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Prepping with Citronella
Amazing benefits and uses of citronella

How to use citronella.
Most people use citronella to keep the mosquitoes at bay, but
citronella essential uses has many alternative uses making it an
interesting essential oil to add to your collection.

Mosquito season calls for citronella, but one of the weird uses of
citronella is to combat oily skin and hair. This is good to know in
case supplies are limited. Discover the amazing benefits and uses
of citronella, learn how to make a citronella oil lamp and more...

Benefits and Uses of Citronella
In the hot months following the rains, when the mosquitoes rule
the outdoors, it's time to reach for your
citronella essential oil.
While most preppers will associate citronella essential oil with its
insect repelling properties, it is also important in prepping as an

, antifungal, antiparasitic, antiseptic and more.

Every prepper should own a little bottle of
citronella essential oil.
It may not be the first essential oil that comes to mind, but it's
actually a very common essential oil and just about everyone has
had use of citronella in the great outdoors.

Here's how to use citronella around the homestead:

#1: Use citronella to repel insects.
The primary use of citronella essential oil is as an insecticide for
mosquitoes in home remedies, but it also repels other kinds of
Citronella is an excellent natural barrier to mosquitoes and
it also repels fleas and other pests. According to the U.S.
Department of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency,
citronella also repels midges and flies. Citronella essential oil is
an antiparasitic effective for dealing with such ectoparasites
(parasites that live off skin).

Did you know citronella repels mosquitoes in a weird way? It
confuses them, so they go away. Essentially what happens is the
mosquito loses the human scent they were after.

Many commercial insect repellents contain Citronella Ceylon, and
it's usually mixed with cedarwood to give you a pleasant smelling
natural insect repellent. Citronella is safe, effective method to
keep your home, patio or yard bug-free, all season long. Skip the
harmful pesticides or insecticides and give citronella a go.

    effective with ectoparasites that live off the skin, such as
    mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, mites and lice. Here are the
    different ways to repel them:

  • Repel mosquitoes by wearing citronella essential oil. Wear
    an amulet of citronella to keep mosquitoes away from you,
    for example. The essential oil amulet, right, is a fun way to
    wear your citronella. Just soak the colorful pads in citronella
    and insert the disc into the amulet. You can also set a
    diffuser with a few drops of citronella oil at bedtime to sleep
    peacefully without the buzz of mosquitoes at your head.

  • Combat mosquitoes flies and other pests with citronella.
    Combine citronella in equal parts with lemongrass in a water
    spray bottle and shake. You can then spray the perimeter
    your home (doors and windows) to discourage mosquitoes
    from entering your home. Spray outside on the patio
    furniture. Also you can diffuse citronella into the air to
    promote a mosquito-free environment. Generally the
    effectiveness will wear of in a couple of hours, so refresh as
    insect repellent by reapplying every 30-60 minutes or so.

  • Get rid of lice with citronella. Add a drop of citronella to you
    your palm with the shampoo to add volume to your hair and
    simultaneously get rid of the lice. Citronella is know to grow

  • Use citronella with pets for ticks and fleas: Diffuse ten
    drops of citronella in a glass spray bottle with water to get
    rid of ticks and fleas on your pets.

Citronella essential oil is extremely effective against mosquitoes
and other pesky insects, but it has a myriad of other surprising

Citronella use #2: Digestive (antiparasitic).
Another reason preppers should stockpile citronella essential oil
in their preps is because of its antiparastic qualities. We
mentioned that citronella essential oil is an antiparasitic effective
for dealing with such ectoparasites (parasites that live off skin),
but it can also help you with parasites that enter your digestive

Parasites may come to you through contaminated water or food.
You may be eating questionable food in crisis and having
citronella around can help mitigate the problem of parasites.
Parasites may come to you also through mosquitoes and fleas,
raw water from camping or international travelling, or
consumption of pork and shellfish.

Citronella helps clean the liver and can help with the nasty
problem of parasites, according to the ancient medicinal practice
of aryuvedic medicine. As antiparasitic, citronella effectively
treats parasites, which generally come from an unbalanced gut
flora. A type of parasite called helminths can take over if you
have a weakened immune system. Helminths are worms, such as
flatworms, tapeworms, ringworms, and roundworms.

Citronella is an antiparasitic against bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and
viruses. You can use citronella essential oil to help alleviate
inflammation in the liver, stomach and digestive tract. According
Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine for a Modern World, by Dr.
Josh Axe, Ty Bollinger and Jordan Rubin, right, a 2003 research
article found citronella effectively expels parasitic worms, as well
as bugs and leeches. confirms, "
Citronella oil is used
to expel worms or other parasites from the intestines."

    to the abdomen about two drops with a carrier oil at night.
    (Jojoba, grapeseed, olive, or almond oil go well with
    citronella.) Repeat until parasitic symptoms alleviate.

  • Other antiparasitic essential oils include:

NOTE: Citronella essential oils are generally not food-grade.

Citronella use #3: Aches and pains (analgesic).
An unusual use of citronella essential oil is for arthritic relief.
Citronella can relieve muscle and joint pain ~ it's very therapeutic
for sore muscles and joints, as well as arthritis, but beware that
it may irritate sensitive skin or cause dermatitis.

Right is
Biofinest Citronella oil. They recommend adding ten drops
for a massage with your favorite
carrier oil. With purchase you get
a free ebook guide worth $37 ~ exclusive access to Biofinest
comprehensive essential oil guide "100 Ways To Use Essential
Oil". It's printable and beginner friendly!

    use citronella with a carrier oil (for example, jojoba oil) you
    can help soothe muscle and joint pain. Mix two or three
    drops of citronella in the palm of your hand with coconut oil
    or your favorite carrier oil for a gentle massage.
    Alternatively, soak your feet in warm water and a few drops
    to ease ankle pains or reduce swelling.

Citronella use #5: Facial or hair tonic (antiseptic).
Like many essentials oils, citronella is an antiseptic that's great
for oily skin to get rid of the bacteria causing acne. It can also
control the oiliness in your hair.

    citronella essential oil in water after a bath and use as a
    facial tonic.

    shampoo to add volume to your hair.

Citronella Use #6: Deodorant (antibacterial).
An odd and under-appreciated use of citronella is as a deodorant.
What makes citronella an excellent deodorant is because of its
antibacterial properties. It kills the bad smelling bacteria.  

The oil of citronella has been a component of soaps, candles,
perfumes and other cosmetics. Citronella gives a deodorant a
fresh citrus scent with woody undertones that neutralizes odors
along with the proven insect control of citronella.

  • Homemade deodorant. While you can mix a few drops of
    citronella with coconut oil or another carrier oil to create a
    home made deodorant, many people use citronella in a
    method called "neat." In using an essential oil neat, you
    apply the oil directly to the skin. This method isn't for
    everyone, since the essential oil can cause a reaction for
    highly sensitive individuals. Then again, the oils from the
    carrier might help alleviate the problem, you may be left with
    a stain. In either case, you could look to a commercial
    solution, such as Incognito Citronella Deodorant.

  • Commercial citronella deodorant. Pictured right is
    Incognito, a natural crystal insect-repelling deodorant made
    with citronella. It contains only natural mineral salts (alum),
    water and organic citronella. Note that alum is not the same
    thing as aluminum. There is no aluminum as with other
    deodorants. With it you can stay fresh and keep away
    mosquitoes and insects.

Citronella use #7: Freshen a room.
With citronella essential oil you can get a fresh scent and keep
the dust mites, lice and mosquitoes away simultaneously.

  • Add ten drops of citronella essential oil in glass spray bottle
    (never plastic) and mist the carpets and upholstery.
  • Soak a cotton ball with citronella essential oil and nestle in
    the linens for a fresh and yet calming scent.
  • Make a citronella candle, light and enjoy.

Citronella use #8: Clear the mind, ease headaches.
Citronella has the natural power to help you get over a tension
headache and may even offer relief for a migraine.

    To clear the mind and help reduce tension headaches, you
    can either diffuse the essential oil or apply a drop of the oil
    at your temples along with a carrier oil.

Citronella use #9: Calm a fever with citronella.
Citronella has peaceful and calming properties as a sedative, but
it can help relieve a fever.

    essential oil in water and dip a cloth into the water. Use the
    comforting wet cloth on the forehead. After you're finished
    cooling the patient at the forehead, you can use the same
    cloth to wipe and cool the feet.

Citronella use #10: Keep dogs off the furniture.
You'll love all the uses of citronella, but your dog won't love your
new favorite essential oil. Your dog won't like citronella, but it's
more humane than an electric shock and you'll have a lovely
smelling home.

Citronella will keep your dogs off the furniture and the miraculous
oil will also help stop barking, according to Dr. Josh Axe. He says
that anti-barking collars have citronella in them! What's more he
says that cats are even more sensitive to citronella.

    of citronella essential oil to a cup of water in a spray bottle.
    Spray it on the household items you want your pet to steer
    clear of and you'll find they obey the forbidden zone. You'll
    get the sideline benefit of keeping pests away, like lice.

Make a Citronella Oil Lamp
Did you know you can use citronella as fuel for an oil lamp. Right
is an adorable an inexpensive
blue lantern that burns kerosene,
lamp oil, citronella or liquid paraffin! If you use the citronella oil
then you will deter the pesky mosquitoes naturally.
For this lamp you'll need things a prepper already has:

  • Quality mason jar, canning ring and lid
  • Wick
  • Tools ~ Awl, hammer tape
  • Citronella lamp oil ~ Important note: Citronella lamp oil is
    not the same as citronella essential oil. You can use olive oil
    with citronella essential oil to make an oil lamp. Read more
    about citronella lamp oil below...
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Above, Naturally Brittany gives you a simple lesson and the ingredientyou
need to make your own citronella candles.

Happy endings...
Citronella essential oil is nice to have around the homestead. Now
that you know some of the benefits and uses of citronella, you may
like to learn about other essential oils.

Use the herbal aromas of essential oils to infuse your home as well
as your soul. Soothe, cure, and revitalize sore muscles and tired
minds using nature's finest ingredients.

Related are these essential oil articles you may like...

  • NOTE: The International Federation of Aromatherapists does
    NOT recommend that essential oils be taken internally, unless
    under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified
    in clinical Aromatherapy.

* These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For any health
or dietary matter, always consult your physician. This information is intended for your general
knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific
medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking medical advice when available. As a
reminder, these statements about extracts have not been evaluated by the United States Food
and Drug Administration.

Prepare to live happily ever after with us at - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-sufficiency.
Above, learn how to make a simple Citronella Oil lamp.

Did you know...
There are three different kinds of citronella oils!
IMPORTANT: Use citronella as fuel for an oil lamp, but be sure to
get the right kind, and don't think that citronella essential oil is the
same thing as citronella lamp oil, and even then, be aware that
there are different kinds of citronella lamp oils.

  • Citronella Clean Fuel lamp oil (clear), pictured immediate right,
    is longer Burning than Paraffin Lamp Oil. This is the formula
    that repels mosquitoes and it's  fuel that's clean burning and
    virtually odorless. Clean fuel citronella lamp oil is not for use
    on Tiki lamps, tabletop fireplaces, effusion lamps or catalytic
    lamps that require gel fuel or alcohol based fuel. It is also not
    for use on humans.

  • Island Lights Outdoor Citronella lamp oil (yellow) is a mix of
    5% citronella and 95% petroleum base, and it's not for internal
    use, which is why it features a large skull and cross bones on
    the packaging! It's also for outdoor use only.

  • Citronella essential oil and olive oil (home made recipe). You
    can mix your favorite citronella essential oil with olive oil. For
    a potent mix, try ten to twenty drops of citronella essential oil.

Bugging out or camping in bear country?
A citronella essential oil is wonderful for repelling mosquitoes, but
when you are in bear country, you'll need to avoid citronella and
any products containing citronella! Bears have an affinity to such
smells and will seek you out.

Citronella is an antifungal.
A lesser known fact about citronella is that it's an antifungal.
Specifically, Dr. Joseph Mercola says that "
citronella has potent
antifungal properties that help suppress the growth of fungi
species, such as Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Eurotium."

So Citronella is an antifungal and you can use it to decrease certain
types of rashes, but should you? Probably not! Other more effective
essential oils that are antifungals include neem oil,
cinnamon leaf
extract, and clove leaf extract.

The unusual thing about citronella is that it can cause a rash in
some people, but it can also cure a rash in others. Generally, it's
considered an allergen that can cause skin irritation and you should
keep it away from children under six months, and you should not
use it if you are pregnant or nursing.

  • Is Citronella the same as lemongrass? Citronella is
    sometimes confused with lemongrass ~ they are similar but
    not the same. For starters, citronella is most well known for
    repelling mosquitoes and other bugs, lemongrass doesn't repel
    mosquitoes and may it attracts bees.

Citronella Essential oil vs Citronella Lamp oil:
Citronella essential oil is not the same as citronella lamp oil:
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Know the difference between citronella lamp
    oil and citronella essential oil. See the bottom of the page.

Preppers love essential oils!
Essential oils are highly concentrated gifts from nature ~ they're
distilled from a plant's flower, root, bark, wood, leaf, nut, seed,
peel or rind to deliver a potent dose of anti-oxidants, minerals and
vitamins through absorption skin or inhalation. Add a variety of
essential oils to your prepper's medicine cabinet.

Did you know essential oils are flammable? That you can use a bit
of essential oil as an accelerant is another reason preppers should
stock some. Store your essential oils away from heat, but know
that you can use some to get your fire going in an emergency.

Make your own citronella candles!
Strong enough to repel mosquitoes, yet gentle enough to use
around the family. Here's how to make citronella candles:
Family Doctor essential oils gift set
Citronella Candles
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