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Government Shutdowns
How to prepare for a government shut down.

What could happen during a government shutdown?
When the government shuts down the first thing people notice is
that the National Parks close, but there are far worse implications
and it's good to prepare for what might happen.

The following is a summary of what you could expect to happen if
the government shuts down...

How to prepare for a government shutdown
Here's how to prepare for a government shutdown.

#1: Beware of Municipal Water Supply.
When there's a government shutdown, there is a possibility that
we will suffer from a disruption of the municipal water supply. It
won't happen immediately, but in a long term scenario there just
won't be anyone paid to run the facilities. Some workers may
work for free initially, but eventually this will not last and the
water filtering stations will not operate or they will misfunction.

That's just one of the may reasons to have a Big Berkey water
filter in place. Not only is the
Big Berkey water filter a classic in
survival water filter, you'll find that the
Berkey water filters are
ideal for everyday health. Water is life, so don't skimp on this
aspect of your preparedness efforts.

#2: Emergency Response.
Most people will be affected by the water problems but the
emergency response efforts, by such organizations as FEMA, will
be severely impacted. If there's a wildfire, like what happened in
Napa California, or flooding in Texas then it's every man for
himself because the government resources just won't be there.

#3: Pandemic and flu.
Under a pandemic, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
have protocols in place, but in a government shutdown all bets
are off! A pandemic can also cause a government shutdown.

In 2009 during the Swine Flu, Mexico shutdown their government
in the flu fight. If
pandemic preparedness is your weak link, it's
time to get things shaking. You will need to have your own
protection system in place by
putting together a pandemic kit.

Well before the government shuts down you'll need to get
together a
Pandemic Flu Kit. The price for these things only goes
up or becomes unavailable in crisis. Made by Sundstrom, the kit,
pictured right, includes the SR 100 silicone half mask air purifying
respirator that's intended for use when your life requires
maximum safety and breathing comfort. This kit offers up to 18
months of protection and can be disinfected over and over again
to get you through a pandemic. The heat-treated Silicone material
is FDA approved offering a safe and comfortable fit that molds to
the shape of your face. What's more, each filter tested for
99.997% absorption capacity for very small particles such as
bacteria and viruses. A single respirator and filter can be
disinfected and reused. The very simple to understand
disinfection procedure uses inexpensive alcohol bath. Extremely
low breathing resistance makes this mask optimal for low to
strenuous work activates. One dust, mold and particulate kit
includes everything you need. Best of all, it's NIOSH approved.

Seasonal flu...
The CDC will also be unable to support the annual seasonal
influenza program. The Seattle Times reported that as the
season gets deadlier, a government shutdown will make things
worse. Their angle is that the CDC won't be tracking in real time
the spread. That's a real concern, because while preppers for the
most part have things covered in terms of pandemic supplies,
they won't know how bad it is if the government isn't tracking the
severity. Even a survival radio won't do you much good during a
pandemic if the government shuts down, but it's always better to
have one.

#4: Food.
Food and safety services will be gone if the government shuts
down. That means you won't have any advance notice of
salmonella or E-coli for example from the CDC.

Food is always a top concern and why we prep. It may be difficult
to comprehend that a government shutdown would limit the food
supply, but it will. First, there are the people dependent on
government handouts and benefits, such as the people on
Welfare and those collecting Social Security. If your entire life
depends on the next paycheck that isn't coming then you're sure
to suffer the immense consquences of a government shutdown.

Thankfully, you're a prepper and have made some basic provisions
for food and water.

#5: Stock market jitters or a crash.
There are always implications of a government shutdown on the
economy and how the stock market reacts is among the highest
concerns. If you don't have someone running the government then
regulations and fair trade become questionable. Whatever the
case, investors will plan short term tactical investment moves.
This knee-jerk reaction could cause stocks to tumble.

What can you do? It's always a good idea to have an emergency
fund. Many people don't have enough money to cover themselves
cor three to six months of household expenses, but this
ultimately is the goal of any prepper. The food and stockpiles you
hazve should help, but you still need to pay your mortgage or
rent. This is true in times of volatilty in the market.

#6: Federal employees, Veterans won't get paid.
Some government agencies may have to furlough workers and
that means that hundreds of thousands of people won't go to
work and this means:

  • In a government shut down some 800,000 government
    employees may never get repaid for the missed work. They
    will at least suffer a delay. This has a mild economic impact,
    but mostly in Maryland where most Federal employees work.
    It also means that contract employees won't get checks.

  • Veterans will miss their paychecks and benefits. Things like
    disability claims or pension payments for veterans will go
    away if a government shutdown lasts more than a couple of
    weeks because there are no employees to manage these
    benefits and payments.

  • Disability payments will also be disrupted because Social
    Security administration won't have enough staff/

#7: Energy is another shutdown possibility.
Electricity doesn't happen on its own. In a government shutdown
the grid will eventually collapse as we've explained the municipal
water supply. The perils for you will be relatively temporary,
because it's unlike an EMP when the grid will go down forever, but
the government has a role in your electricity.

The government plays a role in setting emissions standards for
each industry. The U.S. government also plays a role in regulating
large businesses that established monopolies. Without
government interference your energy bills could go through the
roof! They might also shut down in an impasse because

As well, the U.S. Department of Energy's Federal Energy
Management Program (FEMP) plays a critical role in reducing
energy use.

#8: Toilet paper.
Toilet paper is always something on the collective prepper mind,
and though it may seem insignificant in a survival situation of any
kind, it is something that can happen even in a government
shutdown. In government shutdown all sorts of consumer supplies
are affected. In
Venezuela when the government shut down, the
citizens eventually ran out of the most basic needs of food, but
also of toilet paper.

Thankfully you're a prepper and you have both paper money and
gold or silver set aside, as well as the toilet paper, the heat,
food, water and water filtration gear you need to survive anything.

Happy endings...
In a government shutdown there are some things you can rejoice
about ~ there will be
no FEMA camps, no Martial law, and in a
world without rule of law you won't have to pay any taxes. Wha'ts
more the good and happy news is that everyone survived the
2018 government shutdown.

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