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How to survive Radiation fallout
#2: A gas mask isn't designed to protect you in fire.

Escape hoods: Smoke escape mask has a filter designed to
remove dangerous smoke particles from the air. The price of
these kinds of respirators varies greatly! Immediate right is
Read the
eight things to know before buying a gas mask (e.g.,
chemical suit, extra ...

What are you going to do about eating and drinking? While there
is gear available to drink, it's not going to be easy to do so, and
yet it may be absolutely essential to provide your body with the
necessary hydration.

Happy endings...
Gas mask gear is just the beginning. You must protect your entire
body and ensure you can eat and drink.

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Gear for gas masks
Safety equipment and gas mask related items

Gear for your gas mask.
You have a gas mask, now what? Aside from seeing if it fits
properly and learning how to use it, you need to ensure you have
the gear to with your gas mask. Gear up! Following is a list of
safety equipment and gas mask related items you'll need...

Things you need for your gas mask

#1: Extra 40mm NATO filters.
The best mask to wear for nuclear fallout is a NATO NBC gas
mask, which cover Nuclear Biological and Chemical threats. Make
sure the gas mask you're buying has a NATO filter. Some
inexpensive gas masks don't include the filter! Not only do you
want to test your gear, but you want to make sure you have extra

#2: Gas mask hood.
An essential gear to with your gas mask is a hood that provides a
layer of protection between your gear and contaminants. The
military chemical hood for gas masks head NBC protection, right,
works with many types of masks

#3: Chemical suit.
A chemical suit will protect your body from exposure to
radioactive fallout or chemicals.

#4: Potassium Iodide (KI) tablets.
You will need to guard your thyroid in a radiation emergency. To
do this you will need Potassium Iodide. Pictured at the top of the
page are IOSAT Potassium Iodide tablets. You'll need one pack
per adult or child as recommended by the Federal Drug
Administration (FDA).
IOSAT Potassium Iodide tablets have been
FDA approved since 1982. They are inexpensive and readily
available now, but they will be in short supply in case of a
radiation emergency and you will likely not be able to get them.

Stockpiling of potassium iodide (KI) is highly recommended by
health officials worldwide to prevent thyroid problems of those
exposed to radioactive iodine following a nuclear reactor accident
or detonation of a nuclear weapon. Radioactive iodine can travel
hundreds of miles downwind, such as it did after the Chernobyl
and Fukushima disasters. The thyroid is the only part of the body
that absorbs and stores iodine. By taking FDA approved
potassium iodide prior to exposure of radioactive iodine, your
thyroid will become saturated with safe, stable iodine. This will
prevent your thyroid's absorption of any additional iodine
(radioactive or not) long enough for the radioactive iodine inhaled
or ingested to be safely dispersed through the kidneys.

Your gas mask may not protect you in all situations.
It's extremely important to get an NBC gas mask to protect
against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical exposures.

Unfortunately gas masks have a few limitations...

#1: A gas mask might be a one-time use only.
Cross contamination is an issue with a gas mask. While an NBC
gas mask will protect you against biological exposures, such as
Ebola, your gas mask will then need proper decontamination
and disposal if exposed to such contagion.

Consider a NIOSH mask for Ebola preparations, which would be
less expensive than an
NBC gas mask. The pandemic protection
kit right, features a half-face respirator suitable for most other
kinds of pandemics. It's an air purifying respirator.

To assemble your pandemic kit you will need:

  • Anti-viral face mask for pandemic. An antiviral face mask
    inactivates some harmful pathogens, including imminent
    strains of influenza, such as H1N1, avian flu and swine flu.
    (It contains citric acid, zinc and copper to inactivate flu
  • Tyvec suit. (See also chemical suits for chemical exposures)
  • Nitrile gloves (inner and outer protection for Ebola)
  • Booties
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