Beware of Unabomber Copycats

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Above, a documentary of Dr. Theodore Kaczynski, otherwise known as Ted
Kaczynski, the original unabomber.

The Original Unabomber
Dr. Theodore Kaczynski commonly remembered as Ted Kaczynski,
terrorized America with explosives meant to spread his anti-tech
message. He was a former professor of mathematics at the
University of California at Berkeley.The film about the
unambomber, pictured right, tells the story of the investigation
that tracked him down.

It all started in 1971 when he moved to a cabin in the woods of
Montana where he began building bombs and sending them to
professors and executives. Meanwhile he was authoring a
manifesto ~ "Magnum pus, Industrial Society and Its Future."

In all he was responsible for three deaths and more than twenty
casualties. It wasn't until his brother recognized his writing style
while reading the 'Unabomber Manifesto.' that he turned him into

The piece, written under the pseudonym FC (Freedom Club) was
published in the New York Times after his promise to cease the
bombing if a major publication printed it in its entirety.

Happy endings...
Thankfully package bombs are an extremely rare threat. To put
things in perspective, you have less than a billion of a percent
chance of coming into contact with a package bomb.

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Unabomber copycats
What can you do about serial bombers?

Beware of Unabomber copycats.
A relatively new form of terrorism is here! More package bombs
and postal threats likely will emerge.

A unabomber copycat could be out there placing packages on
porch steps and at Federal Express offices and placing nearly
invisible tripwire. The aim is to inflict terror. Make no mistake:
this is a sophisticated serial killer, an anarchist and someone who
has spent possibly years in carefully orchestrating the crimes. It
is terrorism. Preppers must beware of copycats.

What can a prepper do about serial killings?
Even as authorities affirm that the suspected bomber in Austin
Texas is dead, and the suspect in the Democrat targeted
politicians is in custody, everyone should still be cautious about
these serial killers. There will likely be more copycats and there
could be lingering bombs and co-conspirators. With all the
network coverage for this new form of terrorism, more unabomber
copycats will emerge. Right now there's only a few things
preppers can do...

#1: Report to the FBI suspicious packages.
The public should remain vigilant as more packages could be out
there ready to explode. For this reason, treat all packages with
suspicion and don't let your guard down. The suspect may not
have acted alone.

  • Take precautions with your kids. Tell your kids not to touch
    packages at the doorstep. Remind them that if they see
    something, they should say something.

  • Consider also incendiary devices. A package bomb is not
    the same thing as an incendiary device. An incendiary bomb
    is a weapon designed to start a fire or to destroy sensitive
    equipment using fire. Different forms of incendiary devices
  • Chlorine trifluoride
  • Napalm
  • Magnesium powder
  • Termite
  • White phosphorus

#2: Maintain situational awareness.
Special forces and law enforcement operatives regularly practice
situational awareness. Like the term implies, situational
awareness is an acute way to process what's going on around
you. It's being aware of your situation! It's showing a perceptive
understanding or insight of your surroundings, so that you can
react appropriately and safely in potentially dangerous situations.

Anyone who has ever taken a CPR class has learned that you
must quickly assess the surroundings before you approach a
potential victim, as there could be dangerous obstacles in the
path. A first responder might otherwise fall victim to the same
circumstance, such as electrical shock from a downed power line,  
falling debris or fire, for example.

Some people have a natural ability to predict events and identify
elements around themselves. For others, this doesn't come
naturally and may require some introspection. Sometimes a
person just has to take a deep breath and focus to avoid
distractions and complacency.

Fatigue can also be a factor. Lack of sleep or over exertions that
may happen in crisis will effect your situational awareness.
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