survival gear under $10

Prepping for around $10 or less
Survival gear ten dollars and under

Life-saving gear for $10? You'll be happy to know that this is our
second list of
survival items on the cheap -- all are ten bucks or
less. Prepping doesn't have to be expensive. Your preparedness
plans can start with a few inexpensive items and then grow as
your budget allows. Get started prepping now for under $10.

Prepping for around $10 or less

#1: Stormproof Match Kit with Waterproof Case.
The Stormproof Match Kit, pictured right in olive green, is a
waterproof case that includes 25 matches and 3 strikers. Unlike
other "waterproof" or "windproof" matches, UCO Stormproof
Matches are easy to light, and will stay lit for up to 15 seconds,
even after being submerged in water.  Being able to reliably
make a fire is vital for cooking, generating warmth, and in
survival situations, making signal fires. UCO Stormproof Matches
are perfect for camping, emergency kits, and should be part of
every 10 Essentials check list. At around $10 with shipping, this
set of matches is worth every penny. Your survival may one day
depend upon it!

#2. Live Fire.
Lifefire is a reusable fuel source (not really a firestarter, more of
an acelerrant). With its slide top lid, Live Fire can function as a
candle when needed. It just takes a spark from a match or other
firestarter. Burn times average 30 minutes with the lid
completely removed, and much longer when the lid is use.
Waterproof, Live Fire can be lighted again and again.

#3: Self Defense Key Chain.
For around $5 with available free shipping, you can own this
adorable self-defense key chain. The bulldog pink keychain may
be available in other colors, such as blue or black. It also may
be available in different styles, such as the black skull or a
yellow cat. Having a sharp instrument in your hands will give
you the edge you need against unwanted advances.

#4. Analog thermometer (Mercury-type) thermometer.
While there are a lot of thermometers on the market, there is a
distinct advantage of the traditional shake down glass analog
thermometer. You'll want to go analog in
preparation for an EMP
because an
electromagnetic pulse will render all digital
thermometers useless! The one below is non-toxic and mercury
free and works every bit as good as the toxic mercury kinds.
Reads both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

#5: Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook.
The price for Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook  -- The
Portable Guide to Getting Out Alive by Mykel Hawke, fluctuates
between $10-$15. U.S. Special Forces Captain and outdoor
survival expert Mykel Hawke provides the most practical and
accessible survival skills and information necessary to survive in
the outdoors. It's a well designed book packed with information.
It's an easy read and a superb reference guide.

#6: Esbit
Inexpensive camp stove with six fuel tabs.

#7: Halt Dog Spray.
Repel an attacking dog (or a human in uncivil times). Not sold in
California, this product costs under $10 and provides peace of
mind to postal workers and preppers.

#8: Emergency Ration Bars.
Preppers often have ample supplies of Meals Ready to Eat
(MREs), freeze dried foods, rice and beans, and canned goods,
but when it comes to carrying a ration bar, many fall short. The
benefits of having an emergency ration bar on hand is that it
packs compactly, is non-thirst provoking and will provide enough
nutrition to get you through your crisis. It can withstand
extreme conditions and temperatures (-22F to 149F), soy you
can pack them in your vehicle(they are too heavy for your buout
bag). The ration bars below ready-to-eat 410 calorie rations.
Read our
review of ration bars to see if they are for you.

#9 Tac Force Speedster Knife.
The Tac Force Speedster knife, pictured immediate right is a
bargain. Incredibly, it's under $9 with shipping and highly rated.

With a black half-serrated stainless Steel Blade, this includes
glass breaker with belt cutter, this first responder folding knife
will serve you well.  The TAC Force Assisted Opening Folding
Knife (model TF-723 Series) features a black blade and a two-
tone handle, with a 4-1/2-inch closed length. Offering easy one-
handed deployment, this spring assisted open folding knife locks
securely into place with the use of its liner lock. This knife
features a 3-1/4-inch, 3mm thick stainless steel blade. The
aluminum handle features a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker
on the end, which can punch out the window of a car in an
emergency. It also has a pocket clip for easy and safe carry. TAC
Force designs spring assist folding knives that offer the rapid
deployment desired by EMTs, Fire/Rescue, and first responders.
They're available in a wide range of styles -- from hunting to
tactical and collectibles to fantasy.

#10: Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
The day may come when, as an American, you need to assert
your second amendment rights. You can have your book to aid
you in your defense for your right to bear arms with the
concisely published book at the bottom of the page. The Fourth
Amendment is another area of concern for preppers who hoard
food. This amendment prohibits unreasonable search and
seizure. Defend yourself with knowledge of your rights! The
book, pictured right, is 58 pages and under $5 with available
FREE Shipping on orders over $25.

#11: Lensatic compass.
The Lensatic Compass with Pouch, pictured immediate right, is
highly rated on Amazon and is priced reasonably- under $10!
While there are others more expensive, this one is highly rated
and made of cast metal. The build quality is surprisingly good
considering it's less than ten bucks!

#12: Finger lights.
Get forty finger lights for around $6.44 and this includes the
FREE Shipping! Finger lights are not only fun for the kids, but
will serve a practical use in your bugout bag to help you light
the way and is such a compact torch option. Stuff them into
stockings or turn them into party favors. Believe it or not, these
include the batteries. That's right and they are replaceable
batteries: 3x AG3 cells per light, are included!

#13: Hurricaine Topical Anesthetic Gel.
Nothing bites worse than tooth pain! In the old days, the agony
of dental pain was among the top causes of suicide. In a
catastrophic condition, where a dentist is not available, you'll
wish you had Hurricaine Topical Anesthetic gel, pictured at the
top right hand of the page. It will help until you can find a way
to get the tooth removed. Blacksmith's of the day and barbers
generally performed the work of dentists before the profession
came about. Additionally, Scotch or whiskey will help. Learn
more about
how to prepare for dental emergencies.

#14: Outdoor knots cards.
More than 200 5-Star reviewers love the water proof and durable
cards that illustrate the Bowline, Buntline Hitch, Clove Hitch,
Constrictor Knot, Double Fisherman's, Doubled Sheetbend,
Mooring Hitch, Tautline Hitch, Trucker's Hitch, Figure Eight,
Sheet Bend, Square Knot, Rolling Hitch and the Water Knot. It's
like having a Eagle Scout with you.

Happy endings...
Think about how spending a few bucks today, might save  your
life tomorrow. As an example: Think Gum, a brain boosting
chewing gum:

Think Gum is a sugar-free, candy-coated chewing gum carefully
designed to enhance mental performance. It contains potent
herbs and herbal extracts that are scientifically demonstrated to
improve concentration, increase alertness, reduce careless errors
and enhance information recall. Each serving also contains 20
mg of natural caffeine to give the chewer an always needed
energy boost. Chewing a serving of Think Gum is equivalent to
drinking half a can of caffeinated soda. Chewing this gum in an
emergency may give you the boost you need to get out of a
"sticky" situation.

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