefarious
means ~ our electricity, our gas, our nuclear power plants and
much more.

  • Electrical power grid. The power grid is a target of Russian
    operatives. It could be Lights Out, according to Ted Koppel.
    The Russians have been mapping out our critical cyber-
    structure beyond electricity ~ they are targeting nuclear
    power plants.

  • Gasoline. What if Russia invaded the electrical grid? This
    will effect gasoline and so much more. If the power grid goes
    down, so does a country's ability to pump gas and in turn the
    food supply chain is in chaos because trucks can't deliver
    food to the grocery stores. Gasoline is part of the supply
    chain for America's food. This is why it's critical to keep on
    prepping and stockpiling your pantry with food and to create
    your own personal grocery store. It's not so much the idea
    that you have to stockpile gasoline, because that's not only
    impractical, it's also dangerous. The key takeaway is that
    without gas, the people won't have food. You will need to
    set up your own personal grocery and then stockpile
    armaments to protect what's rightfully yours. Survival food
    has many layers, including the short term, everyday foods
    you and your family eat. Next comes ration bars and the long
    term foods, such as dried rice and beans, and freeze dried
    foods that have a 25 year shelf life.

#3: Cyber attacks.
We are already in a cyber war with Russia with the aim of
integrating a competitive economy. The thing is that this Russian
attempt at dominance could effect not only our economy, but our
power grid, our water facilities and more.
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