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Katadyn water filters
The backpacker's water filter, trusted by the Military

All about the Katadyn water filtration system...
Katadyn is the backpacker's choice in water filtration, but it's also
the U.S military's top choice, and preppers are following suit. Get
safe clean drinking water for your family in a bugout scenario with
Katadyn pocket water filter. It's a good base camp water filter
for your bugout bag and it's good to know that it's the
backpacker's choice in water filtration.

Below is your guide to the Katadyn water filter...

Why Backpackers love the Katadyn Water Filter
As an emergency water filter, Katadyn is an excellent water
filtration system to have in your bugout bag. It's a backpacker's
favorite and with good reason it's also a prepper water filter.

Here's why preppers will love a Katadyn too:

#1: Quality construction, Katadyn is built to last.
Swiss made and of the highest quality construction, the Katadyn,
pictured right, is a robust water filter that's ideal for long lasting
continuous use, even under extreme circumstances. Chosen by
the U.S. Military and expeditions because of its extreme
durability and dependability, it's a survival tool worth the
investment. It costs more than the flimsy water filters but it's
rock solid and built to last.

A quality water filter is one of your most important assets for
survival and prepping, and you get what you pay for with a
Katadyn. Backpackers have been known to hang on and use their
Katadyn for decades. It doesn't hurt that it comes with 20-year
warranty to boot.

2: Katadyn has a high capacity, fast output.
With a Katadyn you can quickly get a drink of water. Ideal for
just one person or up to a family of 3-4, the Katadyn pocket
waterfilter has the capacity to filter 13,000 gallons of water (or
50,000 liters). It has a comfortable grip and handles well for long
trips. Best of all, the output is about a quart or a liter per
minute. It's the most reliable pump purifier you can buy. It's also
extremely easy to clean.
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Katadyn water for survival
water filtration pump
Above is a review of the Katadyne pocket water filter. Tried and true, a
pocket water filter is the most rugged, longest lasting micro-filter
available. Weight is just about the only drawback of a Katadyn water filter!

#4: Choice of U.S. Military and backpackers.
A favorite of outdoor enthusiasts, international travelers, and the
U.S. Military, the
Katadyn Pocket water filter is the highest
quality pocket water filters on the market. Built to last, Katadyn
is the pocket microfilter backpackers choose most often. Size and
weight are key factors in selecting the right water filter for your
needs backpacking or bugging out. While the Katadyn might be
slightly heavier, it's a worthy addition to your prepper gear.

It's no secret to backpackers that
water straws suck, and yet
they are great to have in your car and on hand for emergencies,
but for your bugout bag you should include the highest quality
tools you can afford. Pack your water filter as though it's the last
man-made item you'll ever own.

Don't be tempted by the ultralight SteriPEN. It won't work well
with cloudy or muddy water and that might be the only water you
have available in an emergency situation. Water is life. Besides,
you'll be drinking some rocks and dirt with that SteriPEN because
you stick the stick into the water. It sterlizes and doesn't filter
your water. This adds inconvenience and extra time. Trust us:
don't bother.

The Katadyn is the best water filter you can buy for your bugout
bag, despite the weight because it's reliable. Even so, oreppers
have the rule of three and you should have two backup methods
for water purification. Have a method to boil your water and
include also some water purification tablets in your bugout bag.
For home use, consider the
Big Berkey Water filter.

Happy endings...
The Katadyn water filter is the Happy Prepper's water filter
because we are avid backpackers. Trust us when we tell you that
the Katadyn is the only watermaker that you'll want to rely on
when things get tough in an emergency.

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Above, Luke from Back Country Edge Gear talks about the Swiss-made
Katadyn water filter

#3: Gets bacteria and protozoa.
Katadyn's filter is made of a silver impregnated ceramic element
that's effective against both bacteria and protozoa. It uses a
micro filtration method. It means you won't get sick from giardia
or any of the other bad things lurking in the water while you're on
the trail.

Great tasting water is just one of the reasons you'll want this
quality advanced prepper's water filter. A Katadyn filters out all
the sediment and particles you can see, but it also filters what
you can't see. The filter physically removes protozoa and bacteria
down to 0.2 microns in size. That means it gets rid of giardia,
salmonella, cryptosporidia and all the other bad things you don't
want in your water.

The Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Microfilter, pictured right is great for
your backpack. Carrying gallons of water isn’t necessary when you
have reliable water sources and are carrying this durable 11-
ounce water microfilter. And you can field-clean the filter thanks
to the protector screen, which extends the life of the cartridge in
challenging conditions. The 0.2 Micron glass-fiber filter media is
designed for high output with little effort. It connects directly to
your hydration pack with 1/4” drink tubes and water bottles.

For camping and backpacking this is much preferable to a water
straw, which it takes too much energy to suck ~ or a SteriPEN,
which leaves you with sediment and challenges in muddy water.
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