37 unusual preps to hoard

37 Unusual Things for Preppers to Hoard
Stuff for your survival cabinet, garage or locker

What's in your survival cabinets, garage or locker? Sure you've got shelf stable
meals, security devices, excess toilet paper and seeds for the future, but what
haven't you thought about? Consider the Happy Prepper list of the 37 most
unusual survival tools to hoard while they are still available!

Mind you, this is not the typical list and it is not the same as our other totally free
prepper lists, including these popular articles

37 Unusual Things for Preppers to Hoard
This list of 37 unusual things for preppers is a bit weird because it includes some
stuff you wouldn't ordinarily think to keep: lint, for example. This prepper list may
surprise you, starting with #1.

#1:  Copper pennies.
Many preppers collect silver and overlook a resource right before their eyes:
copper! Pennies made of copper (those dated 1982 and earlier) hold more value in
copper than the face value of one cent. Why do you think the U.S. Government has
changed the penny and in Canada they no longer have the penny? It's because it
costs them too much to produce. The value of the copper is about double the face
Check Coinflation.com for the current value of copper. The melt value of
copper pennies was $0.0195929for 1909-1982 copper cents on Dec. 2, 2014.

#2: Books and magazines you don't read.
Why keep old books and magazines? Three reasons. 1.) You can cut thick books to
stash valuables, such as gold and silver, to hide them in plain sight on your
bookshelf 2.) You can tear pages of either as tinder or burn the whole book for
fuel. 3.) You can use pages as toilet paper. Yes, that last one isn't so pleasant, but
it's what they did back in the day. How do you think the "reading in the bathroom"
idea got started?

#3: Chopsticks.
Every time you go to a Chinese restaurant or eat sushi, why not grab a few extra
chopsticks? They will soon amass into a nice collection. After using them as a
utensil, you don't have to clean because they have a new purpose! Use chopsticks
for firestarting - use them as kindling! It's the little things you think of now, which
will give you an edge.

#4: Safety pins.
You'll find safety pins in many survival kits. Why? Safety pins have a number of
survival uses! With safety pins you can:
  1. create an instant fish hook (you'll need cordage of course);
  2. craft an arm sling from T-shirt for first aid;
  3. improvise tweezers for splinter or tick removal;
  4. secure a bandanna to make a bandage and compress bleeding;
  5. make a finger splint;
  6. hang stuff to dry while out on your journey;
  7. affix gear to your bugout bag;
  8. mend a broken shoe lace;
  9. close your pant legs to keep out snow;
  10. use it like a toothpick;
  11. connect blankets, bags or clothes to create shelter;
  12. close wounds (in extreme cases where no doctor is available you can use it
    like a skin stapler);
  13. open cans;
  14. home-made feminine pad with a safety pin and more)
  15. defend yourself; and
  16. repair your clothes;

  • BONUS: Did you know you can start a fire with a battery and safety pin?
    Attach a safety pins to the terminals of the battery. You can do the same
    with aluminum foil.

You can easily store two safety pins on your key chain, so you have them when
you need them. While you're at it, be sure to get some thread and needles, which
should already be on your prepper supply list. Thread on wooden spools are
available inexpensively at thrift shops and will serve you well into the future.
Buy safety pins inexpensively at the dollar stores.

#5: Gadsden flag (and the constitution).
Another unusual item for your preps is a Gadsden flag. Why? Because it sends a
message to other preppers. In a world without rule of law, the flag will likely
provide an opportunity for preppers to align and unite for the greater good of their
own communities. The
Don't Tread on Me Flag is also called a Gadsden flag,
because it was named after General Christopher Gadsden. The coiled snake
represents the Timber rattlesnake or the Easter Diamondback rattlesnake, which
are both prevalent in the geographic regions of the first 13 colonies. Today, the
flag flies proudly in South Carolina as General Gadsden first presented it to the
Congress of South Carolina in Charleston, South Carolina. It is a symbol of
patriotism, and a symbol for the Tea Party movement. It has also been widely
popular with preppers and for this reason it may be wise to hold one in your

#6: Fire extinguishers.
Fire will be, to say the least, alarming in a life without society's current comforts
and yet other prepper sites rarely if ever mention this necessity. How are you
going to defend your homestead without an adequate water supply and without
the fire department rolling up to your property? One tiny fire extinguisher isn't
going to cut it! Consider buying extinguishers by the dozen! How else will you
protect what you've got? On the topic of fires and while you're at it, be sure to
have plenty of shovels around (one for every member of your group or family) to
cover the flames with dirt the way the forest firefighters do.

  • Preppers always love dual purpose items, and indeed shovels will be
    invaluable for working the crops. On an unpleasant topic, they will also be
    valuable for burying the dead.

#7: Kids wheels (Razor scooters and skateboards, radio flyer
wagon, strollers).
A toy as a prepper tool? Yes! It's not odd when you think of a Razor or a
skateboard as a mode of transportation. It's perfect for your bug out vehicle
because it folds compactly. A Razor scooter isn't just for kids: there are bigger
wheels for adults. Instead of walking you could be scooting, which would certainly
put you at an advantage in a bugout scenario!

Just pick up your scooter and walk over terrain when need be. Pack one for each
family member if you don't already have a
fold-up bugout bicycle. Consider
skateboards also if you are so inclined with skills from your youth. Many a
Hollywood movie adventure features a kid in an escape by skateboard. The little
red wagon, which was perfect for your kids earlier days, could serve you well in an
off-grid situation to haul water and supplies and the same goes for strollers (even
the kinds intended for small pets)!

#8: Carts, hand trucks, and wheelbarrows.
Think of the wheels which cart treasures for the homeless, and you will better
value these items in your preps for the future. Shopping carts will surely disappear
when the world collapses.  The chore of hauling supplies will be easier for preppers
with use of hand trucks and carts. The use of
hand trucks and carts has the
advantage of smaller wagons in that they are especially useful if you're going to be
moving your entire homestead in a matter of minutes into a truck or van.
Wheelbarrows. If you've been borrowing a wheel barrow, now is the time to get
one for yourself. Get a hand truck while it is still available. You'll eventually want a
wheelbarrow to haul crops and firewood. You'll find this an indispensable tool.
Guard it when SHTF!

#9: Cable ties.
Cable ties, also known as zip ties, are a good quick fix and the next best thing to
duct tape! Often overlooked, cable ties have a multitude of uses from making
household repairs to camping, gardening and bugging out! One clever prepper
father used it to make a pony tail holder! Rubber bands break, but hair bands are
more durable. Whether building a fire or tending to the gardening, having a hair
band tie hair will certainly prove useful. Rubber bands have several other uses.

Here's a partial list of how to use cable ties:
  1. fasten gear to your bugout bag;
  2. keep your bicycle wheels in place on your car's bike rack;
  3. secure tarps together like grommets for camping;
  4. tie vines on plants, such as tomatoes
  5. keep raccoons out of your food (han
  6. hang utensils to dry camping
  7. lash sticks together;
  8. secure a door or a window; and so much more!

#10: Perfume cards.
Those little card samples from the department stores  are loaded with alcohol
inside, and perfume cards offer the convenience also of cardboard to work as
tinder. For an added touch, dip the perfume cards in paraffin wax.

#11: Bikes and bicycle trailers.
Save bicycles your children have outgrown as they will have value in bartering for
parents of young children. A useful find at garage sales are bikes and bicycle
trailers. Just because your kids are grown or you don't have kids doesn't mean you
shouldn't grab the opportunity to have a bike trailer. Sure the people who think
you're nuts for prepping will really think you've gone off the deep end, but the
reality is that bicycle trailers are an excellent place to store your goods if you
bugout by bicycle.

#12 Cardboard rolls and lint.
Don't discard lint or cardboard rolls! Stash toilet paper and paper towel rolls and
stuff them with lint from the dryer to make an excellent tinder for a firestarter.
Wrap in brown craft paper and you have an nice looking firestarter to place at your
hearth. This is a simple thing you can do to prepare for your survival, particularly if
you live where it snows. Cardboard is also immensely useful when combined with a
tin can to make a buddy burner.

#13: Cookie tins, #10 cans and old tin cans.
Did you know you can make charcoal with a cookie tin? Danish butter cookies have
a long shelf life, and you can use the cookie tin containers to make carbon
(charcoal). With old tin cans you can make a hobo stove or a buddy burner.

#14: Chewing gum.
Chew on this: chewing gum should be part of your preps. While having gum helps
provide a sense of normalcy in uncertain times, having gum available could help
save your life in a survival situation to keep you alert or help you fish.

#15: Sturdy cardboard box.
With aluminium and a cardboard box, you can make yourself a camp oven to bake
just about anything from muffins, to bread to casseroles.

#16: Fabric from sheets, blankets, and curtains, and old worn
Anyone who has ever seen Gone with the Wind will remember the scene where red
velvet curtains were transformed into a fantastic gown. Necessity is the mother of
invention they say! Quilts are new blankets from old materials for the same
reason: resourcefulness. Even though your garments have holes in them, they are
useful in troubled times for recycling. Women today craft handbags from old jeans.
Buttons are also useful, save them the way your Great Grandmother did,
particularly during the Great Depression.

    Good uses for old worn clothes and fabrics:
  • New clothes and bags:
  • Transform a pair of jeans into a skirt!
  • Sew together a grocery bag.
  • Quilt: Make a quilt from cut up pieces of fabric. You will find warmth in the the
    old pieces will of memories sewn together.
  • Cleaning rags: Use them as rags to clean.
  • Toilet paper: You've heard the expression, "She's on the rag again"? Well,
    where do you think that term came from? Cut the materials up into squares
    and you have toilet paper.

#17: Pantyhose.
An old military trick is to wear pantyhose underneath the socks to help avoid
friction and blisters for long hikes. It's just one of those
weird survival tricks that
works. You'll also stay warmer when wearing pantyhose and keep chiggers and
ticks at bay. With pantyhose you can filter water or improvise a fishing net, even
use it to carry food you gather in the wild. Wear them, ladies and gentlemen!

#18: Children's clothes and shoes.
Children's clothing will be fantastically valuable to new mothers at the end of the
world as we know it. Save the best items, particularly sturdy shoes, and think of
your children's old things as bartering items.

#19: Sandbags.
Sure, sandbags are great for helping you mitigate flood damage, but for a prepper,
sandbags are ideal for security and shelter fortification. Sandbags can help you
fortify your home to block intruders at gates and entrances. The more mass the
better to shield against radiation or bullets, too.

#20: Tarps.
Lay out a tarp and you can collect rainwater, camouflage a bugout vehicle or  
temporarily patch a window. Here are some clever uses preppers have for tarps.

#21 Nails and screws.
Lots of preppers pack in the bullets for security, but nails are more practical
because they have so many applications for creating new things and fixing others.
The great thing about nails is they don't take up too much room to hoard them.
Nails and screws of various sizes will be an immensely important trade item. Buy
extras for bartering.

#22: Plywood.
Preppers will find plywood useful for such things as fixing broken windows and
fortifying entrances and windows to discourage looters. With nails and plywood a
prepper can also make a bed of nails to make a painful inside entrance. The
element of surprise may be all you need to distract enough to save your life.

#23: PVC pipe.
PVC pipe has many uses. Of foremost value to preppers is using PVC for
plumbing. The day will come when you'll need to fix repairs yourself. Many preppers
also use PVC pipe to make underground cache compartments to store food and
Learn to make your a hand pump water well using PVC pipe.

#24: Heavy-duty grocery bags and totes.
Consider stockpiling reinforced grocery bags or buying a few of polyethylene or
canvas totes. The large tote, pictured immediate right, is an incredibly strong and
rugged storage bag, made from polyethylene tarp material. The tote will not crack
under extreme cold, it is tear resistant, extremely flexible and water resistant.
Consider also the canvas log carrier, also pictured right. You will be hauling lots of
wood and gear and edibles. These bags could help you transport your fuel for the
fire or crops home.

#25: Dental floss.
Believe it or not, Dental floss could save your life! Discover why you should stock
some dental floss in your preps, and particularly in your bug-out bag.

#26: Buckets and Bins:

  • Have an old plastic storage bin? Learn how to make a worm farm from that
    too! Take time today to declutter and get rid of the things you don't need in
    that bin, and make something that could prove very valuable: a worm farm!

#27: Board games.
For the times you're boarded up in the bunker and bored, you'll need some
entertainment and family board games. Board games will help provide normalcy in
difficult times. These unusual board game ideas will provide necessary stress

#28: Expired bleach (that's right, the expired kind).
It's not unusual for preppers to have bleach, but many preppers don't know that
bleach expires. Yes, check the bottle and you will see that bleach indeed has an
expiration date! Bleach is good for about six months because it breaks down and
becomes less potent. Even though you'll have expired bleach on your hands, don't
dump your rotation of it. Just add a big X on the bottle, so you'll know that it has
expired. You'll still find the liquid useful for flushing your sanitation.

#29: Fire hydrant wrench.  
Having a Five Hole hydrant wrench could mean the difference between life and
death. A fire hydrant wrench could supply you with lifesaving water after a

#30: Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
The day may come when, as an American, you need to assert your second
amendment rights. Pictured immediate left, you can have your book to aid you in
your defense for your right to bear arms. The Fourth Amendment is another area of
concern for preppers who hoard food. This amendment prohibits unreasonable
search and seizure. Defend yourself with knowledge of your rights!

#31: Large clay pots.
Clay pots has uses beyond planting. Buy clay pots of varying sizes and with the
sand you've stored, make a
Zeer Pot Refrigerator. A clay pot oven is another
versatile option when you have clay pots. You can also use organic pots of clay
that have tiny holes in the bottom, and sides to make a worm farm.

#32: Glass bottles and mason jars.
Preppers stash mason jars in large supplies for canning; however, something often
overlooked is glass bottles, which can be recycled for any number of purposes from
brewing beer, and making wine and moonshine, to canning your own sauces and
juicing. Ideal for making iced tea as well.

#33: Cheese cloth.
Yet another random item with multiple uses is cheese cloth because it doesn't
disintegrate when wet. Preppers love items with dual purposes and this one goes
beyond. Cheese cloth uses include straining, steaming basting poultry, leaning and
polishing, making spice bags, and, of course, cheesemaking! As a strainer,
cheesecloth can help keep bones, fats, and solids out of the clear broths. What's
more, cheesecloth is excellent for protecting young trees from cicadas (a winged
insect that feeds on sap). Other bizarre uses include making a dust mask to help
mitigate a biohazard. Something you may have thought of is using cheese cloth as
a gauze for first aid. Cheese cloth might also be useful as a makeshift fishing net.

#34: Bailing wire, safety wire or hay wire.
Dandy for makeshift repairs, bailing wire will "bail" you out in a fix. From fixing
fences, chicken coups and cars, you'll find baling wire immensely useful, and yet
this is another item preppers overlook. In addition to automotive uses, fixing farm
equipment, bailing wire can be used for bailing hay. Be sure to have a heavy duty,
side wire cutter in your preps as well. Then of course, there's always your duct
tape, paracord and super glue to get you out of a fix.

#35: Bungee cords.
Okay, don't jump off the deep end on this strange idea: bungee cord! A rarely
mentioned necessity with preppers, a bungee cord will have an immense value and
it is a great match for a paracord. With fierce and unimaginable strength, a bungee
cord will help you secure your valuables to your bugout vehicle or motorcycle. Use a
bungee cord with your hand truck or tarp. Secure a propane tank or a bicycle with
a bungee cord. You'll find numerous uses with your camping equipment too.
Bungee Cords are one of the 99 Prepper things to buy at the Dollar Stores.

#36: Tampons and maxi pads.
Aside from the obvious uses, tampons and maxi pads can help preppers in array of
  1. Stop bleeding in wounds too: Tampons and maxi pads can help you with
    severe wound care as a sterile dressing. You can compress the bandage
    with duct tape or by wrapping a bandanna and securing with safety pins.
  2. Cold compress: Unusual, but you can also make a cold compress. To make
    one, dampen the maxi pad, then place it into a plastic bag and freeze. Of
    course, a bag of frozen peas will do!
  3. Bartering: Tampons and maxi pads will be a barter luxury item.
  4. Firestarting: Both Tampons and maxipads can act as tinder for firestarting.

#37: Steel Wool is a firestarter.
Sure, Steel wools will scrub your pots, but you can create fire with steel wool! Just
touch steel wool to a 9-volt battery and you'll be amazed how it ignites so easily.

So now you know the 37 things you might not have otherwise thought to store.

Bonus items:

1. Soaps and detergent will be in short supply during a severe collapse and this
means homesteaders and preppers will be looking for rendered fat for making their
own soaps. In a famine situation; however, having adequate supplies of laundry
detergent stockpiled would mean homesteaders wouldn't have to sacrifice fats that
contain valuable calories of food!

2. Aluminum Foil. Don't use aluminum foil for cooking because it's dangerous.
Instead, use foil for:
  • cleaning cast iron skillets
  • sharpening scissors and knives.
  • making a sun oven!
  • cleaning your grill!

3. Crayons. Melt crayons into candles! It's wax and can help you illuminate or
accelerate fire starting.

4. Kitty Litter. Not to end on a crappy note, but kitty litter is the final weird prep to
stockpile. A basic use is sanitation to help keep smells at bay. In Winter, kitty litter
can help you get your car out of the snow. Rodents abhor kitty litter, so ideally you
could store your supply near your food storage, particularly grains and canned
goods. Kitty litter will also keep plants moist.

Happy endings...
Creativity is half of what makes prepping fun! Finding unusual uses for ordinary
items helps ensure that everything in your home has multiple uses.

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