how to bugout by bike

Bugout Bikes and trikes
How to Bugout by Bike or trike

Bugging out by bike is always an option if you're prepared. With a few modifications
you can turn an ordinary mountain bike into a bugout bike, or you can buy a collapsible
bike to get you home if a catastrophe happens while you're at work and you can't
bugout by car. If you're older or need more stability in a bicycle, then you can bugout
by tricycle.

Why pack a fold up bicycle in your car for emergencies?

While preppers have elaborate schemes to bug out with vehicles ranging from ATVs to
school buses and to boats or goats, they often fail to prepare for an escape from their
car, truck or SUV. Ultimately, survival might depend on a bug out bicycle!

If you must abandon your home or office (or bug out from your vehicle), then make an
alternate plan of escaping with a well equipped bike. You'll need a bugout bike for
  • roads leading out are blocked with debris, traffic, flood or fire;
  • traffic jam (no body is moving and danger is headed your way);
  • you run out of power for your vehicle;
  • your car won't start (mechanical difficulties,out of gas); or
  • all cars won't work, as with an electromagnetic pulse.
  • you want to escape to the safety of a road less travelled.

Bikes are powered by your own manpower!

The military has included bikes in their strategy, and so should you!
A military cyclist is not a soldier on wheels, but a soldier with wheels, says author Jim
Fitzpatrick, highlighting a distinction. Punctuating the point in his book,
The Bicycle in
Fitzpatrick says the military cyclist can carry a bike over fences or around
rugged terrain, push it through mud or sand, float it through water, and use it to
transport bulky loads. Even so, bikes had a rocky start in gaining acceptance as a tool.
Learn more, in his book, pictured immediate right. It's a well illustrated and fun book for
the biking enthusiast.

How to Select and Pack a Bugout By Bike
In his book for preppers, "Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle: The Disaster Survival
Vehicle Guide," Creek Stewart shares a picture of his fully loaded Yuba Mundo cargo
bike. (It looks similar to the Yub Mundo bike pictured immediate left in green.) Whether
carrying kids or cargo, the Yuba Mundo makes transport easy. This exceptional bicycle
is neither a derailleur system nor an internally-geared drivetrain. It offers an infinite
amount of gear-free shifting with an easy-to-use interface. Plus, there's a built-in, and
extra long cargo rack.

There three types of bugout bikes:
  1. Bug Out Bike (for getting out of Dodge). This is a well equipped bicycle pre-
    packed with gear to get you to your survival destination when you can't use your
    car, truck or SUV. Usually, it's not a fold up bike. It's a mountain bike, a touring
    bike,  a Military paratroop bike, or a cargo bike. This bike is ready to go at a
    moment's notice, in your garage or storage area.
  2. Get Home Bike (for reverse commuting). This could be a fold-up bicycle,
    commuter bike or recreational bike. It's a bike committed to staying affixed to
    your vehicle or at your workplace and has the purpose of getting you back home.
    Pictured right is a 20-inch folding bicycle designed for commuting by Schwinn,
    called Hinge. It includes a convenient rear rack for lashing a bag or other gear
    and has front and rear V-brakes.
  3. Escape Bike (for an alternate escape). Whether a fold-up bicycle, commuter
    bike or recreational bike, this bike stays affixed to your vehicle. Its sole purpose
    is to get you to your survival destination when you must abandon the car, truck
    or SUV. It's a contingency vehicle if your other vehicle fails to get you to safety!

For purposes of this article, we will refer to all three types of bikes and bugout bikes.
Your personal strategy may include just one bike.

How to Select a Bugout Bike
Depending on your needs for the three types of bugout bikes:

Military Paratrooper Bike (Bugout Bike, Get Home Bike, Escape Bike).
The one bike that can handle all three functions (getting out of Dodge, reverse
commuting and alternate escape is a paratrooper bike:

  • Montague 20" Paratrooper Military Folding Mountain Bike. The Montague
    Paratrooper military folding Mountain bike, pictured at the top of the page, is an
    affordable and durable bike.Cammy Green Tough, rugged, and ready for
    anything, this mountain bike is dropped from the sky to land, prepared for action.
    The speed of unfolding this bike for riding will blow you away. Unlike all other
    folding bikes, there are no wobbly hinges and no structural tubes cut in half . You
    don't need tools to fold and unfold this bike: just open one quick release lever
    on the top tube and remove the front wheel. It folds in under thirty seconds
    without tools, too! This full-sized, rugged mountain bike is deployable on almost
    any terrain. It is a stealth/minimal signature that is second only to a walking

  • Montague SwissBike X50 Paratrooper-style Folding Mountain Bike. This 18-
    Speed Mountain Bike, folds and fits anywhere. It's a light trail bike for weekend
    excursions, or a rugged commuter bike, priced lower than the Montague

Fold up Bicycle (Get Home Bike).
Stashing a bug out bike in your car with all your other essentials, including a sturdy
pair of walking shoes, is a wise move. Here are our favorite folding bug out bikes.

  • Schwinn Hinge fold up bicycle. The Hinge is a 20-inch folding bicycle designed
    for commuting. It folds compactly for easy storage in a closet or garage. The
    Hinge is equipped with a low stand-over frame, an ATB rigid fork, and alloy front
    and rear linear pull brakes, helping it perform as smoothly as any other
    commuter bike. It's also remarkably comfortable to ride, with an adjustable seat
    post and high handlebars. And riders will love the handy rear rack, which lets
    you lash a bag or other gear to the bike.

  • Shimano Foldable Mountain Bike. Shimano foldable mountain bike, pictured
    immediate left in black. This light weight bike folds in 15 seconds and stores
    easily in most compact car's rear trunk. Shimano is a great name in bikes and
    this one has a great price.

  • Shimano Stow-a-Bike 26", 18-speed.  For urban preppers, the Shimano Stow-
    A-Bike 18-speed bike, pictured immediate right, is an absolute essential. If you
    consider this just as a mountain bike, it stacks up pretty well against its
    competition. Dual suspension, quality components from suppliers such as
    Shimano; it's tough and built to last, and looks great, but where this bike really
    comes into a league of its own is when you consider its incredible folding frame
    that's almost made with preppers in mind. It's the #1 best seller in Dual
    Suspension Mountain Bikes on Amazon!

  • Shimano Stowabike 20", City Bike, 6-Speed. Pictured left, the Shimano
    Stowabike City Bike is the #1 best seller in Adult Folding Bikes on Amazon. No
    wonder! This foldable commuting bike has built in mud guards to keep you clean,
    a built in rack for carrying your goods, and an easy and reliable folding
    mechanism.  And best of all, currently it's 66% off the list price. You won't believe
    the deal.

How to pack a bugout bike

  • Cargo load: Find a bike basket, Luggage rack, or panniers for packing essential
    gear. Also, bike bungee cargo net.

  • Bike Trailers. Equip your bug out bike with a trailer even if you don't have young
    kids. It will be an excellent place to stash equipment and will help you go under
    the radar. Remember, you'll also need a coupler attachment to affix the trailer to
    your bug out bike. Right, the bike cargo system includes a tent! Remember to

  • First Aid: Your bicycle first aid kit, which should include Quickclot.

  • Bicycle Tent.

  • Bicycle repair tools.

  • Tire Repair Tools (tire levers, an air pump, spare inner tube or patch kit). The
    Multi Function Bike Tool set left, comes with Patch Kit & Tire Levers 18 Function.

Prepper Trikes
An adult tricycle has the advantage of stability and is especially important for older
preppers. The bonus basket will make it easier to pack a few extra things at the
grocery store ensuring you stay fit.

A tricycle is an atypical prep, but something to consider. Preppers must think differently
to imagine what life will be like without electricity. Don't back peddle on the idea just
yet. Here are good reasons to own a tricycle:

  • Enhanced stability: A tricycle offers stability, particularly important as you age.
    This stability provides a smoother ride. You'll also get enhanced traction and
    braking. What's more, you can convert trikes for people with disabilities.
  • More cargo space: Unlike a bicycle, a trike offers more cargo opportunities.
  • Room for Passengers: A tricycle rickshaw can hold passengers, which might be
    necessary to get an injured person to the closest available doctor or nurse.

Tricycles are not easy to find in your local stores. The best place to buy them is online.

  • Schwinn Hampton Adult Tricycle: The Schwinn Hampton, pictured below
    features a s super low stand over aluminum frame for easy access. This beauty
    has allow wheels, cruiser styling with full wrap fenders, and swept back
    handlebars for comfort. For preppers it features a large fold down rear basket for

  • Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch Tricycle. Pictured top right, the Schwinn Hampton
    26" adult tricycle is equipped with a super low aluminum frame which allows step
    through access. The cruiser styling has full wrap fenders and swept back
    handlebars for comfort. Alloy 26" wheels for smooth and easy riding, large
    springer cruiser saddle and quick release for unlimited seat height adjustment.

  • The Westport Adult Foldable tricycle. The Westport Adult Tricycle from Kent
    International, pictured right, is super stable. A strong steel frame with a low step-
    through design makes easy work of starting out. This well engineered frame also
    features a folding mechanism to take up a little less space in the garage.
    Comfort features include a suspension fork, a wide, comfortable seat, and
    adjustable upright handlebars which make any rider feel at home. You will
    appreciate the spacious basket for cargo safely tucked away behind the rider.
    Strong linear pull brakes handle the stopping.

  • Worksman Port-o-Trike Three Speed Adult Tricycle. The Worksman Tri-
    Wheeler pictured immediate right, is very stable because of it's lower center of
    gravity, Designed for optimal portability, it fits most standard trunk-mounted
    bicycle car racks, or inside most minivans and station wagons.

Want to turn your bicycle into a pedal-wielding motorcycle?
Are you a prepper with no pedal power? Convert your pedal bike into a motorized bike!
The electric motor conversion kit, pictured right, lets you attach an electric powered
motor to your bike. The back wheel is designed specifically to be used with a motor.
Fitting most 26" tire slots, you use it along with the motor and an electric controller to
go up to 28 mph on your bicycle! The kit includes everything except battery and disc
brake. You get:
  • the new back wheel,
  • the controller,
  • 48v motor, and
  • brake controllers that are meant to give control at those high speeds.

With a quick and easy conversion process, you do not need to be a professional to
attach the kit. Since it is easy to take on and off, you can alternate between biking
positions, and the chargeable battery allows you to "go green". A fun and innovative
tool that can create a unique experience for bike enthusiasts, this bike conversion kit is
a must have for any type of biker.

Take a lesson from developing countries: a tricycle or rickshaw is a logical mode of
transporting goods in an off grid world. It's odd, yet noteworthy!

Happy endings...

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