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Living without electricity
How to live without electricity and love it

Living without electricity...
Did you know that about 1/4 of the world's population lives
without electricity? That's almost 2 billion people!

Severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, winter snow and ice storms ~
there's a lot of natural disasters that could wipe out the
electricity for a short term. Preppers also have a concern for
severe geomagnetic storms and solar flares that could wipe out
the grid for months or even years.

Disconnecting from the grid may and being cut off from modern
conveniences is also a lifestyle that many preper. .

How to live without Electricity
Whether your goal may be to survive a winter snow storm or
earthquake or whether you have a more grand scale of self-
reliance to go off the grid completely, there are some basics you
need in place to make do. The good an happy news that you have
many of them in place already.

This list will help you prioritize your backups and get you thinking
of areas you've neglected entirely.

#1: Light the night without electricity!
Since the 1880s electric lighting has dominated the after dark
hours, but when the lights go out (possibly for good) how will you
light the night? Don't sit in the dark when you can light up your
world. To that end, here are some options:

  • Hybrid fuel lamps. Dual Fuel power runs on Coleman®
    Liquid Fuel or unleaded gasoline

  • Kerosene lamps. Kerosene is a popular fuel from our
    American ancestory that came about in 1848 when an
    American medical doctor and geologist distilled coal to
    produce a clear fluid that burned with a bright yellow flame.
    He noticed that kerosene burned brigher and steadier than
    candles. This clean burning fuel, also can prevent rust, plus
    you can use it as a lubricant or as a solvent to remove oil,
    grease, tar! Aladdin lamps are kerosene lamps that use a
    mantle but are not pressurized. Kerosene is a fuel that's
    widely available which makes it a good option.

  • Pressure lamps.

  • Propane tank lamps.

  • 100-hour candles. Survival candles are a must have. Having
    candles of any kind are good, but 100-hour candles will help
    ensure you have lighting for a specified time. You don't know
    how long your tapered candle will last.

  • Solar lighting. There are many options in solar lighting to
    provide an almost endless supply of light.

  • Hybrid solar lighting. Nebo Weatherite solar lantern,
    pictured right, actually has four methods of charging: solar
    power, AC power, DC and wind up.

  • .

Natural lighting from windows and skylights.
Another lighting source to think about is natural lighting. Consider
carefully the placement of windows in key areas of your home if
you are designing or redesigning your off grid location. Modern
day pioneers can install skylights for added lighting to take
advantage of natural lighting.

#2: Cooking without electricity.
After you have food stuff in place, you'll need a way to prepare
them. Pots and pans in place, you'll need

  • Wood-burning stoves
  • Cooking with gas
  • Kerosene burning stoves (Kerosene is also useful for lighting)

  • Cooking tip: Consider cast iron cookware, which readily goes
    from open flame to stove top giving you indoor and outdoor
    options, enhances nutrition of your meals by providing iron,
    provides fast heating, and requires no soap in the clean up!

#3: Communicating without electricity.

#4: Heating without electricity.

#5: Cooling without electricity.
Geo thermal cooling is one answer to cooling without electricity.

how to make cheap air conditioning with earth tubes! This
Do-It -Yourself homemade air conditioner can keep you cool off-
grid. Sharon Buydens shows you how to make this non-electric
and sustainable design using geothermal energy.

Earth tubes are underground tubes that use geothermal energy to
cool or heat-temper the air for your home. It works like cheap air
conditioning because you can build it yourself for several hundred
dollars and the best part is that once you set it up it's totally free
to run with no electricity needed. Being completely passive, this
is a sustainable technology based on designs that are 3,000
years old and still used today around the world to cool homes.

#6: Obtaining potable water without electricity.
Life without running water isn't going to be easy, but if you have
a water source you can manage living an off-grid life the way your
ancestors did.

Cleaning dishes without running water.

Delivering water without Electricity.
Water is not only essential for drinking, but also for cooking and
cleaning dishes, pots and pans; washing the laundry; washing
hands and bathing; and dealing with sanitation issues.

Plumbing without electricity.
If you want water to flow in your home, you'll need to discover
methods to pump, heat and circulate water in you home.

  • Pitcher pump - Hand pumps are bow the Amish deliver
    water to their homes mounted on a modern sink. While
    heavy duty pitcher pumps are available on Amazon for twice
    the price, the red one pictured left is highly rated and is only
    around $60. This classic pump is designed for rugged long
    life service. All bolt lugs are reinforced for maximum strength
    and all parts are made from close grain cast iron for optimum

  • Flushing the toilet with greywater (or water from the rain).

Water for gardening:

  • Rainwater. Many Amish collect rainwater directly from their
    roofs! They store water in a cistern and while it's not used
    for drinking water, the water does provide for their other
    water needs. For more, read harvesting rainwater.

  • Windmills. A windmill can pump water into a storage tank.
    The water then flows by gravity into the home, making
    plumbing possible without a pressurized system. Outdoor
    Water Solutions offers a 12-Foot Galvanized Backyard
    Windmill for around $259, unfortunately its ornamental, but
    they have 20-feet wind driven aeration system, which is a
    great way to clean up your pond100-percent electricity-free
    system can be located up to 1,000-feet away from your pond
    or lake and is designed to aerate ponds from the bottom up,
    reducing algae, bacteria and odor.

    Companies that still make windmills are:
  1. Aermotor windmills - San Angelo, Texas
    Unforunately, Dempster of Beatrice, Nebraska is no
    longer in business
    Fiasa company - Argentina

Gravity-fed water filtration:

#7: Doing the laundry without electricity.

How to wash clothes without power.
To wash clothes without electricity, at the most basic level you'll
need soap and:
  1. A galvanized metal bucket to soak clothes.
  2. A washboard to get out the main dirt.
  3. Handwash wringer.
  4. Clothes line, rope or a clothes rack.
  5. Clothes pins!

How to dry clothes without power.
Living without electricity, it is possible to dry clothes the old
fashioned way (just hang them out to dry); however to dry
clothes without power at the most basic level in modern times
you'll need:

  • A hand spinner

#8: Refrigerating without electricity.
Keeping your food or diabetic supplies chilled in an off-grid
scenario is much easier than in years past. We've come a long
way with gas, solar and hybrid generators to fuel them. As well,
preppers can take advantage of refrigeration methods of
developing countries and from our ancestors.

Natural refrigeration options:
  • cold flowing water if its on your property can help.
  • root cellars
  • water pumped from wells or cisterns
  • ice refrigeration

  • Kerosene refrigerators. Unfortunately kerosene
    refrigerators aren't readily available ~ unless you live near
    an Amish community.

  • Solar refrigerator.  The Sunstar solar refrigerator, pictured
    left, runs about $1,380. The SunStar Solar Refrigerator can
    be powered and operated by a single 220w solar panel. It
    doesn't need the addition of an inverter for operation. This
    means that the energy generated from your panels go
    directly into powering your refrigerator without encountering
    energy waste from converting back to AC.

  • Solar freezer - power generated.

#9: Heating without electricity.
  • simple tea candle heater
  • Wood-burning stoves to cook both food and to heat
  • fireplaces
  • firepits

If you want to live without electricity, you need only look to
other's who've done it:
  • Dig into your family history and see how your ancestors lived
  • Look to the Amish community
  • Understand how people live in developing countries

Here are some homesteaders who can help you live off grid
without electricity:

The off-grid movement has created an abundance of solar options
for preppers and wind turbine is coming around, as well.

This article explores many options for living without electricity...
(It's an overview of resources of our other articles.)

Happy endings...
Let the light shine! Being self sufficient is rewarding. Whether
your goal is to live off the grid entirely or just to spend a
weekend being self-sufficient, being able to live without
electricity will give you confidence in your survival skills. It may
not be as comfortable as you'd have it with full utility power, but
you'll find new comforts in entertainment, such as family game
night, musical pursuits, or

Life certainly would be more comforting with air conditioning,
fresh running water, gasoline and refrigeration, but would it be
more interesting? The Amish people say that electricity provides a
distraction to life. One things for sure, without electricity you'll
probably spend more time with family, and who doesn't love that?

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