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Handy Camel
Above, you can see how handy it would to have Handy Camel around the

The Handy Camel is handy indeed:
  • Re-seal and carry large bags of bird seed, pet food, farm
    animal feed, deer and elk feed, and kitty litter.
  • Get charcoal out to the barbecue or wood smoker pellets to
    fire up your smoker.
  • Carry ice melt in Winter.
  • Use in the garden to haul fertilizer, potting mix, grass seed
    and wood pellets.

This is one convenient clip! Handy Camel is made for up to 40 lb.
bags. The no-tear design teeth won't puncture bags, even on thin
potting mixes.

Made in Kansas City from polypropylene these bag clips are built
to last. Seals up most large 40 lb bags. No need to fold or roll
bag. Simply scrunch bag within the jaws of the clip and squeeze

Happy endings...
You can help make America Great Again, because this product is
made in the USA of tough polypropylene plastic. See more
homesteading, survival and
prepping products made in America.

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Product Review: Handy Camel
Innovative homesteading, survival and prepping products

Easily carry large bags with handy camel.
Handy Camel is an innovative product to use around the
homestead to deal with unruly bags of feed, grain and other
things like fertilizer and dog food around the house.

Homesteading tool: Handy Camel
Hauling heavy stuff in bags: it's a universal problem solved by
Handy Camel! Reseal any large bag and use the soft grip handle
so you can move them around without the cumbersome "bear
hug" method. Handy Camel keeps contents fresh and keeps your
garage, shed, barn or home spill-free. And by clipping the product
on an angle, you create a pour spout, allowing you to pour out
the contents with control.
Handy Camel helps you pour potting mix
Handy Camel helps you control the charcoal
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