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Here at we have loads of free information to help you with your
emergency preparedness. Even so, you may like to explore books for Preppers on
such topics as starting your own chicken garden, defending your home or having a
medical guide available when there is no doctor around. Below are the best books for
Preppers. Add these books to your Prepper's library:

  • The Prepper's Pantry: Building and Thriving with Food Storage, by Anne
    Lang. A comprehensive guide to making food from items in your long term
    storage pantry.

  • Boy Scouts Handbook: Pickup a Boy Scout Handbook and learn how to "be
    prepared" the original Boy Scout way. Boy Scouts  were the original Preppers!
    In the Boy Scouts handbook you'll learn "Scoutcraft," which includes first aid, life
    saving, tracking, signaling, campcraft, woodcraft, chivalry and patriotism among
    other subjects. Learn to make a sundial and more.

  • Finally, pick up any book by these amazing survivalists:

  • James Wesley Rawles, "How to Survive the End of the World as We
    know it." is the classic Prepper author who gave us the glossary word.

  • Cody Lundin, who wrote "When all hell breaks loose," is often called on
    by the media to help provide information reports for survival. He's also
    featured on Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel.

  • Mykel Hawke wrote Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook, right.
    Packed with useful tips for Preppers, though it's an outdoor survival
    guide, you'll find the survival psychology section fascinating. This book
    retails for $15, but on Amazon, left, it's around $10 and available with
    FREE super saver shipping. You can be prepared in the event you run out
    of gas in the desert, get snowed in or your boat capsized, for example.
    Discover shelter and water, food and fire, tools and medicine, navigation
    and signaling and getting out alive.

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Without Rule of Law
Healing herbs and spices
Backyard farming
Charcuterie the art of curing meats and more
Artisan cheesemaking at home
Preserving food without canning
Keeping food fresh
Canning guidebook
Home Preserving
Solar Flare survival
Dutch Oven cooking
Woodstove cookery
Apartment gardening
Urban Pantry - Tips and recipes for a sustainable kitchen
Small-plot, high-yield gardening
Edible wild plants
Solar cooking
Dutch oven cooking
Mini farming
How to store garden produce
First aid manual
When there is no doctor
flower power
tumblr tracker
Bug out
Survival Mom
Survival Medicine Book
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U.S. Army Survival
Back to basics homesteading book
American red cross first aid and safety book
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One Second After
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